Customer Comments

Best service ever. On time, products as promised. Great quality. Reliable business and very accessible. This is a business that focuses on the basics of excellent service matched with excellent products. Will definitely make them my first choice when buying online.

Google Reviewer — July 2022

The best customer service. I called and got very helpful advice on surf boots from someone who has actually used a few different boots for surfing. Order prices was easy, smooth, great selection and prices. Return policy does require you to send your item back, or they can give you a slip for $10. That’s fair considering it’s a small business. Will buy again and again.

Google Reviewer — February 2022

I am so impressed with customer service. I needed a new wetsuit and the brand I have been buying for 17 yrs no longer makes a back zip model. Their staff made online buying a cinch and introduced me to a new brand ( Buell!) that fits like a glove. It was great dealing with someone so knowledgeable!!! I never would have picked out this suit by myself. I’ve been getting gloves and booties here, but this is my first wetsuit. Their women’s wetsuit guide is a feature I have not seen anywhere else. Genius!

Google Reviewer — February 2022

I've been a loyal customer for at least the last 5 wetsuits (years ). To the Cleanline family, your stickers are plastered on this laptop as proof! Cleanline Surf not only sells products but shows they are a family by personally sending a card and cool items to make you feel as though your mom HOOKED YOU UP! A bar of my favorite wax (quick humps) the coolest stickers and if that was not enough they throw in a handful of starbursts to seal the deal! I am always excited to get your box for what I ordered and the extras! To the Cleanline family I want to feel as though I'm your cousin, uncle, nephew, brother or something just to say I am part of the Cleanline family, so Thank you, MOM AND DAD! :wink: MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL AND HAPPY NEW YEAR !! Congratulation to a great team of people who continue to show they care and do so by doing that little bit extra to ensure you a great family is working together as a family... with a secret recipe! -Describe your experience with Cleanline Surf...stoked! Ps. I surfed today and am very happy as always! THANK YOU TO THE CLEANLINE SURF FAMILY!

Google Reviewer — December 7th, 2017

Josh and whole crew at Cleanline-I can't thank you enough for the sic new wetsuit....way stoked, thank you. But more than that, it was the customer service of the package it came in that really won me as a customer for life....a handwritten postcard was the COOLEST touch and the starburst and stickers made it a billion times even better.....can't say that a world where most things are impersonal and rather temporary, your guys' personal service touch was so highly appreciated...that aint BS at all. My wife and my kids will be getting all their stuff at Cleanline....and that is saying a lot since we live in santa cruz CA....all the best to you all and huge thanks.

Seth G — Nov 16th, 2017

Little things make a big difference. When I opened up my first order there was a little hand written note which complimented my choice in gear and wished me luck on the waves. In addition to the note I found several Starburst candy pieces, 2 t-shirts and some decals. On my second order I received another handwritten which thanked me for returning as a customer and told me how much I would love the warmth and durability of my R5. Again I found a t-shirt, Starburst and decals. These gestures may seem small to some but not me. I could order my next surfing item from 100 sites but I will be coming back to you because you get the small things right. Thank you for treating me as a customer rather than an order item. You earned a customer for life. Best of luck and thank you.

Google Reviewer — September 27th, 2017

This will be the third board I've purchased from you guys and had shipped to Kauai. Each time the service has been Great! Fast follow through and don't mind taking a few extra minutes to answer your questions.. #shaka

Google Reviewer — Sept 1st, 2017

Can't say enough good things about this suit and Cleanline customer service. A hand written note in the box and some decals go a long way in separating the service you get here vs. something like Amazon. The price was actually cheaper than or on par with everywhere else I looked, too. Will order from here again.

Google Reviewer — August 25th, 2017

This company is incredible!! I ordered my wetsuit from them online and it was delivered within the week. Not only was it the right size and color, but they also included sex wax, a bunch of stickers, some starburst candy and even a personalized, handwritten thank you note! I have NEVER received such awesome service from ordering online. They are truly passionate and dedicated about what they do and sell. Thank you guys for taking the time to make my purchase a special experience! Super friendly and awesome people through and through.

Camille K — July 26th, 2017

You guys are one of the best specialty retailers I have ever experienced. I was in specialty outdoor for 30 years and worked with over 3,000 dealers world wide so there's at least a bit of weight behind that statement! Your staff at the Cannon Beach shop, young woman and a young guy, are really exceptional at what they do. Congrats and total respect for executing really well the balance that is great specialty retail.

Chris — July 18th, 2016

This is the follow up from my visit last weekend about the surf shop.

I went to a surf shop in southern California recently. I was expecting more than just 30 short boards that were priced high, and a department store feel. The shop didn't have good customer service and I felt like everything was crammed into a small space. I walked out of the shop saying "This is no Cleanline". I have been coming to Cleanline for years with my parents and every time I walk in they always greet me like an old friend and are always asking if I am finding what I am looking for and if I cant find it they make the best effort to help me. I want to thank Josh and his crew at both of the shops, for the best example of what customer service looks like.

Wyatt — July 8th, 2015

Hey guys!

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the personal note, the rashie and the Starburst candy (which we don’t have in Sweden!!) you put in the box with my new awesome wetsuit. It made my day!

Thanks again!

Warmest regards,

Josefine — June 30th, 2015

Thank you very much for your great service. There aren't many companies around these days that distinguish themselves with excellent customer service like yours so I commend you for it. Your order processing, time in transit of items, personal notes and xtras were excellent. You also handled a return expeditiously and I thank you for that. I have recommended your co. to quite a few people for their future orders and I will continue to pass your name on. It's very refreshing these days to run into companies like yourself. Keep up the good work!

Jeannie — June 24th, 2015

Thanks for the best customer service of my life!!!

Rebecca — June 7th, 2015

I just got an order from you. Pretty much placed it for a t-shirt that a friend of mine was proud to have designed, and figured I might as well grab a couple other things I needed. I just wanted to say the personal note was rad and a bonus bar of wax is always needed. It's cool to see a personal touch and this is why local shops will always be better than the web-based monoliths. Thanks for keeping the vibes alive!

Colin — June 6th, 2015

Thank you so much for the wetsuits they are presents so have not yet been opened to review however your service had been amazing and I would recommend and reorder from again purely because of your customer service :)

The lollies and personal note in the package were a awesome touch :)

Lorissa — June 4th, 2015

You all are great. Best surf shop I've ever been a patron of in 25 years of surfing. Thanks a lot girls and boys!

Joe — May 12th, 2015

You're store is great! I ordered a life vest and am so impressed with the fast shipping, the product itself and the handwritten note that came with it. It was so nice to see such a personalized touch. I will definitely buy from you again. So thank you!

Jill — May 11th, 2015

Thanks for your awesome customer service! Every thing is perfect can't wait to spread the word about your business. I'll be sure to tell my kite surf friends about my online shopping experience. Keep up the good work. I'll be back.

Bret — April 24th, 2015

Wow, what a great experience I had with you guys! Good website experience, great prices, speedy shipping, even some extras and personalized note with my order! You guys rock; I'm telling all my friends about you!

Thanks for everything.

Martin — April 7th, 2015

I just wanted to thank you for great service! I placed an online order Sunday and received my new wetsuit in Los Angeles on Wednesday! I appreciated the hand-written note, the candy, stickers and wax. It's the little things that make a difference. Hopefully this new wetty keeps me warm too! Way to go guys and gals!

Best Wishes,

Sara — April 1st, 2015

Hi Josh!!

I have been meaning to thank you for the wonderful order you guys sent me! Really appreciated the personal touch of the wax, starburst, poster, stickers and hand written note! It definitely helps you guys stand out among the corporate giants out there :) I grew up surfing and have recently decided to finally get back out there! The suit looks super nice and great quality. I haven't gotten to use it but as soon as I do I'll make sure to write a review on your site. Thanks again, happy surfing in Oregon!

Katie — March 28th, 2015

Wetsuit is perfect. You are a pleasure to do business with. If I lived in Or. I'd come in to hug you. The little Starburst chews are a sweet touch.

Continued success,

Ellen — March 28th, 2015

Dear Josh and Cleanline crew

I would like you to thank for an excellent service, and also would like you to thank you for the extra waxes and candies that I found inside the box! The wetsuit was already tested during last weekend, and i'm very happy for the purchase that i made, since even in the cold water of Chilean sea i could surf for 5 hours without problem!

Thank you again, and definitely I have you guys in my top list for future needs.

Best regards,

Musashi F. — March 24th, 2015

Hello there!

Just got my package with the wetsuit that I ordered from you guys. I got it with a lot of other surprises (stickers, Wax and so on…) Just wanted to say thank you so much for an amazing buyer experience!!! We don’t of that kind of things here in Israel.

Thanks again,

Yaron — March 12th, 2015

I just received my surf booties from y'all and LOVE them! I haven't actually surfed in them, but after trying them on I know they are going to be great. I wanted to thank you for your handwritten note on my receipt. Being a southern girl I appreciate good manners:) That really was unexpected and just kind and I wanted you to know it meant something to me:) I will absolutely order from y'all again:)!

Ashely — March 5th, 2015

Awesome gear, but what made it great was your working with your team that sold it to me. Josh told me to upgrade to the techno butter after explaining the frigid east coast conditions I was facing. I'm glad I did because my first time out was kiting on Lake Norman. I was completely comfortable and blow away how my new O'Neill Pyscho suit performed in high winds and frigid water. Your team worked with me on cost and help me with shipping. I will be buying my surfing and kiting needs from Cleanline. Your team made me feel I was at my local surf shop in Southern California even when we are 3000 miles away.

