Best Surf Gifts for Groms

Best Surf Gifts for Groms

Grom is slang for “young surfer”. Just like any adult surfer, kids who love the ocean need the right gear in and out of the water. Cleanline Surf stokes out anytime we see another little dude or girl dialed in with new gear. We’ve come up with a list of the best gift ideas for grom surfers that will fit any budget. Whether the surfer girl or surfer boy in your life is just getting started or is already hitting ariels, we hope you find something within the suggestions below.

Wetsuit - $94.95+

Youth Wetsuit

As the market for youth wetsuits continues to grow, there are now more options than ever before for quality rubber. We’ve got everything from the 2mm O’Neill Toddler Reactor to the 6/5/4 Buell Youth RB2 Hooded Chest Zip wetsuit. Because of the warmth that wetsuits offer, they are also a great idea for kids who like to play in cold lakes and rivers. For groms who surf in colder water ranging from 45-55 degrees F, Cleanline Surf is proud to offer a wide selection of 4mm and 5mm options. The grom in your life will feel like a superhero when they put on a fresh new wetsuit.

Wetsuit Accessories - $29.95+

O'Neill Psycho Tech hood

When the temperature drops, you’ll thank yourself for getting your grom a pair of booties, gloves, and a hood. You can’t go wrong with outfitting the little dude head to toe to ward off that ice cream headache. We recommend the O’Neill Psycho Tech gloves since it’s one of the few options offered in smaller sizes. Rip Curl’s Dawn Patrol booties are brilliant for kids with the zippered entry along the inside of the ankle. The snug fit of a hood can be a fight to get on and off. If you dare to venture down that road, we suggest the O’Neill Psycho hood since similar to the gloves, it’s offered in smaller sizes.

Alphabet of Waves Book - $29.99

Surf Book

Need something for the groms who are still in diapers? Want to be their favorite aunt or uncle? Get your hands on the adorable children's surf book authored and illustrated by Scott Proctor and Rick Albano. Full of colorful surf illustrations, your little grom will be stoked to learn about A-Frame waves and the J-Bay surf break.


Fins - $65.00+

Grom John John Florence Future Fins

Who says you can have too many fins? For the serious grom who absolutely rips, a new set of fins is a win-win. Futures or FCS II, we’ve got your little surfer covered with Grom Johns to the tried and true FCS II Performers.

Traction - $35.00+

FCS Traction Pad

Not every grom will use a traction pad, since they are typically only used on shortboards. But, if you’re in the market for a simple gift that will make their day, check our wide selection of brands and colors. We stock everything from eco-friendly algae-infused foam to head-turning colorways. Let your grom add style to his or her stick with the gift of a traction pad.

Leash - $24.95+

Dakine leash

Groms like leashes because it’s another way they can personalize their setup. Parents and grandparents, it’s also a great gift option without breaking the bank. From shortboard to longboard, we’ve got leashes in every thickness, color, and size. Even if your grom already has a leash, every smart surfer carries a backup in the car for emergencies.

Firewire Surfboard - $599.00+

Grom Firewire Sci Fi surfboard

The big-ticket item: a surfboard! Has your grom earned straight A’s and you’re looking to give them the ultimate gift? We can source the Sci Fi 2.0 Grom made famous by Jackson Dorian or Evo Grom for those small mushy conditions. Keep in mind that both options are usually available on a 3-4 month special order build. So definitely hit us up well in advance to dial in your order.

Catch Surf - $299.99+

Catch Surf surfboard

Catch Surf has exploded in popularity thanks to the former pro surfer, Jamie O’Brien. Groms worldwide flock to his Youtube channel to watch JOB’s latest antics on the North Shore of Oahu. Catch Surf boards are affordable soft tops that are ideal for beginners to seasoned veterans alike. These boards are hot. If you don’t see the one perfect choice for your grom, give us a call for anticipated restock.

Skimboard - $129.95+

Victoria skimboard

During the summer months, our skimboard rentals are sold out almost every day. This sport rips! Skimboarding is a great post-surf activity for groms young and old. Don’t forget to grab some wax for your grom if you snag the Woody skimboard. Wax helps with maintaining grip on the board. Along with the beginner-friendly Woody, we stock a few other options in both our shop and online website. Grab one for your grom today.

Bodyboard - $82.00+

Hydro zapper body board

Bodyboards are popular for groms both young and old. Whether your little guy or gal is just learning to ride the whitewash into the beach or an experienced teenager looking to tuck into a barrel, we’ve got an assortment of bodyboards for every ability level. In general, we recommend that the bodyboard height land at your belly button when standing upright. If your groom is ready to take it to the next level, throw in a pair of swim fins for more thrust into the wave.

Gath Helmet - $128.95

Gath Surf helmet

With all sports, surfing comes with risks. It’s more common now than ever to even see professional surfers such as Owen Wright and Sally Fitzgibbons sporting surf helmets to protect their noggin. Gath is known for making quality and durable helmets that are worth every penny when it comes to head protection. We recommend the Gath Surf Helmet for surfing purposes. The helmets are not available in specific youth sizing, but fit strips can be purchased separately to lock in the ideal custom fit.

Wax Box / Comb - $6.50

Sticky Bumps wax comb and box

Nothing is worse than melted wax smeared around the back of the car. Help keep your grom organized and the car clean with a wax box and comb. This simple and affordable gift is a great idea for that last-minute stocking stuffer.

Backpack - $24.95+

Dakine Cyclone Wet/Dry Backpack

Whether your grom is heading to school or getting prepped for a big surf mission, a backpack is essential for keeping everything in one place. We’ve got everything from dry bags that keep water in to travel bags that have pockets for everything from a fin key to a wetsuit. Take a look at our in-depth review of our favorite 7 Best Surf Backpacks of 2023.

Surfboard Bag - $49.95+

Dakine Shortboard bag

From surfboard socks to 10mm thick travel surfboard bags, we’ve got your grom covered. Surfboard bags are highly recommended for many reasons. First, they protect your newest stick from getting dinged when traveling to and from your grom’s favorite break. In addition, many of the bags have a hand and/or shoulder strap which is a game-changer when you’ve got a long walk out to that secret surf spot.

Changing Poncho - $44.95+

Rip Curl Youth Changing Poncho

Surf ponchos have exploded in popularity over the past few years. There’s a reason for that! They are super practical, affordable, and downright comfortable. Plus, they’re great for privacy when changing in and out of your wetsuit in a highly-populated area. Your grom is sure to be stoked while wrapped in a cozy hooded poncho after another epic surf session.

Towel - $15.95+

Cleanline Surf Towel

Last but not least, the must-have with any water activity: the beach towel. Wave pool, river surfer, landlocked wake surfer; you name it, I’ll bet your grom will need a towel. From ageless Rip Curl prints to Jamie O’Brien’s staple team print, Cleanline has your little ripper covered in the latest and greatest towels.

That’s It

Still haven’t found the perfect gift for that surfer girl or surfer boy in your life? Take a look through our Women's Surf Gift Guide or our popular Surfers Gift Guide - 2023 Edition. Not only are we stoked about the products we sell, but we also use them on a daily basis!

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