Best Fish and Hybrid Surfboard Bags of 2023

Best Fish and Hybrid Surfboard Bags of 2023

With a large variety of surfboard bags to choose from, there is something out there for almost every type of board. With summer approaching, the need for Fish and Hybrid surfboard bags has been ramping up. If you need a new board bag for your wide summer funboard but are unsure which option to purchase, this review will help you narrow your choices. Below, I’ll take an in-depth look at seven of the best Fish and Hybrid surfboard bags for 2023: from a simple sock cover to a well-padded option for International travel.

Fish and Hybrid Surfboard Bags Reviewed

  • FCS - Stretch Funboard Surfboard Cover - $78+
  • Roam - Daylight Plus Fish Surfboard Bag - $85+
  • Dakine - Daylight Hybrid Surfboard Bag - $90+
  • Pro-Lite - Recession Fish/Hybrid/Big Short Day Surfboard Bag - $93+
  • Pro-Lite - Sessions Fish/Hybrid/Big Short Surfboard Day Bag - $123+
  • Roam - Fun Tech Plus Surfboard Bag - $137+
  • Pro-Lite - Rhino Fish/Hybrid/Big Short Travel Surfboard Bag - $218+

What is a Fish and Hybrid Surfboard Bag?

A Fish and Hybrid surfboard bag is designed for wider boards such as fishes, grovelers, classic shortboards, mid-length eggs, and funboards. You'll notice this style of board bag is wider than your typical shortboard bag but shorter than the average longboard bag, making them the perfect choice for your favorite summer stick.

The bags are listed with the simplest and lightest options first.

FCS Stretch Funboard Surfboard Cover - $78+

“Practical Life Saver”

FCS Stretch Funboard Surfboard Cover

The FCS Stretch Funboard Surfboard Cover is designed to be used as a second layer of protection while traveling by flight or for quick day trips. In addition, it’s a practical option for keeping wax off of your car seats after a morning session before work.

The 600D polyester on the front of the cover is key for protecting the nose of the board on your fish or hybrid board. With an exceptionally lower price tag than full-size bags, the FCS Funboard cover might be exactly what you’re looking for this summer.

Highlights and Features

  • Thick weave material
  • Durable 600D nose protector
  • Chord sinch closure
  • Sizes 6’0-8’0

Roam Daylight Plus Fish Surfboard Bag - $85+

“Details for Days”

Roam Daylight Plus Fish Surfboard Bag

The Daylight Plus Fish board bag by Roam offers outstanding features and is half the cost of other brands. With durable 600d sides, 5mm padding, and a water/wax-proof interior, it is hard to ask for anything else. The bag also includes a buckle-free shoulder strap that can be easily adjusted.

Roam mainly focuses on creating bags and surfboard accessories. You get a simple bag with all the necessary features to protect your board. Roam also works with Seaforestation, making major donations each year. Seaforestation replants the ocean and restores seaweed ecosystems. Roam has you covered if you care about supporting a company focused on ocean sustainability.

Highlights and Features

  • Double stitched edging
  • Corrosion-free zipper
  • Durable 600D side
  • Heat reflective material
  • Sizes 5’8-6’8 with max width 24 ¾”

Dakine Daylight Hybrid Surfboard Bag - $90+

“Bang for your Buck”

Dakine Daylight Hybrid Surfboard Bag

Offered in sizes ranging from 5’4 to 7’0, the Dakine Daylight board bag could be your next best friend. Dakine did a solid for the surf industry by creating a lightweight yet sturdy day bag at a reasonable price. With 6.5mm of foam, your favorite summer board has plenty of protection. The Daylight is a great option for boards with chunky noses due to the generous spacing in the front of the bag.

The bag includes a heavy-duty YKK coil zipper, a pocket for accessories, and a non-slip padded shoulder strap. Along with those features, the Daylight Hybrid has an upgraded heat and water-resistant tarpaulin material for extra durability. The width of this bag varies depending on the size, with a max width of 25.5” on the 7’0 bag. The extra width is a plus when packing towels or other accessories for your next surf mission.

