Gerry Lopez Surfboards

Surftech and Gerry Lopez have just developed a line of Gerry Lopez boards that Gerry is pleased to say are, by far, the best surfboards he's ever had. They took the Pocket Rocket, the Little Darlin' and their Something Fishy models to begin with and have come up with some really good looking boards that also ride exactly like they're supposed to. Take a look at the Gerry Lopez lineup— he thinks you'll like what you see!

"Ordering a new surfboard is a very personal thing. I think from the beginning of surfing, back to the Ancient Hawaiians, it worked in much the same way as it does today except that it is much easier now than ever before. Generally the surfing experience happens something like this…a person catches their first wave and it stirs something deep within them that compels them to keep trying to recapture that feeling. Eventually they get their own first surfboard and begin to spend a great deal of their free time, maybe all of it or in many cases, every single waking moment either physically or just in their mind, pursuing their new endeavor." —Gerry Lopez