Harley Ingleby Series Surfboards

Harley Ingleby started his surfing career at a young age, where he was exposed to riding all shapes and sizes, some even weird, by his father. As a teen he dominated shortboard events and quickly discovered that his heart was in longboarding. This recipe of shortboard and longboard riding is what led him to win such titles as the WSL Longboard Championship. It was during his youth that he started getting boards from Billy Tolhurst, who began shaping in 1964. Fast forward to today and the Australian Harley Ingleby Series is a collection of longboards that win world titles. Boards that make walking the nose easy, the Diamond that performs in double overhead as well as waist to head high points, user-friendly joyrides, or the Moe known for its paddle power. Enjoy the liveliest, best-performing longboards designed with Thunderbolt Technologies.