Thanks again

Peter — February 22nd, 2015


Today I finally got the wetsuit I bought in your online store. What was fascinating to me were the candies. Not all the stickers etc...The candies. :) That really cheered me up, although Im not a kid anymore for a long time.

Are they still good to eat?

I wish you a good bussines year. And an excellent in private life!

Best Regards,

Marko — January 28th, 2015

Hi CleanSurf!

Got my package the other day! Wetsuit fits perfect,excited to go out and use it! (and thanks for those added Starburst,...shared them with my shop staff!)

Really appreciate your professional approach, and sincerity for your business standard. I have a shop in clothing shop here in Taipei, and we also try make the best experience for all our online/in shop customers. Lately I've been buying various items from different surf shops in around the US and not such a great experience to be honest, far really satisfied with the treatment here than any of the other shops I've been dealing with...I'll def. shop here in the future!

Thanks again!

Take care,

Andy — January 22nd, 2015

Dear Josh and crew,

Wow, thank you SOOO much for stoking me out! My wetsuit arrived yesterday, and I cannot tell you how grateful I am to you for including two awesome t-shirts, wax, stickers, etc. You guys are the best! I *love* the shirts, and will wear them proudly around Malibu! I tried out the wetsuit today, and it was AMAZING. Super comfortable and crazy warm. I was so happy. I wish you guys the happiest of holidays, and lots of great waves!


Terri — December 22nd, 2014

Fantastic customer service. Original shipment apparently stolen/lost but replacement suit came overnight (leaving tomorrow for Xmas surf trip) and as advertised. Thank you, thank you!

Anthony — December 19th, 2014


I would like to thank the person who handled my order. You guys are awesome! This is the second time I've ordered from Cleanline Surf and all i've hand are great experience. The hand written note and the christmas candies were a nice touch, not many companies would do that now a days. We'll be doing business agin YEWW!!!

Happy Holidays

Manny — December 5th, 2014

Hey Cleanline Surf Team,

Just wanted to let you know I received the wetsuit today and I am so excited. It fits and feels great. Now just got to hit the water. I also wanted to thank you for the personalized note and all the goodies that were included. That is old school style and a lovely treat as a customer.

I wish your team a wonderful holiday season and again, thanks so much for making this a great shopping experience.

All the best,

Nicolette — December 14th, 2014

Dear Cleanline,

I just wanted to thank you for the great deal on the Patagonia R3 wetsuit! This is by far the best suit I have ever owned! Your kind words and extras that were sent along with the wetsuit are very appreciated!

I feel lucky to have found you and will be back.

Thank you again

Steve — October 21st, 2014

I just wanted to compliment you guys on how on point you are. I ordered my suit yesterday and it arrived today perfectly in time for when I leave for school on sunday. Not only that, but you guys hooked me up with stickers, a shirt, and some wax. You guys are an example of what every business should be like, and I couldn't be happier I went through you guys for my suit. By the way, the new patagonia is the comfiest suit I've ever tried on. I will definitely be ordering from you guys in the future, and will strongly recommend you to anyone. Thanks again! You guys are killing it.

Connor — September 12th, 2014

Just wanting to thank you guys for my uhc5 /4 and booties. Got them in 6days, got to try em out straight up cause a superclean 4ft swell was rifling through the chinamans reef.Anyway, long story short, I was so toasty warm, and my biggest fear not being able to paddle freely due to thick rubber was quickly dismissed as I paddled to my posi in the lineup... I told all the boys about the killa deal cause they were impressed to say the least. Oh and thanx for all the freebies!! ps send more lollies next time cause the boys raided them when i was getting in my suit, cheers.

Lars — August 27th, 2014

Just wanted to say Thanks for the nice note, candy, stickers, and the new flops. As you can see by the attached pic, it's been a few years since the last pair. I think they're over 10 years old. These are a welcome upgrade. I'll tell my friends where I got them.

Justin — August 26th, 2014

Hi John and crew, received my wetsuit today. What a well built suit! Wish I had one when I was 18 but better late than never. Still surfing at 61. Old guys rule!

Dennis — August 25th, 2014

Good morning guys from Cleanline!

First I want to say that I loved the handwritten little note you sent, my husband I feel very special! I want to thank the attention and affection that had me and want to send a special aloha to Matt, who was very patient with me through online chat at the end of his workday helping me in choosing the product. Thank you Matt! Another detail was incredible patience when I asked for it because I do not speak fluent English and because of that my answers in online chat were slow a bit to be written and suddenly he started talking to me in Portuguese !!! It was great !!!

Congratulations Cleanline for innovation in the way they serve their customers worldwide! We love our wetsuits (even with my fluorescent yellow details, lol), they fit perfectly and are really very flexible. Not yet debuted our new wetsuits and the leash, I'm anxious!

Very cool Cleanline the adhesive and the jellybeans you sent were delicious, sweetened my day, thank you! Wow, and you even sent a SexWax to the right temperature for this time of winter. Loved the surprise!!!

Guys from Cleanline, you are to be congratulated for excellent work they do and the care and support they give their customers! I am delighted, recommend Cleanline for everyone and hopefully soon buy again with you.

A big hug to all the team Cleanline, desire good waves for you too! Good vibes!!!

Sandra — August 19th, 2014

Thank you! I received my Quiksilver wetsuit and FCS fins today from you and was blown away by your service. Not only did I get a great deal on the products that I ordered and quick delivery, but you went above and beyond by writing a personal handwritten note on the order form. The note alone would have been enough for me to tell my friends to use Cleanline, but once I dug deeper into my package I found two stickers, a bar of sex wax, as well as three starburst (one of which I am eating while writing this).

I usually do not leave reviews or feedback for companies but I was so impressed that I had to get on here and say thank you!

Tyler — August 19th, 2014

Hi there, I just got my blue patagonia Women's Better Sweater. First of all, the backstory here is that I owned this before and lost it. I loved it so much I had to find another and the ONLY one I could find in my size anywhere was from you! Besides my excitement of getting my jacket back I was so touched to receive a had written note from you guys along with candy and stickers! In a world that moves too fast it's the little things that make a difference and your note made me smile!

I will recommend you guys to others…even though I'm all the way across the country in NYC! Thanks again!!

Jamie — August 19th, 2014

You Guys Rock!

I recieved my leashes right in time to make my next trip out to the Coast! Pumped for Neah Bay!

Solid customer service.

Thank you

Joel — August 14th, 2014

Honestly, you guys F***in rock! Got my new wetsuit a day earlier than anticipated and I'm gonna be able to leave Sunday to catch some waves at la push instead of having to wait till Monday for it to arrive before I can go. You guys are always super helpful on the phone and offer a great service!!!!

Thanks again!

Ryan — August 8th, 2014

G'day Josh and the Cleanline Crew, My wettie just arrived and fits like a glove. The water here has just turned cold and I can't wait to test the new wettie in some clean offshore swell, bring it on.Thanks for the quick service and personal touch, some of our local surf businesses could learn from you even though I have been friends with them for 35 years.

I will definitely recommend your business to my friends.

Thanks again,

Geoff — August 7th, 2014

Hi my name is Connor and I was just in your shop today and I bought a longboard. I just wanted to say that There was great customer service on Josh Gizdavich's part and everyone else there was so friendly and helpful. Great store and I will definitely order online from Colorado and try to come back to the store whenever I can!

Connor — August 2nd, 2014

I want to thank you guys for an amazing online purchase experience. My recent order for a pair of O'Neill 5mm gloves arrived this week as promised, but the coolest part was the hand written note that was stuffed in the box along with starburst candies and swaggy stickers! It made me feel like I had connected with a real person and totally exceeded my expectations! This was my first purchase with Cleanline, and I am looking forward to my next purchase with Cleanline. Thanks for the cool buzz :)

Gary — August 2nd, 2014

Thanks for the big "Aloha" you shared with me when I visited this weekend at the Seaside store. Josh, Tom, Paul, and crew, you made me feel like I was a local that came in to talk shop and I appreciate that.

One of the hardest things about relocating from So.Cal was finding a surf shop that felt like home and had a true "aloha" vibe. You guys had that in droves this weekend and I appreciate it.

I look forward to visiting your store again soon, and I appreciate it. It helps feed the stoke!

Pete, Addidas Running— July 26th, 2014

Tothe Cleanline Crew,

Just got the new wetsuit last night. Fits perfect!!! Thanks for the handwritten note on the receipt (and the Starburst candies!!), your special attention to detail got me almost as stoked as the new rubber.

I'm relocating to the PNW permanently in September to resume my surfing career, lol. I'll give you some more feedback once I hit the water up there. Looking forward to some excellent Fall surf.

Thanks again for your excellent work, I will definitely be looking to Cleanline for all my future surfing needs.

Keep surfing,

Stone— July 26th, 2014

Just want to say you guys are awesome. Received my order and was very happy with the extras and hand written note. These little things make a difference. Thanks!

Mike— July 25th, 2014

Just wanted to write and say thanks for the wettie, it fits perfect can't wait for the next session, the surf's been pumping this winter in oz, attached is a pic of a recent swell, i grew up in the states on the east coast and have family in oregon, love everything about the northwest, hope all is well out there, rock n roll.

