Hotline Reflex 5mm Round Toe Boots

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We love Hotline here are Cleanline Surf in fact, a lot of use their booties. Why? Well for a couple of reasons. They're warm and reliable and offer lasting comfort for long coldwater sessions. Hotline wetsuits and booties were developed in the frigid waters of Santa Cruz, 40 years ago and we find that their basic designs are very reliable in cold water. The Hotline Reflex 5mm Round Toe Boots are designed to maximize board control while minimizing heat loss so experience the durability and warmth of quality wetsuit booties in the Hotline Reflex Boots.

Product Features

  • Upper and lower velcro straps to seal water out and keep your feet snug in your boots
  • Fluid seam weld
  • Heat reflective metalite glue
  • Durable rubber reinforcements
  • Wide base for support
  • Durable construction stabilizers that keep their intrgrity due to pulling boots off over time
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