The Critical Slide Society Surfboards

Born from a blog in a sleepy seaside village on the Central Coast way back in 2009, The Critical Slide Society was founded on a vision that embodies the heart and soul of authentic surf culture. The Critical Slide Society didn’t start as a brand. They were surfers & artists, photographers & illustrators, musicians & film makers. A network of friends.

As a creative label, The Critical Slide Society collaborated with makers from across the globe who all share a similar outlook and inspiration - to shift focus from the competitions and the winner's podium back to the pure joy of you, a board and the waves.

The Critical Slide Society wanted to create a brand that would connect people through a blend of fashion, art, surf, coast and community - stripping the lifestyle back to its roots and bringing surf culture and sustainability to the forefront. Fast forward to today, and The Critical Slide Society has won the Best Boardshorts three years in a row and is stocked in the best retail stores worldwide.