O'Neill Women's Hyperfreak Wetsuit Review

O'Neill Women's Hyperfreak Wetsuit Review

Elevate performance while limiting restrictions in the O’Neill Women’s Hyperfreak wetsuit series. Arguably O’Neill’s most popular wetsuit line, these suits live up to the hype. We got our hands on a Hyperfreak, took it through the wringer, and gave it our honest review. The Technobutter neoprene, high-end seam work, and next-level flexibility are just some of the top features of the Hyperfreak. Below we will review and break down in detail what makes these mid-level price suits blow their competitors out of the water.

“With insanely flexible technobutter neoprene and lightweight construction the Hyperfreak is a clear favorite for female surfers looking for a high performance suit that feels more like a second skin.”

Highlights and Features

  • Next level flexibility
  • Super light recycled Technobutter neoprene
  • Flexible glued and blind stitched seams
  • PLUS (+) .5 mm of extra thickness for warmth

Below we will review and break down in detail what makes the mid-level priced Hyperfreak blow it's competitors out of the water.

O'Neill Women's Hyperfreak

O'Neill Women's Hyperfreak Back Panel

Neoprene and Liners

The staple Technobutter neoprene, also in O’Neill’s PsychoTech model, sets this suit apart from others. Like they say, “once you go Technobutter, you never go back.” Even the thick 5/4 model is so lightweight and flexible that it won’t feel like any other 5/4 you’ve tried.

The Hyperfreak has both Technobutter and Technobutter 3X. Like we alluded to in the Men’s Hyperfreak review, “the ‘X’ in TechnoButter 3X actually stands for extend, and that’s because it uses a lighter and more flexible outside jersey than the TechnoButter 3.” TB3X, which is in the shoulders and arms, has 30% less water absorption and is 20% lighter than competing neoprene. The TB3X interior jersey layer molds to your body almost like a tight base layer and makes it feel more like a second skin than a wetsuit. In addition, the TB3X exterior layer has been pre-stretched to optimize flexibility and comfort.

Due to its popularity, the Hyperfreak is on its third generation, and each year O’Neill makes improvements, trying to gain warmth without sacrificing flexibility. There is no smooth skin on the back or chest, which might lead to some coldness if it’s windy. But they did add the PLUS (+) for .5 mm of extra neoprene for added warmth.

O'Neill Women's Hyperfreak interior liner

Seams and Stitching

The Hyperfreak is constructed with Glued and Blind Stitched Seams (GBS), contributing to its flexibility. Compared to a heavier fluid seam weld found on other suits, like the Pyschotech, these seams are more lightweight and bendable.

The inside seams are fully tapped with TB3X, which is O’Neill’s high-quality seam tape for added comfort. Overall, this seam design is outstanding, and I didn’t feel any water leaking inside through the seams throughout my sessions.

Fit and Cut

One of my favorite parts of this suit is the fit and cut. I am around 5’10 and 135 lbs. Finding a quality women’s wetsuit for my height is usually a headache. The Hyperfreak size 8T fits my lengthy limbs and the rest of my body better than any other brand I’ve tried. The first time I tested it, the waves were big with a lot of heavy moving water. The hood and wrist were both tight enough to stay sealed but not too tight that it was uncomfortable. I was extremely thankful to have a flexible and well-fitting suit that didn’t inhibit my paddle performance or flush on the big sets.

At Cleanline, we often recommend O'Neill for ladies who are taller or have broad shoulders. Because the Technobutter is so flexible, it’s best to be in the mid to high range of the weight recommendation in order to reduce flushing. My coworker, who is 5’4, 140 lbs., with an athletic build, fits perfectly into a size 8.

O'Neill Women's Hyperfreak Chest Panel

Entry and Zipper

When wearing the Hyperfreak for the first time, I was expecting a struggle getting it on, but was pleasantly surprised by the easy access. Due to the stretchiness of the neoprene, I was able to get it on in record time compared to competitor suits. A local ripper compares the ease of putting on her 5/4 Hyperfreak to that of a high quality 3/2 back zip. I couldn’t agree more.