Jay— July 25th, 2014

You guys rock! The suit is awesome and thanks for all of the extra stuff! I will definitely shop on your website again!

Patricia— July 20th, 2014

My mom recently ordered a stretch cover for my surfboard and i was Impressed with your service! The package came quickly, I love the cover and the extras that were in the box were awesome. The hand written note was great too. This is the best surf company I've used and will certainly use your company for anything else I need!

Owen— July 20th, 2014

Just wanted to tell you guys I am pumped on the new suit we are floating around the high mid 50's right now and I have never been more comfortable at that temp.

Patrick— July 15th, 2014

Hi guys

just received my new wetsuit thanks very much and greatly appreciated, this will suit the chilly tasmanian waters.


Anthony — July 3rd, 2014

Dear Cleanline, 

My husband thought the wetsuit was awesome, and it fit great! He was super excited to get it as a graduation present. He also really enjoyed the stickers and wax you all included, and I really enjoyed the bag! Thanks again for the awesome service and product, we will definitely keep you guys in mind for our future surfing needs! 

Becca Ferrer— June 23, 2014

Thanks for another great shopping experience. Love your bonus treats I always find along with a handwritten note in my package. That kind of personal touch is why I keep coming to you guys for all my fins, leashes etc. when I sell boards. As an independent shaper/glasser I have been looking for a good reliable place to purchase accessories like fins and leashes for my customers, with you guys the look has ended! I've ordered from you guys several times (fcs V2s for my personal board, as well as other fins, leashes, and a wetsuit) and every time has been a great experience.

Thanks for being awesome!

Owner/Shaper/Glasser East India Surf

Andrew— June 19, 2014

Wow, You guys are awesome! Thanks for the speedy delivery of my new fin n bonus treats!

Erika   — June 16th, 2014

Hola Josh!

Steve here from NL, Canada on the East coast island! Patagonia booties came in today...I have em on right now and the kitchen table!! :0)

thanks so much! love doing buzz with you guys!

great website, day ordering, fast shipping and awesome staff!! to many more!


Steve — June 12th, 2014

HI Matt

Just letting you know I received my wetty today, thanks so much. and the handwritten note was a great touch of customer service, and the wax too. I will definitely recommend your store to others and will use again when needed.

Bevan from Australia

— June 11, 2014

Thanks for the great advice and customer service on my wetsuit purchase, plus thanks for all the goodies in the box! It fits great and I'm looking forward to using it on my September surf trip. I will definitely recommend your shop/site to others.


Sarah— June 10th, 2014

Hi Crew – wanted to followup on my order. It arrived perfect and faster than I expected. The helmet is great, fits perfect. I need to reapply the inset foam with some more sturdy glue, but that’s ok. Not the helmet’s fault I am so hard on it with high speed crashes (Kitesurfer).

Also appreciated the hand-written note J. I’ll be in Seaside for a wedding in late August, will be sure to stop by the shop.

Jason— June 2, 2014

Hey, I just wanted to say thank you!! I'm very happy with the O'neill wetsuit I brought from you guys. Plus the wax, stickers and candies that were thrown in too! I'll defiantly order from you again, plus I'll recommend you to my friends.

Thanks again :)

Gary— May 31st, 2014

Hi Josh,

Just wanted to say thanks heaps for sending my order so quick, the wetty is awesome and cant wait to try it!

Have told heaps of my friends about your site and one of them is super keen to buy a new wetsuit as well.


Richi— May 16th, 2014

Order received in good order & in better time than expected together with some goodies which is a most appreciated suprise. 

Will more than keep you in mind, will refer you to all I know.

Many thanks from a superstocked Seagull.

Cheers & regards

Andrew — May 6th, 2014

Spoke to Matt on the phone. Was extremely pleased with his knowledge of product and sizing. Will be a return customer thanks to this man. Kudos Matt. Appreciate the help

Cole — May 3rd, 2014

Hi guys, We received my sons wetsuit today and we are so happy. It fit perfectly. My son was so happy to receive the wetsuit and the appropriate wax for our conditions, a few lollies and most importantly a hand written note from you guys. He said it was the best parcel he had received in his whole life. Thanks so much. We will definitely recommend you guys and your service which is fantastic!!!

Come to Australia one day! The beaches and surf are fantastic!

Sue — May 1st, 2014

Hi Matt, My stuff arrived on time, everything fine, by the way thanks for the wax and the candies ( nice touch). I’ve tried the suit this weekend and it is absolutely amazing ( best suit I ever had in almost 40 years of surfing )

Thanks for your help

m — April 28th, 2014

Woooooooooooooooooooooow thank you so much ; ) I’m so happy from that surf bag and I love that blue sticker - I have never seen so nice, simply and clean surf logo - it’s amazing - I love that sticker !!!! and candys too ; ) thank you - great attitude to customer!!! Wish good luck with your online store!!!! .. and make sure I’ll make next order soon ; )

Viliam — April 26th, 2014

To Everyone at Cleanline, Thanks to everyone there who helped me choose and then get my new RipCurl 3/2 E-Bomb. Trying to buy a full piece winter wetsuit in Puerto Rico is very difficult because obviously there are none to try on or see here. Working with you and your website couldn’t have been better, and I also appreciate how easily and quickly you sent my suit, which has been a problem with other business in the past. You return policy gave me the confidence that I could get the suit, try it on, and if it didn’t fit I would be able to send it back and have a new one to try without weeks of delays and hassles. That is great customer service and I appreciate it. Also having knowledgeable people answering the phones that are actually in the shop is very helpful so that your not just talking to some 3rd party, computer screen service.

Thanks again for helping me get back in the water.

Doug — April 23th, 2014
Rincón, Puerto Rico

Josh, Wetsuits arrived, they are awesome. Thanks for the great service. Cant wait to get wet.

Mark — April 11th, 2014

Just received my order… I know I haven’t said so in the past when I’ve ordered, but thanks for being so awesome.

I think I’ll still be rockin the R4 for another month or so, at least, but now I’m totally ready for the transition. What a tremendous improvement in the new model suit. I may have to up my R4.

Again, thank you all for your true "customer service". Kinda rare round these parts.

Jack — April 4th, 2014

Hey Cleanline Surf Shop, My name is John and I recently ordered a new R3 Patagonia wetsuit from you guys to be shipped to my home in Santa Cruz, CA.

I just wanted to say thanks soooooooooo much for the delivery and for the free shirt, hat, wax, stickers, and candy you threw in there too!! That made my day on top of jumping into my new suit! You guys are awesome and I’ve told a ton of friends about your shop, so hopefully you will be sending out some more surf equip down to CA. I was also going to mention what an awesome distribution line you are for Patagonia in a little wetsuit review I was going to send off to Patagonia.

Anyways, thanks so much for the delivery and the extra product. You guys rock, keep up the good business!

John — March 27th, 2014

Thank you SO much for the wetsuit, T-shirt, and goodies. You guys are too cool!!! I live in LA, but grew up in the Pac NW, and miss it so much. Thanks for stoking me! :)

Terri — March 13th, 2014

You guys are awesome…Just received package I ordered just a few days ago! nice personal note (!) , fleece for my hubby, booties for me … I found you online when looking for the patagonia micro d pullover, and decided to replace my leaky booties at the same time… Great service, fast shipping ( fleece for his birthday) … was not expecting it so soon. I will be sure to check you out first when i need something else… Thanks… and yes… great waves today… Keep up the great customer service!

Mary — March 7th, 2014

DUDES! I check the shipping today and it says delivered, so I run downstairs to get my package, open it up and try on this rad new springsuit. Inside the box? Candy, stickers, and a handwritten note. You guys are f’ing awesome. I’m a swim instructor for kids with special needs, and this suit will keep me warm for those 6+ hour days in the pool. Wicked happy customer from Boston. CHIVE ON!

Justin — March 7th, 2014

Just received my wetsuit today - Super, super stoked! This will come in handy since Jersey water temp is hovering @35 degrees?! Like that can stop that surf itch?! haha

Thanks so much for the great price, fast shipping and the free swag (stickers, sex wax and candies!!!) and don’t forget the hand written note too. I will definitely return as a customer.

Happy trimmin’
Glenn — March 6th, 2014

I just wanted to say thanks for my recent order of a Rip Curl E-Bomb 3/2. I’m sure Josh doen’t read these but please convey my thanks to to him regarding the staff. The personal touches such as the hand written note on my receipt, the bar of wax, and the mint are why I like shopping at Cleanline. My last 3 wetsuits have been purchased through Cleanline as well as boards and other gear dating back to the mid 80’s while in the Coast Guard stationed at Garibaldi. There was a group of us who he treated very well when we would come into the shop. I’m sure he wouldn’t remember me or my friends but I would like him to know that it’s nice to see the personal touch he always showed us 30 years ago is still alive and well today.

Dan — Jan 26th, 2014

Hi Cleanline Crew, Today I got my wetsuit - so Christmas came early this year! Thank you for the friendly support, the cool T-shirt, the sweets and stickers, I’m stoked! I’ll defenately recommend you to other cold water surfers ready for the ultimate comfort.

