Hotline Reflex Boots Review

Hotline Reflex Boots Review

The all-time team rider and employee favorite, the Hotline Reflex is the most durable boot we sell. Originally designed for the cold and rocky beaches of Santa Cruz, the Reflex translates well to any area that’s tough on gear. Originally an NW and NorCal staple, we’ve seen the Reflex’s popularity grow each year, with surfers in the North East and Great Lakes now swearing by them. The Hotline Reflex is the undisputed champ if you surf somewhere rugged and cold and want the ultimate warmth. Read on for our full review of what makes these a favorite.

Extremely Durable
If you don’t know, Hotline’s products are built using a modern fit and materials but with a more old-school style approach to manufacturing that makes their gear military-grade durable. In fact, we often rate these as the most durable boots out there. The sole is thicker than your usual boot, which makes walking on tough terrain comfortable, it also helps extend the lifespan of the boots. The tough sole even wraps around to protect the top of your toes and the base of your heel. Despite the thicker sole, these boots still have a good board feel and don't feel bulky or bloated.

Hotline Reflex Sole


Warm and Comfortable Fit
The neoprene these boots are made of doesn’t have some crazy marketing name. It's just rubber, but it’s warm, decently flexible, and very durable. The stitching is sealed with a seam weld which is somewhat rare for boots but a welcome feature as it extends the life of the seam. There are also rubber reinforcements over the toes and heel. On top of all that, there are also two cinch straps at the base and top of the boot that you can use to secure a snug fit. While these boots are very durable over time, these straps can weaken and snap off. If that does happen, pick up a set of bootie keepers to have your boots feel tighter than new.

Fit-wise, these boots wear comfortably, and the split-toe design, in particular, feels great. The cut of the boot is wider than average, and these also run slightly big. Meaning it's important to double-check the size chart before purchasing. For example, most surfers who are a 10.5 will go with a size 10.

Hotline Reflex Thicknesses

Different Thicknesses & Options
The Reflex is offered now in three different versions, 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm, for waters all over the country. The 5mm is even now offered as a round toe for those who prefer that style. For the rest of us, the Reflex is otherwise an internal split-toe design and one of the best-designed split-toe boots available. The toe post is protected within the boot and comfortably divides your big toe from the other 4. The toe post works as a good pair of sandals and creates a grip on the boot. That way, when you move your feet on the board, the boot follows without delay or “sloppiness.”

Final Thoughts

For our money, these are the most dependable boots out there. If you're wearing out your boots faster than you'd like, we highly recommend checking these out. As we mentioned earlier, the sizing with these is different, so definitely check Hotline's size chart and hit us up if you have any questions. Feel free to give us a call at 1-888-546-6176, shoot an email to or leave a comment below. Enjoy the water!


Hotline Reflex 3mm Split Toe - $79.95
Hotline Reflex 5mm Split Toe - $90.95
Hotline Reflex 5mm Round Toe - $90.95
Hotline Reflex 7mm Split Toe - $93.95