Guns & Step-Ups Surfboards

Slater Designs Houdini LFT Surfboard

Slater Designs


Sometimes waves reach a certain size and speed where your normal shortboard won’t cut it. Whether you need a board for big winter swells, or you’re going on an exotic surf trip with a daunting forecast, a Step Up or Gun Surfboard should have a place in any serious surfer’s quiver. Generally speaking, these boards are longer, narrower, and have a pulled in nose and tail which makes them ideal for setting your line and putting your foot on the gas. Furthermore, these boards tend to have a bit more rocker than your average board to match the curvature of the waves you’ll likely be surfing. Another common feature you’ll find on these boards compared to normal shortboards is a heavier glass job. Having a proper Step Up or Gun Surfboard can be the difference between getting hung up in the lip and getting the best barrel of your life.