Happy Surfing to you all as well

Sonja — Nov 19th, 2013

Hey Cleanline, Received wetsuit today, totally stoked, thank you for the fast shipping, t-shirt, wax, stickers, you guys rock!!! See you soon

Bruce — Nov 14th, 2013

Did you guys research my personal history or something? Super fast shipping, perfect product (Rip Curl eBomb boots), and *candy in the box*! The boots were totally a treat to myself, AND it came with my favorite candies! Good stuff, I’ll be ordering here again the next time I’m in the market for surf gear!

Jeff — Nov 9th, 2013

Hello everyone at Cleanline Surf, Just wanted to say a huge thanks for my new Ripcurl EBomb Pro that arrived today in Margeret River Australia. Stoked with the wax, stickers, lollies and thank you note from Shan!! The surf here has been pumping cant wait to get out in my new suit tomorrow morning in Yallingup. May the gods of surf give you great waves for your wonderful service and generosity.

Andrew — Oct 28th, 2013

Cleanline Crew, I just had to write and thank you for your great service. The price was great, shipping fast. A lot of places could have handled that. But I got some great info from your guy Matt on the phone who was really helpful. But what really blew me away was the super cool hand written note from Jenn on my receipt and the board wax. That just struck me as some killer service and was VERY much appreciated. Way better than just a cheap price. I’ll be back for sure. Thanks for the good stoke.

Matt — Oct 24th, 2013

Josh and the Cleanline Crew, Thank you for all your help with my new wetsuit! I was on the fence between a few suits and Josh really helped me determine which suit would best fit my needs. This suit was the Patagonia R2. I was hesitant at first because I have never seen one in person before and also because of the staggering price. After receiving it, I knew that this was exactly what I was looking for - a functional, durable suit that will last a few seasons. Time will tell if this is true, but I have complete confidence that it will live up to my expectations. Thank you again.

Again, I would like to thank you all for helping me with my wetsuit. Your customer service team is unparalleled and I will definitely be calling Cleanline for my next suit. Also, I really appreciate the handwritten note - I would have handwritten myself, but my girlfriend says my handwriting sucks. Whatever.

Thank you again and happy surfing!

David L. Rouen, III — Oct 23rd, 2013

Hey guys! I wanted to shoot you an email and tell you guys how AWESOME you are! The customer service was above and beyond! And I LOVED the hand-written note that came with my purchase. I will definitely be buying from you guys again. Please keep up the great work! Good companies like you are hard to find now a days.

Erika — Sept 5th, 2013

Hi guys, I wanted to thanks for the fast handling and delivery of my Futures fins set. I appreciated the little "extra"… I will recommend you to Montréal crew.

John — Sept 2nd, 2013

Hi Josh, just wanted to let you know that I love my R4 Patagonia wetsuit!!!! Thank you for the great morning and for sharing your photos, stories of your surf adventurers and artifacts in the shop! It was a memorable day…:). Please thank your assistant for the Sweet Basil Cafe recommendation; a perfect way to complete our Pacific NM visit . May you have a bountiful fall/ winter of surf!

Cheers, Patty and Mark — Aug 22nd, 2013

Hey i appreciate the shirt and the hand written note. Cant wait to try the board this weekend and you will be my source now!

Best, Jarrod — July 18th, 2013

Dear Josh and the Cleanline Crew, I wanted to send a thanks for sending me wetsuit I ordered so promptly, but also for taking the time to add a personal touch in the packaging. I’ve been surfing my whole life, and been personally involved in "the industry" for quite a while now, and I have to say I can’t ever recall getting such a pleasant surprise when opening up some gear I ordered online. I’m sure you guys send out TONS of these products, and to take the time to write not just a one-line handwritten note, but a full paragraph personally about my order, was quite impressive. That, and the little extras - the bar of wax, the sticker, the Futures catalog (not sure how you knew I used Futures), and the candies - you just don’t see that kind of extra attention any more. That really made my day, and I’ll definitely be ordering more from you in the future.

Thanks again and happy surfing!
Danny — July 17th, 2013

Hey Matt, Got the wetties and I would personally like to thank you and the team. Your customer service was awesome, and it didn’t take long for you to get the special order out as well. Already had a surf in the new suit and it is that good. Thanks again Mate.

Jako — July 15th, 2013

Whats up Cleanline, Just wanted to thanks for sending my order. It just arrived and I’m a happy man. The bag fits all my boards, all 3 of them! more importantly thanks for the candy that was in the box. Stoked on the customer service!

Chris — July 14th, 2013

I just got home from a week of vacation to find an amazing al merrick new flyer laying in my kitchen. The board looks beautiful and you guys did a fantastic job keeping me up dated on the package and securing it so comes safety. Thank you so much for making it easy to purchase a new board; Great costumer service and i look forward to doing business with you guys again. For now on im going to cleanline for all my surfing needs. Thanks again and i cant wait to go out saturday with the new flyer.

Spencer — July 12th, 2013

Hey Matt, I just wanted to let you know that my suit has just arrived and its a perfect fit. Thanks again for the great service and the upgrade, you guys have a really good handle on customer service / e-commerce. I’ll definitely be reccomending you to all my mates.

Thanks again and hopefully you’re getting some fun waves in Oregon.

Cheers Daniel — July 2nd, 2013

Just wanted to say thank you. My new wetsuit arrived today, thanks for the wax, key ring and the handwritten note is a great touch. Nice to see a company with good customer service! Will be recommending to friends.

Thanks again,
John — June 17th, 2013

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for your exceptional service. I purchased a pair of booties for my boyfriend online, and there was a handwritten note inside thanking me for the business. Thank YOU! You have definitely made a customer for life... My boyfriend and I will be heading your way later this summer to get new wetsuits. Thanks!

Hannah — June 13th, 2013

Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I received my order and the Shipto process worked really well and super quick. Sorry I haven’t wrote sooner, I’ve been unwell!

Anyway a huge thankyou, the suits are perfect and I really love and appreciate how you guys go out of your way to throw in a wax or something extra and a hand written note – those extra efforts are not something we would receive from our local surf shop (sadly). My boyfriend is super stoked with his wetsuit too!

So thank you and I can’t wait to buy again :o)

Mel — May 15th, 2013

Hello there Cleanline Crew! I was super pumped today when my wetsuit arrived in the mail, and then I was even more excited when I received a friendly note from you as well! I immediately thought that I must write you back and thank you for the personalilzed(ish) tid bit on my receipt. I picture a crew of surfer dudes (and girls) hangin’ out at the surf shop havin’ a time, even though you’re in Oregon I imagine all surfers looking like they are from California (wich in my mind is funny coming from a Canadian who surfs in the freezing cold…). Anyways, thanks for making my day and I hope this letter makes yours as well. I will have to come check out the shop in person sometime. Will send rad photo in the future.

XO Jocelyn — April 11th, 2013

P.S. Oh! And thanks for the wax and candy, I recomend watermelon jolly rancher next time though…cherry, meh. ♥

Hi Cleanline Crew! Many thanks for my patagonia R4 wetsuit, wax , beenie!,candys ( how did you know i love the strawberry ones?!) and a hand written note! what a great feeling opening the box. Like Christmas!

I grew up in Portland and spent alot of time year round with my grandparents in astoria . not much for a kid to do there so seaside was where we would go. Been to both shops many times. I spent many years up and down the coast surfing. Ten years ago I moved to Nantucket island and kite year round. Water gets down to low 30’s in the winter and up to 70’s in the summer. I’ve had an ocean rodeo drysuit, npx, neilpryde, oneil… hyperflex. Now its time to rock the best wetsuit out there! i know because my kite friend swears by his when I’m swearing at mine!

I’ll be back for sure. Now i gotta get the booties to match…

Thanks Again !!!!
Gary — March 17th, 2013

Hey Guys - just wanted to drop you all a note and say Thank You! I ordered a new Patagonia R3 wetsuit from you all earlier this week and it arrived thursday. I was super stoked to find the note you all put in there + the sex wax ( smells like my childhood :) and the candy! My son was super stoked about the wax - little guy is teething and was chomping on it for a couple mins before I caught him :)

Anyway - I wore this sucker for my morning surf today and it fits perfect! The suit is actually replacing an R3 I bought in 2009 or so, so hopefully I get as much life out of this one too.

Pete — Feb 25th, 2013

Hi, Just wanted to thank you guys for shipping so fast and the nice note

I’ll definitely be shopping with you guys again!

Thank you,
Brett — Jan 31st, 2013

Hey there Crew!Just wanted to thank you guys personally for my Penny board. I didn’t expect in the "Amazon age" that I’d ever see personality, courtesy, and a hand-written letter, but you’ve gone above and beyond the rest. I couldn’t find this board anywhere to save my life, and fortunately I stumbled upon your shop! The rest is history.

I’ll definitely tell my friends about you guys!

Much love,
Austin — Jan 15th, 2013

Hello Cleanline Crew, I received my Patagonia Hi-Loft Down Sweater yesterday. It looks and feels great. The shipping was fast.

I found your site through a Google shopping search after I tried to order the jacket on I never would have thought of Cleanline as my source for Patagonia. I was somewhat familiar with your Seaside store as I passed it on the road a couple dozen times this summer on crab runs to Bell Buoy from Gearhart.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the handwritten note and the candy and stickers and Patagonia surf DVD. What a nice touch! It’s so refreshing to see a personal touch in these days of online anonymity.

I will think of Cleanline for my future Patagonia purchases and reccomend you to others.