A feature that I’ve come to appreciate and love is the high-quality zipper. The zipper teeth are already fed, meaning you don’t have to line it up to zip it shut. This small, thoughtful design feature is great when the surf is pumping, and I’m amping to get out in the water. Lastly, the cut of the inner panels creates a water-tight seal around the upper body, which does a fantastic job of minimizing flushing.

O'Neill Women's Hyperfreak logo


Flexibility is truly where the Hyperfreak shines. We can’t state enough how flexible this suit feels in the water. The other high-quality features like the Technobutter, GBS seams and form-fitting panels allow this suit to stay snug to your body, keeping you warm. This is a perfect choice if you feel like a bulky, thick suit inhibits your performance.

Although, if warmth is your top priority, the Psychotech model always takes the cake due to its smooth skin, outer taped seams, and fuzzy liner. That said, we typically don’t recommend going down in thickness with the Hyperfreak. For reference, many of the Cleanline staff (both guys and gals) wear the 5/4+ Hyperfreak in Oregon’s 45-60 F degree waters.

Value and Durability

Although it has a spendier price tag of $439.95 for the 5/4+ model, you are paying for unbeatable flexibility and high-quality features. Before owning a Hyperfreak, I had an entry-level suit closer to the $300 price range. I wasn’t sure spending more money on a suit was worth it until I took out my Hyperfreak a few times. Now, I understand the hype.

When a suit is ultra-flexible, it usually sacrifices in a different area, such as durability. Because the Hyperfreak is such a high-performace suit, it's expected life span is about a year for the every day surfer. Also, it’s essential to take good care of your wetsuit to prolong durability, especially with the Hyperfreak. And be sure to keep your nails trimmed and use care when getting the suit on and off since the soft exterior jersey material is prone to tears.

O'Neill Women's Hyperfreak Hood

Staff Feedback

“The women’s Hyperfreak is extremely lightweight and stretchy while maintaining warmth and comfort in cold water. It is also easy to put on and take off. I have worn many wetsuits, and overall, the Hyperfreak makes surfing in freezing water much more enjoyable.”

- Sophie, Retail Associate, and Team Rider

“It’s the most flexible suit on the planet. I personally think O’Neill has the best fit for an athletic/surfer type of body.”

- Yasemin, Seaside Store Manager

“Climbing in and out of the Hyperfreak 5/4+ feels like putting on a 3/2 suit because of the flexible and supple feel of the neoprene. If you’ve got wider shoulders, this suit is for you since the fit is so forgiving.”

- Sarah, Customer Service Manager

Customer Feedback

“I’ve owned, oh, 14 million wetsuits over the years…give or take a few…and this is HANDS DOWN the best one yet. If you need a great suit that keeps you warm, fits you like a glove, regardless of your body type, look no further. The taped seams and minimal seam design mean this suit will fit pretty much conform to any body type. I love it so much, I bought 2.”

- Cindy

“I love this wetsuit so much. It feels like I am wearing a wetsuit made out of warm yoga pants. I have never been able to paddle effectively in my other wetsuits because they were so stiff. Problem solved with techno butter!!”

- Rachel

O'Neill Women's Hyperfreak 5/4+ Hooded Chest Zip Wetsuit

Final Thoughts

Overall, with insanely flexible technobutter neoprene and lightweight construction the Hyperfreak is a clear favorite for female surfers looking for a high performance suit that feels more like a second skin. The little water absorption, buttery smooth neoprene, and quick dry time are just a few reasons this suit is definitely worth investing in.

Although, if warmth trumps flexibility for you, check out the O'Neill Womens Psycho Tech line. This top-of-the-line suit is a must for those who run extra cold. Or, if you want an O’Neill but have to keep your budget in mind, try the Ninja suit that incorporates the brand's quality designs but at a lower price tag. Check out the reviews in the links above.

If you have any questions about the Hyperfreak, drop a comment below, email us at support@cleanlinesurf.com, or call us at 1-888-546-6176. See'ya in the water!