Best Shortboard Surfboard Bags of 2023

Best Shortboard Surfboard Bags of 2023

Surfing can be expensive, and it’s worth the extra effort to take care of your gear with a quality surfboard bag. A good board bag can save you hundreds of dollars in damages and protect your precious shapes from losing resell value. A surf cover shields your board from the outside elements and can help prevent it from getting weathered. Plus, they make carrying your precious stick to and from the car that much easier. 

Shortboard Bags Reviewed

  • Dakine Daylight Thruster Surfboard Bag - $85+
  • Pro-Lite Session Shortboard Day Surfboard Bag - $110+
  • FCS All Purpose Cover Surfboard Day Bag - $161+
  • FCS Travel 1 Cover Shortboard Cover Surfboard Bag - $170+
  • Dakine Recon Double Thruster Surfboard Bag - $210+
  • Pro-Lite Rhino Shortboard Travel Bag - $214+

Read further as we review six of the best surfboard bags for surfboards. We’ll look at everything from simple day bags to heavy-duty travel options.

What is a Shortboard Surfboard Bag?

A shortboard surfboard bag is designed for smaller, high-performance, thruster shapes. With a more defined and pointed nose towards the front of the bag, its shape helps secure your favorite ripper. 

The bags are listed with the simplest and lightest options first.

Dakine Daylight Thruster Surfboard Bag - $85+

Affordable and Functional"

Dakine Daylight Thruster Shortboard Surfboard bag

The classic Dakine Daylight Thruster surfboard bag has been a top seller at Cleanline. At an affordable price, you can’t beat the quality. With 6.5mm of foam padding and a tough YKK zipper,  you can relax knowing your surfboard is safely protected. 

A generous size range allows the Daylight bag to fit most shortboard shapes. Remember that Dakine bags run 1” longer than advertised, giving a bit of wiggle room for those odd-shaped boards. Lastly, features like a fin pocket, shoulder strap, and a heat-resistant tarpaulin covering make the Daylight a popular choice for any surfer. 

Highlights and Features

  • Affordable price point
  • Durable YKK Zipper
  • Resistant Tarpaulin Material
  • Sizes: 5’4-7’0


Pro-Lite Sessions Shortboard Day Surfboard Bag - $110+

Details for days"

Pro-Lite Sessions Shortboard Surfboard Bag

The Pro-Lite Sessions is one of my personal favorite day bags. It’s still going strong over two years of day trips and travel. Pro-Lite went through every detail while creating the Sessions model. This day-use surfboard cover includes a non-corrosive zipper with a railguard for protection, 5mm of foam throughout, and a reinforced nose. 

Pro-Lite bags are cut on the generous side, 3” longer than the advertised length. Consider this trusty day bag next time you need something for your shortboard that falls within the 5’10-7’2 length range.

Highlights and Features

  • Durable Ripstop Nylon
  • Heavy Duty Zipper
  • Added padding
  • Air Flow Vents


FCS All Purpose Cover Surfboard Day Bag - $161+

Keep your fins installed"

FCS All Purpose Cover Surfboard Day Bag

The FCS All Purpose bag stands out when it comes to day bags. With detailed features such as the expandable fin wing, which allows you to keep your fins on the board, and a contoured stretch fit, this FCS bag won’t disappoint. 

Offered in sizes from 5’6 to 6’7, this shortboard-specific bag will fit most shortboards under 21” in width. The FCS bag includes 3DFIT technology, which means the bag has continuous high-density padding throughout, even on the zippers around the rails. 

Highlights and Features

  • Marine grade zipper
  • Strong & lightweight 
  • Stylish colorway
  • Comfortable shoulder strap


FCS Travel 1 Shortboard Cover Surfboard Bag - $170+

Tough Outer Shell"

FCS Travel 1 Shortboard Cover Surfboard Bag

Last but not least, the FCS Travel 1 rounds out our best shortboard bags of 2023. With a generous 10mm of foam throughout the bag, a nylon outer shell, and an additional 5mm on the nose, the FCS Travel offers top-notch protection. 

FCS even included “Fragile” labeling on the top and bottom of the bag for that extra reminder for safe handling. This specific board bag is intended for one board only that’s about 6’0-6’7 in length. Check out the Travel 2 or Travel 3 if traveling with multiple boards.  

Highlights and Features

  • Durable
  • Expandable fin wing
  • Marine grade zipper


Dakine Recon Double Thruster Surfboard Bag - $210+

For the world traveler"

Dakine Recon Double Thruster Shortboard Bag

The Dakine Recon board bag is for the surfer on the go with a focus on travel. It could also be used as a day bag, allowing you to bring two boards to your local break. Offered from 6’3 to 7’6, the Dakine Recon is meant for big boy shortboards and mid-lengths. 

With 10mm of foam padding, your surfboard will be protected, even on your long International expeditions. This bag has quality features like the YKK molded zipper, and it also boasts a hidden second board divider - potentially saving you money on that next flight.

Highlights and Features

  • Hidden compartment 
  • Heavy duty zipper
  • Air venting system
  • 10mm of padding throughout


Pro-Lite Rhino Shortboard Travel Surfboard Bag - $214+

Maximum Protection"

Pro-Lite Rhino Shortboard Bag

Pro-Lite is at the forefront of the surf industry regarding board bags and accessories. The Rhino travel bag is no exception. Similar to the Recon, the Rhino sports 10mm of foam padding, can hold up to two surfboards 20.5” in width, and is designed for the use and abuse of air travel. With size lengths ranging from 6’0-6’10, there’s sure to be a Rhino bag for your favorite shortboards.

Highlights and Features

  • Padded 10mm of foam
  • Exterior wetsuit/accessories pocket
  • Comfortable shoulder strap
  • Collapsible with velcro closure


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Final Thoughts

For 2023, it's evident that the surfboard shortboard bag market has reached new heights, and surf enthusiasts have never been more spoiled with choices. This year's best bags for shortboards have seamlessly combined style, durability, and functionality, providing surfers with the ultimate protection for their prized possessions. With innovative materials, surfboard transportation has never been such a breeze; these bags have truly elevated the surfing experience.

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