All the best,
Tim — Jan 9th, 2013

Dear Cleanline Crew, I just received my O’Neill Epic 4/3 wetsuit and as I opened the box, I was impressed. There was a hand written note, telling me how much I would like the flexibility of the Epic 2, whishing me some good waves, and thanking me for the order. I smiled and told my wife, she raised her eyebrows and said, wow.

I’ve ordered many things on-line and this is a first. I spoke to someone on the phone, who was nice &friendly, even the phone message was good.

You also enclosed my favorite cold water wax & some candy, what a nice touch.

My son moved to Eugene last year and needs a wetsuit, etc. and I told him use you. My daughter has a 10 year old 3/2, that she hates getting on & off, and I have given her the word.

Much Thanks,
Craig — Jan 4th, 2013

We just want to say we appreciate your outstanding service. Both Josh and Paavo were very helpful when I spoke to them over the phone about wetsuits, sizing, etc. Their expertise and friendliness was just outstanding. Since we do not own a car we can not drive to an Oneill dealership. I felt like I was right at the shop when I spoke with them over the phone. Thanks so much for everything. We’re looking forward to the Psycho 1.

Anna — Dec 26th, 2012

Josh and Crew, I just wanted to write a quick note of thanks for your upbeat personal note on my order of a penny board. Your simple act of kindness was such a lovely welcome as I opened my package for my young son. In a time when so many are mired in electronic devices, it is rare that a company makes such a personal effort to connect with their customers. Keep up the great work - I will definitely order from you again.

Many thanks,
Karin — Dec 18th, 2012

Hey guys, Thanks for the wetsuit, ordered a Flash Bomb on Cyber Monday. Really appreciated the handwritten note and wax. Will definitely be ordering my gear from you guys in the future.

Keep up the good work, you’re doing it right.

Eli from down in California — Dec 12th, 2012

Hi, I just purchased a pair of FCS G-AM fins from you guys and I am completely stoked on your custumer care and attention to detail. With the growing popularity of the sport and the growing number of snobs getting into the sport (at least here in San Francisco) it has become hard to come across excellent costumer care as you guys have shown. I wanted to take a minute to let you guys know that I find this awesome and valuable and I will look at Cleanline for future purchases and recommended it friends.

Thanks and have a great day and holidays!

Juan — Dec 10th, 2012

Im going to get straight to the point. My name is Tom and I live in Ohio. I have been surfing the great lakes for some time now and everything that I have ordered from this site has always been at my house in a reasonable amount of time and also the products have been great. So I just want to say thank you to the crew and everybody for putting the time in to serve your customers right. Also, just the fact that you guys and gals write a personal letter when sending the product out is enough for me to keep shopping here and recommending your site to others.

Thanks Again
Tom — Nov 16th, 2012

Please forward my thanks to Caleb, who handled my order. Fins arrived in swift fashion and will be in the water on this Sunday’s macking swell. Will definitely keep you folks in mind for any future water sport needs.

Thanks again, Steve — Nov 15th, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen@Cleanline Surf, Thank you so much. I received my RipCurl E-3/2 CZ yesterday.

Your first quality product, fast shipping, and personal note, goes along way.

I am sure to be in the market again and will most definitely order from you and refer you to my family, friends, and associates.

Much continued success to

San Diego, CA — Nov 15th, 2012

Just wanted to let you know my boots arrived safe and sound and look great on my feet! Thanks for the great service and will be back online at cleanline surf for my next pair of uggs!

Have a great week!

Angella — Oct 17th, 2012

Hi, I just received my Patagonia R2 wetsuit in the mail today. First, it arrived really quick! Second, there was a handwritten note inside, wax, stickers, and some candy. It was totally unexpected and sort of made my day! So different from normal surf shops here in SoCal where there’s a palpable sense of competition and rivalry from the BroPro employees. It was such a pleasant surprise. My brother has ordered stuff from you in the past and recommended Cleanline. Glad I went through you,

Joel — Oct 15th, 2012

Harry H. here from Auburn, Alabama. Josh, just wanted to say thanks for all the help. To Cleanline, don’t let up on the high quality of your customer service, it’s what brings us back. Can’t wait to get the potatonator wet, thanks again guys.

WAR EAGLE — Sept 25th, 2012

Cleanline is by far the Best Surf store to order from overnite no xtra thanks Cleanline You rule.

signed Rip Lip Trust avg. surf type guy. — Sept 5th, 2012

Hi Guys, I received my new wetsuit yesterday and wanted to say thank you very much for the prompt, stress free service your company provided. Everything arrived on time and in excellent condition. Thoroughly impressed with your service and products. I will most certainly be using Cleanline Surf again in the future and recommending you to my mates. I was actually put onto you guys by a referral so keep up the good work.

Thanks again.

Darren H. — August 8th, 2012

Best shop ever…order my Sanuk sandals on Friday the 13th, got them Monday the 16th...OR to NY! Your customer service is incredible and Lichelle is wonderful. Will definitely be coming back and have already started telling people about you!

Barb - July 17th, 2012

Josh was pivotal in helping me find the right sized wetsuit for my girlfriend. Now I just hope I can replicate the same advice, teaching her how to surf :)

Seriously Josh, thanks for your time.

cheers to a clean line,
Brando — July 12th, 2012

Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for the order. The wetsuit arrived on time and was perfect. The handwritten note and the wax was a nice touch too. I’ll be sure to keep you guys in mind next time I’m looking for some surf gear.

Sean — July 5th, 2012

Hey Guys, Just a quick note to say thanks for the great customer service when I recently bought a Channel Islands board bag online. The bag is great and I really appreciated the extra touch of the hand written note. Nice to know there are real humans on the other end of the online experience!

Have a great summer! I look forward to stopping in next time I’m passing through Seaside.

Port Moody, British Columbia — July 5th, 2012

Hi Josh and Paavo, Thanks again for the "Dumpster Diver". Great transisition board with the right dimensions. I would advise anyone transitioning from a fish, or just want some more float and width in a short board, to buy this board. Its lite, easy to paddle into small or medium size waves and turns real well.

Your customer service was awesome like always. Will talk soon!

Terry — June 29th, 2012

Thank you to Josh, Paavo and the Cleanline crew for the pre-order of the Lib Tech surfboard!! After one session I’m in love with the board as it surfs epically well and paddling is so comfortably with the concave deck. I can’t believe all of the features that Mike and his crew thought of and designed into these board! I’m sure they are going to sell out within a couple weeks if not sooner…

Eric — June 22nd, 2012

Hey Josh, Picked up that 6′4″ Takayama Scorpion yesterday and took it out in the mush. The board paddles great and feels solid under foot. I’m pumped exactly what I was looking for! I can not wait to get it out in some sizeable surf and let it stretch its legs. Thanks for the help I will give you a shout back after i give it a good workout. Thanks again for the help your shops are top notch!

Sam — May 29th, 2012

Hi, Thank you so much for your message I received last night on my cell phone. I will call the watch company and see if they can do something to fix the watch. I will keep you posted. I also wanted to say that your company has the best customer service that I have experienced. I truly appreciate your response and your help and concern for your customers. I will definitely continue recommending and shopping with your store.

Thanks again,
Amy — May 15th, 2012

Just want to say thanks for the amazing service you’ve provided in shipping my wetsuit over. Love the wetsuit and i’ll be telling as many people as possible about how quick and great your service is!!

Mike — May 10th, 2012

Wow that was quick service! The parcel arrived yesterday and the wetsuits fit perfectly. Thanks for your customer service. We will definitely be using you in the future and telling all our friends in australia about your shop.

Olivia — May 10th, 2012

Hey Guys, Just got my wet suit. Excellent service!!

Cant wait to get into the water when back to Brazil. I will certainly recommend you to my friends down there.

Thanks a lot and next time I come to the US there will be no doubt in choosing Cleanline!

Stefano — May 9th, 2012

Just want to say thanks for the amazing service you’ve provided in shipping my wetsuit over. Love the wetsuit and i’ll be telling as many people as possible about how quick and great your service is!!

Mike — May 8th, 2012

Hi Bryn, Josh & Cleanline Crew. Recieved my watch the other day.Thanks. Got the candies too. It seams they are becoming part of your trade mark. Just wanted to let you folks know that my closest preset beach is Cape Cod, MA. With an offset setting of minus180 it matches up with the Geographics Tide Chart for Lunenburg, Nova Scatia, Canada within two minutes of the next low tide. All of the tides I checked for the last couple of days were within 2 to 14 minutes of the Tide Chart. I’m pleased with the accuracy of the averaging tide function. I’m a hunter , a fisherman & a baoter. For the last few years I was continuously checking the Tide Chart to see when high tide was which would allow me to put the boat in the water. Now I just simply have to look at the watch. This is going be a great tool. Just some more uses for a surfer watch.

Regards Gord — May 7th, 2012

The wetsuits arrived. Thanks heaps. You guys are super efficient. I’ll shop again and let my friends know.

Tony — April 30th, 2012

Thanks for the quick delivery on my new flashbomb. It’s sik…

Sam M — April 27th, 2012

Package arrived yesterday , everything perfect, thanks for the emails and note… and all the lollies!

Will be sure to recommend and use your company again,

Elizabeth — April 19th, 2012

Just got my new wettie and leashes delivered before heading back to Australia! Thanks so much for the personal note, candy, and wax! Next level online experience - thanks!

