Shortboard Surfboard Bags

Bags offer a lot of protection and convenience, making transporting your surfboards easy and safe. For any modern shortboard, these are the bags you’ll want to check out. What defines a shortboard bag?

What most bag companies consider a shortboard for these purposes is a narrower (sub 20” in width) board with a pulled in nose and tail. Boards like the Channel Islands Fever, JS Monsta Box or Firewire FRK, for example, all fall into this category but wider nosed or “fishier” boards like the Lib Tech Puddle Jumper or Firewire Seaside would not. For any fish, hybrid, groveler or stubby with a fuller outline, we suggest checking out our selection of Fish/Hybrid Bags. We stock a lot of shortboard bags from all the top brands in various lengths and styles. If you’re unsure if you’re board will fit into one of these bags give us a call at 1-888-546-6176 and we can test it out for you.