The Best Selling Wetsuits of 2023

The Best Selling Wetsuits of 2023

From historic 20-foot New Jersey swells to 60-70-foot giants at Mavericks, the need for cold water neoprene in 2023 was in high demand. In addition, as post Covid travel ramped up, more and more surfers grabbed new spring suits for their tropical surf trips to Indo, Costa Rica, and beyond. 

It’s no surprise that O’Neill continues to top the charts year after year with its high-end features and highly popular Techobutter neoprene. For new stuff, 2023 saw Patagonia revamp its incredibly eco-friendly suit and launch an all-new Regulator model line, complete with upgrades and tweaks to make for a more comfortable fit and increased sustainability. Brands like Billabong continued to sell well with their soft rubber and Graphene liners. Rip Curl and Vissla also performed well as their affordable offerings were a popular choice.

As we transition into a fresh year full of possibilities and maybe a new wetsuit or two, take a look back at Cleanline Surf’s best-selling wetsuits of 2023.

*For this list, we include less common thicknesses like a straight 3mm or a 3.5mm in the most similar category. In this example, the 3/2mm section.

Best Selling Men's Wetsuits of 2023

Best Selling Men’s Spring Wetsuits

  1. O’Neill Hyperfreak 2mm Long Sleeve Spring Chest Zip Wetsuit - $244.95
  2. O’Neill Reactor II 2mm Back Zip Spring Wetsuit - $109.95
  3. O’Neill Hyperfreak Comp-X 2mm+ Zip Free Short Sleeve Spring Wetsuit - $199.95
  4. O’Neill O'Riginal 2mm Long Sleeve Back Zip Spring Wetsuit - $134.95
  5. Rip Curl E-Bomb Pro 2mm Long Sleeve Zip Free Spring Wetsuit - $229.95

#1 Best Selling Men’s and Women’s Wetsuit of 2023

The results are in, and Cleanline Surf’s best-selling for both men and women is the O’Neill Hyperfreak 5/4+ Hooded Chest Zip! Overall, the Hyperfreak model line dominated multiple categories, making it a standout choice for surfers seeking top-notch performance. Renowned for its flexibility and comfort, the Hyperfreak is as good as it gets, and the numbers don’t lie. If you’re interested in our take of the Hyperfreak, check out our Men’s Review and Women’s Review.

Men's and Women's O'Neill Hyperfreak Wetsuit

Final Thoughts

Aside from O’Neill and the Hyperfreak in particular, other notable mentions include Patagonia, Rip Curl, and Billabong. It’s exciting to see brands like Patagonia do well as they strive to use recycled materials and sustainable manufacturing processes in the production of their suits. Rip Curl’s Dawn Patrol and the Women’s Billabong Synergy continue to hold fast in most categories with an affordable price tag while being specked out with higher quality features than competitor models. 

Towards the end of 2023, we brought in Manera, which produces premium quality cold water wetsuits. Already, the Magma and X10D models have quickly become hot sellers. On the flip side, staple names like Quiksilver, Roxy, Vissla, and Buell continued to perform well and showed up in a few categories amongst the Men’s, Women’s, and Youth suits.  

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