Steven W. — April 17th, 2012

Cleanline crew! I’ve never thanked any retailers for their great service, but I must say you guys know what’s up! it’s the little things-the hand written note was epic! I’ll be back next time I need some gear for.

david — Mar 19th, 2012

Hey Guys, I just received my Billabong 5/4/3 wetsuit and it fits like a gem!!!! I also want to thank you for the great customer service. When you order something from a website as the consumer you don’t really expect any interaction between the seller and buyer. I really appreciate the hand written note by your Crew because it shows the customer appreciation you guys have!!!! You guys have definitely earned my respect as a company who looks at their customers and appreciates them. I will definitely keep you guys in mind when I make my next surf related purchase.

Pura Vida,
Jeff M. — Mar 8th, 2012

Josh, Matt and the rest of the crew at Cleanline, Got my R4 suit in the mail today. Wearing it right now as I type this email. The candies, sticker and wax in the box made my day. It’s the little stuff that counts. Thanks for being such a great shop, and an online shop with a good personality.

Looking forward to being warm (finally). Thank you! Ok... time to take this thing off.

Kamil — Feb 21st, 2012

You guys are rad - thanks for everything - I am stoked with my suit.

I will def be back -

Rob — Feb, 16th 2012

Oh man, you guys are awesome. Hand written note and candy in the package? Best eCommerce transaction ever.

Sadly, DaKine’s XL vest is actually sized for a small laotian man. I’m 6′2″ 195 and usually an XL fits, but not this case. Maybe that’s why DK discontinued the vest.

Anyways, going to be sending it back, you have an XXL in Stock?

CLEANLINE sticker firmly affixed to the back window of my ride. Rode crissy field today and everyone was asking where Cleanline is.

Matt R. — Feb, 19th 2012

A big thank you to Josh and Cleanline for their excellent customer service. I ordered a wetsuit that was on sale only to find out that it was not in stock. Josh offered to substitute the newer version of the suit I ordered for the same sale price which was very generous in my opinion. The only hitch was the new suit had a chest zip and I really wanted a back zip. I was then given another option to substitute for a totally different suit, different brand, with a back zip at the same sale price! Now I have an O’Neill Psycho coming my way!

Thanks again for everything. I will definitely shop with you guys again.

— Ben, SF

I just wanted to say thank you for another great experience. We have been going to the Seaside shop for probably 13 years. Bought our first wet suits from you, upgraded those suits with you, bring our friends to you for rentals (as well as our kids) and have NEVER EVER had a bad experience. All of the "special" treatment is amazing… I also love that the owner (Josh?) is out on the floor helping everytime I’m in. It shows that you care about your business and your customers.

Thanks again!
— SarahEverett, WA

Hi Josh, I have received the wetsuit and I’m really pleased with it and thanks for the good service from Cleanline I will be happy to recommend you.


Just received my order and was very surprised to find all of the extras along with it (hand-written note, stickers, wetsuit shampoo, starbursts). This is true customer service and i would just like to thank you and will definitely be shopping with you again! Thanks again!

— Riley M.

Dear Josh, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your amazing service. Last month my boyfriend "Arlis" and I decided to surf our way up the Oregon Coast. We stopped into your stop in Seaside and were blown awya by your level of service. Your attention to detail and vast knowledge was more than helpful. You made our shopping experience stress free and fun. We were shopping for new wetsuits, but were not too set on buying anything that day. However you made us feel so comfortable in your store that we were able to take our time to find what we needed and with your help every step of the way, we both walked out with new wetsuits and booties to go with them. You spent a few hours helping us, and we never once felt rushed or pressured in anyway. Plus your air conditioned change room sure helped with trying on all those wetsuits! The day after we left your store we went to Indian beach and surfed all day, and despite it being a cold cloudy day, we were toasty warm in our new gear. I cannot thank you enough for making us feel like we really mattered in your store. I can see why your surf shop has been a success and I hope that it continues to bring in crowds of business for many years to come. I will be spreading word of your amazing shop all over Canada, and I hope to return to Oregon again on day. My only suggestion to you is…"design and order more woman’s store brand hoodies." I noticed you had many choices for men and very slim choices for the woman. Perhaps you could order some plain black or grey hoodies for the girls. "we like hoodies too :)"

Thanks again for everything,
Arlis and I will never forget you or your shop! Kolby and Arlis in Canada

The short, brown haired sales person at the Cannon Beach store who was working at noon on 7/19/2010 was on it! He was the most helpful and knowledgeable surf guy I have ever encountered. He gave me no choice but to buy from your surf shop.

Christian L.

Josh, Thanks again for turning me on to oswald. Haven’t felt this way in thirty years, also thanks to the whole staff for making us feel at home and for the great service. Will be back!

Gary & Cindy from Poulsbo WA.

Good Afternoon G9, Just to let you know that i got your wetsuit yesterday. I’m very satisfied by the way you did it: the price, the magazine, stickers, candy …it’s the first time I see such service. I got a friend who just got into kitesurfing. I’ll give him your contact since he’ll need a wetsuit too.

Thanks again to you & your team,
happy 29th anniversary

Josh, You guys are great. This is the third wetsuit I have purchased from Cleanline sure. I don’t think I will ever shop anywhere else.

Thanks Again, Dana

Dear Katie, Josh and Cleanline crew, First of all, thank you very much. I just got my new Rip Curl E-bomb wetsuit and i’m so stoked! It arrived here very fast remembering that i ordered it from Brazil. Since our first contact, you guys were so friendly answering all my million questions. Congratulations for the professional and efficient service. Thanks for the gifts you sent along and the note hand writed by Katie. I definetely recomend Cleanline shop to every surfer on earth. And i’ll surely buy more stuff with you.

Peace and love.
Mauricio Carqueijo
Florianopolis- Brazil

Hello. I just wanted to say thank you for the prompt handling of my recent order. I received my wet suit within 7 days delivered to Japan. Fantastic service. The wet suit is awesome and fits perfectly. I was more than impressed with the way Cleanline Surf processed my order. (Much unlike BoardCo which have the worst service on the net!) Then today I received a hand written note thanking me for my order which prompted me to write this email. I want to say thanks to Joel for writing the letter and will absolutely use Cleanline again. I’m in Japan and its difficult for foreigners to buy gear in our size and at reasonable prices so sites like Cleanline are a dream come true. I post on a Japan surfing website so all that crew also know about the excellent service that you guys provide. Again, thanks for the quick delivery and awesome suit. Now if I can just convince the g/f Ill be putting in an order for a Rip Curl 2/2 short sleeve wetty for spring!

Thanks guys
Kind regards
Lachlan C.

Yesterday I received the wetsuit I ordered online from your shop. It was a close out Rip Curl 6-5-4. I have to commend you folks on the best service I have ever experienced online. Not only was the price exceptional, the shipping was free and quick. In addition, I was stoked by the inclusion of a personal, handwritten note, a copy of "happy," wax, a shop decal, plus some candy! Absolutely over the top.

Best regards and enjoy the ride,

Jeff P.
Tacoma and Westport

Hi All, Just wanted to say thanks for the great service and product.Got my new o’neill gloves in today and just love them.I kiteboard here in new england and these have saved my arms from severe stress of wearing too thick of gloves.I look forward to doing business again with you and have already made a few wetsuit recomendations to friends.Keep up the great work. Good winds and clean waves.

— Geoffrey C.

Hi! I got my Roxy wetsuit last week and absolutely adore it! Thanks so much for the free stuff and the personal note (GREAT customer service is hard to find these days!!) I will most definitely be back for more stuff!!!!!

— Bianca

Hey Josh and the crew! My name is jackie and im from Long Island and recently ordered Ugg Boots from your store. Being from New York I basically expect that when I order things online they will send me the wrong size or the wrong color or something isnt right. When I got my boots I was really surprised that they were exactly what I ordered and I was very excited. You also wrote me a personal letter and I think put candy in the box which is something no one from New York would EVER expect. It was a really sweet touch and I just wanted you guys to know that I appreciated it. It’s also impossible to find Ugg Boots anywhere over here so I gave your website to like 10 other people. Thanks for being so thoughtful.

— Jackie

Hello, I received my wetsuit and it is great. I just wanted to say thank you for the great customer service. Also the note that came with my package was very nice. It made the purchase feel personal, which does not seem common anymore. I will be a return customer for years because of your smart buisiness practice.


Hey - I love my new wetsuit. That goes without saying, I hope to get in the water tomorrow and test it out. But the real point of this is to thank you for the customer service you provided me with. Customer service seems to be a lost art - especially when buying online. But you guys really set a great standard that other e-tailers should follow. Personal, knowledgeable and honest service with great prices and FREE SHIPPING? You serious? FANTASTIC. You have earned my seal of approval and I will surely recommed your site to all of my friends. You’ve got a friend in New Jersey, Cleanline. Props to Josh for his phone support.

Your pal, Chris

Beth and the Crew, I just wanted to say thank you for the watch I ordered from Cleanline. The quality is great and your service was excellent. Expect more business from myself, especially when the holidays roll around.

Once again thanks!
No Worries,
Rod B.

Hi All! I just wanted to thank you for a very professional and personal service. The wetsuit is great and I’m enjoying all the stuff that came free.I’ll definitely recommend your online store to the other 10 surfers in Iceland.

One happy customer.
Johann M.

Just to let you know, I got my Elasto yesterday, its cool, thanks. I am extremely happy with the service you offer.

