Introducing Flexi-Hex Eco-Friendly Surfboard Packaging

Introducing Flexi-Hex Eco-Friendly Surfboard Packaging

For the last 43 years, Cleanline Surf has taken steps towards more sustainable business practices, increased recycling efforts, and reduced plastic consumption. This year is no exception. In our continued effort towards a plastic-free supply chain, we found an incredibly effective, sustainable, compostable, and biodegradable product.

Flexi-Hex, a company created by former surfers and product designers, introduced a quiver of surfboard packaging supplies aimed at keeping plastics out of our oceans. Now, a full-fledged B-Corp, Flexi-Hex has introduced multiple Forest Stewardship Council-certified products. At Cleanline Surf, we’re stoked to be part of the solution by using Flexi-Hex for our surfboard shipments across the country.

Who is Flexi-Hex?

Flexi-Hex was established in 2018 by surfers and product designers turned entrepreneurs; Sam & Will Boex. They sought to eliminate plastic waste and protect our surfboards and the oceans we play in. Very few surfboard packaging solutions exist that don’t require plastic, foam, or some form of customization (affectionately and formerly called arts and crafts time at the shop). Flexi-Hex not only reduces or eliminates the amount of plastic used for shipments, but it also drastically lessens the time it takes to prepare a surfboard for shipment.

How Flexi-Hex Works

Took a look at our step-by-step guide boxing up a Firewire surfboard using Flexi-Hex.

  1. Grab a sleeve, stretch it open, and insert the product inside the sleeve
  2. Tape the end closed using kraft paper tape
  3. Grab another sleeve, stretch it open, and insert the product inside the sleeve on the opposite end
  4. Tape the end closed, as well as where the sleeves join in the middle
  5. Finally, tape both the top and bottom areas near the ends of the board to ensure the packaging and board are secure
  6. Grab an appropriate box and fill the void, and ends with recycled packing paper
  7. Tape the ends of the box closed
  8. Ship the board to a stoked customer
  9. Shred the gnar

Where Can I Purchase Flexi-Hex?

Flexi-Hex is now available to purchase at Cleanline Surf! We currently stock three different types: Lite Sleeve, Mid Sleeve, and XL Sleeve Packing Guard. Multiple sleeves are required for one board, and sleeves are sold in pairs. Two sleeves will cover up to 6’6 boards, and four sleeves will cover up to 12’0 boards. The 15mm Lite Sleeve is perfect for shortboards, while the 20mm Mid Sleeve is for mid-lengths and some longboards. If you need something for your bigger logs or SUP, go with the 25mm XL Sleeve for more coverage.

Shop By Model

Flexi-Hex Lite Sleeve Packing Guard - $27.95
Flexi-Hex Mid Sleeve Packing Guard - $29.95
Flexi-Hex XL Sleeve Packing Guard - $33.95

Customer Feedback

“Board arrived in great condition. I’m a big fan of the Flexi-Hex and thought it worked great to protect the board…it stayed intact well during the actual transit.”

- Ryan S.

“Sending a quick THANK YOU to @cleanlinesurf for the awesome online surf shop experience! You guys truly set the bar on customer service - competitive pricing, bomb-proof packaging (not a single scratch on my @sharpeyesurfboards Inferno 72), dope stickers, starbursts, and a personalized handwritten card. I’ll definitely be buying from you guys again soon. In fact, I just did (scored on some sweet Memorial Day deals). Thank Yew!”

- Jamel R.

“I had seen it before online and it looks even more impressive in person. It looks and feels like a very smart way to protect the board and at the same time keep it very light."

Jamel R.

"The box came a little damaged and I need to say that I was nervous when I saw it from the outside. But when I opened it, everything was perfect! This is the second surfboard purchase that I have made with Cleanline and the main reason that made me purchase again was the care you guys take with packaging. Flexi-Hex pushes the protections even further.”

- Helvio G.

Final Thoughts

If sustainability is your thing, Flexi-Hex checks all the boxes. When it comes to protection, it is arguably one of the best ways to fortify your surfboard while in transit. It also makes packing a board for shipping fun, easy and efficient. Not to mention it looks pretty cool too. Ultimately, Flexi-Hex is better for Cleanline Surf, our customers, and the planet.

If you have any questions about our surfboard shipping processes, feel free to leave a comment below, email us at, or call us at 1-888-546-6176. See’ya in the water!



Chad has spent a lot of time on both coasts but now calls the PNW home. When he's not actively shredding the gnar or shipping surf gear to the masses, he is either playing with his dog, fishing, crabbing, clamming, foraging, or tending to his garden.