Thanks again - I’ll recommend you to my mates. Its starting to get cold down here so they might be interested in getting a new suit.

David H.

Just wanted to thank you guys for the Dawn Patrol watch you sent to me in Maine. I love it! Hasn’t been in the surf yet, brr, but it’ll be sailing up the east coast all next week. (The tootsie roll was good too.)

— Jenne J.

Dear Ben, I just wanted to say that I was impressed with the personal letter that was sent with my order, thanks a lot. Being in Kosovo it is hard to get some good shades. I got my order yesterday and love it, thanks again.

— Carlos F.

Hey There, I just wanted to write on the great service you guys provide. I don’t know if you guys get a lot of customer feedback, but I really appreciate the little things you guys do like the few notes you add to the letter and the candy you include. I’ve bought two Nixon watches from Cleanline Surf and I’ll definitely do business with you again. Thanks again and keep up the excellent service!

— Anthony C.

josh, beth, & crew, I just received my brooks black boots. you are right - i love them! thank you for the quick shipping and the smarties - yummmmm.

happy holidays to you too!

— tanya m.

Hi again :) , Yesterday i recieved the wetsuit and i just have to say, many thx for delivering it so fast and for the great personal service you provide.(I cant wait for some swell to test the suit :) ) If i need some other surf or snowboardgear i will surely be buying it from your site,and i am telling al my friends about your great prices and service

many thanks, Lars :)

Dear Josh Gizdavich: I wanted to let you know that you have (at least) two valuable employees, and that I am extremely pleased with the level of customer service your company provides.

I purchased a wetsuit via your website; and both Josh and Beth were not only friendly and courteous, but went above and beyond to provide me with a quality product in a timely manor. Obviously you are doing something right. It is rare to be treated as a human being - let alone receive the outstanding customer service your company provides.

And because of that you have not only a satisfied customer, but a customer for life. I wish you and your staff continued success.

John V.

It is really exciting to see a company like yours provide exceptional customer service! I placed my order online with you and received it 3 days later! Friendly correspondence, awesome product, best prices anywhere and free shipping!! You guy’s ROCK!!……Well actually you SURF. Even better.

Thx, Patrick

Hey! I ordered a bodyglove wetsuit from you all, and I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how great your company is! I can’t believe the deal I got on the suit, and the shipping was free also!!! In the box I got a ton of cool stuff, like a Da Kine catalog, stickers, candy, Rip Curl poster! You can be sure that I’m telling all of my friends about!! I look forward to buying more stuff from you all in the future! Thanks!

— Jared W.

Hello everyone there at Cleanline. My name is Will McClain and I recently ordered a Rip Curl watch from you guys. At first I didn’t really like the band, but now I love it. I just wanted to say that you guys really were cool for sending the letter and the stickers and stuff. I was really surprised that you guys value your customers so much. Obviously you must have many repeat customers. I am letting all of my friends know about your site and I want to thank you again for taking care of my needs. Feel free to add me to your mailing lists.

One hell of a satisfied customer,
Will M.

Hey Josh and Beth. Just a quick note to thank you guys for the great service. The new Ripcurl Slickskin suit’s awesome. Right size and everything. Thanks Josh for organizing the 1 day shipping. I’m glad I bought the suit from you guys. There wasn’t a great selection in New Jersey for 4/3 suits, [believe me we went to almost every store there..] so I was relieved and glad I went Cleanlines’ way. I’ll definitely do it again. I’ll need a hood in the Fall so keep them stocked up.

Thanks again.
Wayne Prins [Satisfied customer]

I got it guys!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome I really appreciate the service and the extra goodies inside. This is truly what I expect from a surfline…I mean Cleanline shop!!! This is the standard of service …keep what you got.


Major Mike D.
American forces network-Europe
US Army

Hey Guys - About two months ago I purchased a wetsuit from you online. I bought a Rip Curl Ultimate Elasto based entirely on a long and detailed conversation I had on the phone with one of your staff. I just wanted to let you know the wetsuit is outstanding. I am able to stay warm even in waters as low as 42 degrees and have lots of range of movement in my arms and legs. More important than the wetsuit however, I appreciate the time and thoughtful advice provided to me by your staff and I enjoyed the little extras you threw into the shipping box with my wetsuit (wax, candy, mags).

In an era of fast food, 30 second sound bites, and impersonal service in Old Navy mega stores, the customer service you provided was refreshing and of immeasurable value to me. I have absolutely no doubt that I purchased the perfect wetsuit for my needs and that is a terrific feeling. The staff person who helped me took the time to listen to my circumstances and then lay out the various options in a professional manner providing me with.

— Sean

Hi Josh & Team, Just wanted to say thank you from Cali for saving us in a tight spot - We had banked on having no problems finding our son the "Rover" watch, by Nixon at the last minute for a special occasion. Much to our surprise, no one in Cal had it in stock. We were so disappointed! Not only did our internet search find us Cleanlinesurf, but in addition to you having it in stock, imagine our surprise at the price not being marked up two-fold, no shipping , and you accommodating our urgent request!

In the day and age of excellent customer service being once again a rarity- you guys are exceptional. We have bookmarked your page and will definitely refer you to others! Thanks for helping us make our 15 year old son very happy on "Love Day".

Warm Regards,
Lisa Meyer < Rob Zeigler

Hey Cleanline Crew, I got my suit yesterday, which made it much easier to get in the water for dawn patrol this morning. Too bad the waves were so small.

Anyway, the only surprise with my purchase was how well everything went. The suit got here faster than I expected and there were no hidden costs. I also appreciated all the extras you threw in the box, especially the chocolate. BTW, what is the blue thing in that tube?

I guess I anticipated the worst, based on past experience with small businesses, but you guys really give me a good reason to keep looking for those great out of town deals. I would never have guessed that I would be getting my surf gear from Oregon instead of at one of the many local surf shops.

Great doing business with you guys and I look forward to doing more. I’ll keep dropping in.


Josh, Rec’d the commando kit first thing this AM. Had the lenses in - in 2 min.Loved the shirt, expect to hear from Drew (my 14 year old son). Please put him on your e-mail list.Candy and stickers were a nice touch, I’m sure you’ll sell Drew a skim board! It’s unusual to find someone who does what he says over the internet!

Good Job.

My birthday and Christmas came early last Sunday at Cleanline Seaside! Store Mgr. Dave found my dream 9′6″ woody (Wingnut model) and a slick brand-new 8′6″ Robert August model. They are awsome!! Yes, I had to get both of them since Dave worked out such a great deal for me. It is always our joy to shop at Cleanline because of the wonderful and knowledgeable staff working there and the quality of the product they carry. I am "forever stoked" with Cleanline.

The Shimadas in Portland

Dear Josh, Amanda and I were in last Tuesday and bought two Hotline Airfighter wet suits from you. I just wanted to let you know how appreciative we were for your kindness, customer service and exceptional expertise. After we got home, we immediately went in the waves and stayed there for the rest of our vacation as long as we could. But we never got out because we were cold, we got out because we were exhausted. Being able to swim and boogie board in the ocean has totally changed the way we will spend time at the coast.

As you may recall, I’m very heavy and I must admit that I was afraid of being treated poorly and not finding a suit. Neither my wife or I have ever bought a wet suit and didn’t know the first thing to ask. You made us feel welcomed from the start and didn’t bat an eye at my size. You steered us away from making a poor choice and sold us just what we needed. You asked your staff to give us "the red carpet treatment" at the Cannon Beach store when we needed to go there to get my suit. They were wonderful and very helpful. Amanda went back the next day and bought some H20 booties there as well.

My father who just retired wants a suit and I have told him the only place he should go is to your store. I will make sure to do the same with everyone who asks about our suits. Again thank you so much for being there for the older surf lovers of the world. You have opened a whole new world for us and we will never forget it. We plan to be Cleanline Surf customers for ever more!

Sincerely and with deep apreciation.
Dan and Amanda Kincaid-Kass Olympia, WA (Rockaway, OR)

Dear Dan O. and The Cleanline Crew, Many thanks for a job well done. As a surfer new to the New England area, I had to purchase some cold water gear. When all the local shops were out of 7mm booties, you guys had what I needed and got it to me before a (hopefully) great weekend swell. If more e-shops could do what you do, they might succeed!

Thanks again for the great service, the excellent advice, and the free cold water surf wax! What a nice touch! Next time I need something, I’m pointing my browser to Cleanline!

Corbin Meek

Hi there folks, I just wanted you to know that I received the Spy Scoops shades you sent just in time to take them with me to India tomorrow. Great job in making it happen. You made a customer for life 4 sure.

Hang in there with the great service,

Aloha: I am a long time (40+ years) Malibu surfer. Recently I had a gear problem, it doesn’t even matter what gear or what the problem was, I went to my local surf shops (Becker, Malibu Ocean Sport, ValSurf) where I have spend thousands of dollars over the years and suffice it to say they could not be bothered. "Sorry Bro, can’t help you".

Then I found Cleanline Surf Shop on the web, and sight unseen they stepped right up. Turns out they are in Oregon! I shipped them my problem…solved. I may never even meet them but they deserve a good word.

So, Mahalo to Angie and the Cleanline Crew,

Rick Miller

Dear Cleanline staff, I just wanted to let you all know how pleased I was with your service. I had never bought anything online before and was a bit uneasy about it. When I ordered my wetsuit from you I received a conformation right away in my email and a second conformation a day later. I was curious about how long it would take, expecting anything up to 6 months, so I wrote a e mail to you and received one back the same day telling me that it had already been shipped and I should expect it in a few days. You even gave me the tracking number so I could check on it with UPS. When it arrived it was in perfect condition and the right size. So, anyway I wanted to let you all know how happy I was and I will be doing all of my online surf ordering through you. I will also be telling my friends about you and how good your service is. Thank you.

— Chris Flom

Just a quick note to the boss. Yesterday, a friend and I made a major purchase at your shop, ie: wet-suits, booties, gloves, board bags and a stick. Your employee, Beth, was totally cool, providing us with the most excellent service! Thanks a million! We will definately be back. I have surfed for 26 years and have been to a lot of shops and yours rates up at the top! Clean line is were it’s at!

Thanks again.

Hi Josh, Please share these comments with you shaper and staff. A couple of notes regarding my Hammer 6′ VFG kiteboard (orange to yellow fade).

I first of all would like to compliment you and your shaper on the finish and appearance of the board. Lines are clean, color is great, glass work looks nice, overall a super-cool looking board. The attention to detail shows, and I really appreciate it.

Now the real test. The board rides even better than it looks. It jumps onto a plane and feels very fun and slashy. The difference between this board ad my 7′ board is amazing. It is like going from a sailboard to a skateboard. It feels like there is nothing on my feet.

I wish I had more skill to really give you some input on ripping upwind ability and landing huge jumps, but for now I am just having a lot of fun and taking my lumps here and there.

Keep up the good work, and make sure you let me know when cool new stuff is available.

Thanks for your great service!!

— Matt Bartell Minneapolis, MN.

Dear Cleanline, Thanks a lot for all your help with my Burton merchandise. I really appreciate the great service.

Thanks again,
Terra Cloyes

I recently purchased an 8′ Hammer board and wanted you to all know I love it!!! It has much more "float" and is more suited to my weight than my last board. Even better than the board was the service I received at Cleanline. I look forward to purchasing more STUFF from Cleanline in the future.

Dwayne Schell

Josh, Sydney et al: I just received my order! The suit fits like second skin! Wow! What an exciting adventure getting into and out of it! They should print a photographic brochure just to show how to wear it and not! Not to worry! I’ve been in and out of it with no injuries to either myself or the suit! Everything else fits perfectly also! Thank you for your prompt service!

— Ken

I want to thank Cleanline Surf for my awesome Uggs! I live in NJ, and these shoes are impossible to find in any local stores/malls. I even tried all of the popular shoe websites, and they were all sold out too! I was at a lost until I found! The customer service was excellent and they have such an easy website! I will definitely refer all of my friends to this site for Uggs! Thanks Cleanline!!


I just wanted to drop you all a quick note to thank you for the wonderful service. My boots arrived December 21, gift wrapped for Christmas even though I did not specifically request it. It was great to have a little pre-Christmas present waiting for me on my doorstep. When I opened the box there was a handwritten note telling me to enjoy my new Uggs and thanking me for my order. In addition, there were a few pieces of candy thrown in. This is absolutely the best service and attention I have ever gotten from a store. I am a religious online shopper and I NEVER get this kind of treatment from the other stores I frequent. Thanks again. Ordering from you guys made me feel special!

— A satisfied customer

Dear Cleanline crew, Wow is all I can say. Your customer service is awesome. We own a business and I was so impressed with your extra touches I hope we are the same with our clients. The candy and extra goodies put detail on my order like no other and the note to say thanks was great. So again thanks, we have ordered from you before, my husband that is and knew of your great customer service, but however, I hadn’t experienced it so this was a great surprise, way different than most!

Take care,
JoLynn Jones
Port Orchard, WA.

Hi there, I just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you!! Everything about my order, price, shipping was top notch, but the personal thank you note included with my order was a very classy move! I’m big into customer service and you guys have won me over as a permanent customer. I usually buy all my surf gear when I go home to San Diego, but your website will always be my first shopping stop from now on. Thank you and keep up the great work!

— Tony Mendoza

I am emailing you to let you know how happy I am with your company. That was very kind of you to call and let me know why the order was processed, many companies would never take such time to do so. I appreciated it so much, although it was unexpected. I also thought it was rad that you sent everything so quickly. I really liked that you personalized my order with a note and sweets. I bought the sunglasses and watch for my fiance and I know he is going to be stoked to receive them. I am very impressed with your company and I will pass on the good word. Thanks again.

— Sincerely, Natalie

Hello. I just wanted to say thank you for the prompt handling of my recent order. I received my wet suit within 7 days delivered to Japan. Fantastic service. The wet suit is awesome and fits perfectly. I was more than impressed with the way Cleanline Surf processed my order. (Much unlike BoardCo which have the worst service on the net!) Then today I received a hand written note thanking me for my order which prompted me to write this email. I want to say thanks to Joel for writing the letter and will absolutely use Cleanline again. I’m in Japan and its difficult for foreigners to buy gear in our size and at reasonable prices so sites like Cleanline are a dream come true. I post on a Japan surfing website so all that crew also know about the excellent service that you guys provide.

Again, thanks for the quick delivery and awesome suit. Now if I can just convince the g/f Ill be putting in an order for a Rip Curl 2/2 short sleeve wetty for spring!

Thanks guys
Kind regards
Lachlan Carter.

Team Cleanline, First let me tell you how pleased i am with the experience I have had while making my purchase through your website. I have found Nixon to be an amazing find for watches, but where I am located it is difficult to find a retailer for them, thus I have turned to the net. I have purchased a few through many other vendors, always looking for the best. In regards to shipping, price, and over all customer service, your company excels at in every category. I wish to thank you and tell you that you gained a loyal customer. I have never in all my Internet travels come across a e-retailer that puts candy and a hand written note in the box they ship. Your entire team should be congratulated for this. The web offers such anonymity and leaves personal interaction to a minimum. This gesture how ever small (and I am sure time consuming for you) bridges that game. Again thanks, and i will be sure to place any further Nixon orders through your company.

Joseph Cardinale

Hey Cleanline crew, Thanks for the new wetsuit, cannot wait for some swell. Excellent and fast service. I will definately purchase more items in the future.

Thanks again,
Jeff Mosher

Hi, Everything arrived via UPS yesterday - I just wanted to drop you a line to compliment you on your outstanding customer service, on both this order and my recent wetsuit order. The handwritten note, stickers and candy you include with each order might not seem like much, but on top of the fast, efficient (and free!) shipping it makes a huge first impression - keep up the good work! I will definitely be ordering from Cleanline again in the near future.

Thanks again, and have a great Christmas.

Adrian Davies.

Hey Guys! The 6/5/4 Rip Curl is amazing. I windsurfed the other day in snowing, blowing 35 mph and 38 degree water in 34 degree air. Got a 6 hour session in and was sweating my ass off for most of it. My wife ripped it up for about 4 hours before she got cold. The suits really live up to their name, ULTIMATE!!!

— Joe & Deb

Hi Josh & Cleanline Crew: Your Cannon Beach crew helped save the day last week. I had lost the middle fin on my Tony Staples board. I was able to buy a new one from the CB crew and a shorter Hotline leash too. They had me back in the waves in no time.

Keep well and stay stoked,
Mike Laky

I would like to thank you for your wonderful service. I received the suit today, which means that it took just a week. That is truly exceptional. All my attempts to buy an elasto in South Africa failed. Nobody sold it in the Western Cape. The suit feels great and I’m sure that it will be even better in the water.

Thanks once again!

— R. Stawder , South Africa

My family and I were down to surf in Seaside a couple weekends ago and we just wanted to thank Josh for all his help! We’ll definitely be back for our fourth visit to your store in the future.

Thanks again,
Jason Carman, Josh Berg & Mike Carman

Dear Josh, Thank you so very much for your kindness in obtaining for me the convertible reef black sandals so quickly. I can see how you are the manager of the store by your wonderful communication skills and you are so personal in your service. I appreciate your attentiveness to my need and such a quick response. May your business go well.

Very gratefully,
Sr. Patrice Cigallio

Thanks a bunch for all the things you have done for me as a customer!

Harry Hart

Josh, I’m sitting here at work, looking at my surfer calendar, planning to use my suit you fixed. It fits perfect- you guys give great service!

Tom James

To Josh, Recently I purchased a 6/5/4 Rip Curl wetsuit over the phone. You worked with me in getting the correct fit, color and density that I wanted. You also got the suit to me exactly when I needed it with free shipping, cool extras and a personal note. All this at a great price.

I live in Seattle and work in the Hotel industry. Customer service is our top priority. We have Nordstrom, REI, and Eddie Bauer as nationally recognized for outstanding customer service. I want to tell you that your customer service was exceptional and I was thoroughly impressed.

You and I have had sparatic conversations regarding clothing, surfboards and travel destinations over the last 10-12 years. In fact, in 1989, my brother and I were so impressed with Cleanline that we volunteered to distribute fliers for your shop around Seattle.

The point being that, I am sure you have had the same types of interactions with countless other surfers, yet with the Rip Curl wetsuit purchase, I felt like we were old friends.

You have a great way with customers Josh. People can see that you are genuine. I work with sales people every day and I can smell the pitch a mile away. That never comes across with you. Thanks for a great suit and excellent customer service.

— John C. Morris