Highlights and Features

  • Heat and water-resistant material
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Heavy-duty YKK zipper
  • Lightweight
  • Sizes 5’4-7’0 with max width 25.5”

Pro-Lite Recession Fish/Hybrid/Big Short Day Surfboard Bag - $93+

“Nothing but Satisfaction”

Pro-Lite Recession Fish/Hybrid/Big Short Day Surfboard Bag

Pro-Lite offers multiple model options for Hybrid boards, and the Recession is their minimalist version. With just 3mm of foam, this bag isn’t built for traveling; however, it will safely get your board from A-Z without damaging it on day trips. The price is exceptionally lower compared to the Sessions and Rhino models.

The Recession still includes multiple key features from Pro-Lite that are offered in the more expensive models, such as a non-corrosive zipper, an inner storage pocket, and a rail guard. If you’re looking for a bag with everything you need and nothing you don’t, don’t hesitate to get this trusty fish/hybrid/big short day bag. It’ll surely bring nothing but satisfaction to your next road trip.

Highlights and Features

  • Semi-reflective PE shell
  • Ergonomic shoulder strap
  • Rail guard on the zipper
  • External wax/key pocket
  • Sizes 5’10-6’6 with max width 26.5”

Pro-Lite Session Fish/Hybrid/Big Short Day Surfboard Bag - $123+

“The Pro-Lite Premier”

Pro-Lite Session Fish/Hybrid/Big Short Day Surfboard Bag

The Pro-Lite Session Surfboard Bag has been a top seller at Cleanline for years. It is a little more expensive than other brands and models but is well worth the price. With 5mm of padding throughout the bag, you won’t have to worry about your board getting damaged, even on your rowdiest expeditions. The Pro-Lite Session is offered in various sizes and accommodates boards up to 24” wide.

With the 420d super light ripstop nylon and non-corrosive zippers, this hybrid bag won't wear down on you anytime soon. I use the Session Fish/Hybrid for my Channel Islands Twin Fin and have been nothing but satisfied. My two favorite features include the adjustable padded shoulder strap and the big main pocket for accessories. Having a comfortable shoulder strap is key when approaching my favorite spot on foot.

Highlights and Features

  • Non-corrosive zippers
  • Reflective/ Heat resistant material
  • 420 Ripstop nylon
  • Inner storage pocket
  • Sizes 5’10-8’0 with max width 26.5”

Roam Fun Tech Plus Surfboard Bag - $137+

“Long Lasting”

Roam Fun Tech Plus Surfboard Bag

The Fun Tech Plus is an upgraded version of Roam’s flagship design. It fits anything from a wide short fish to a hybrid mid-length and is offered in 3 sizes ranging from 7’0-8’0.

The bag includes an expandable fin area and an extra reinforced nose. With 10mm of foam, the Fun Tech Plus offers as much padding as some travel bags. Another feature that makes this board bag stand out is the velcro straps used throughout the bag. Velcro straps are built to last compared to plastic pieces. With minor adjustments with the velcro, getting the shoulder strap to accommodate your height is super simple. If you've got a unique board shape, the bag's dimensions are clearly laid out on our website, showing the nose, center, and tail widths.

Highlights and Features

  • Ripstop nylon side
  • Reinforced nose and tail
  • Corrosion-free zipper
  • 10mm of foam
  • Sizes 7’0-8’0 with max width 26 ¾“

Pro-Lite Rhino Fish/Hybrid/Big Short Travel Bag - $218+

“Expedition Master”

Pro-Lite Rhino Fish/Hybrid/Big Short Travel Bag

The Pro-Lite Rhino travel bag was created with long-haul expeditions in mind. The bag can fit two boards at a time but can also be compressed to fit just one board. It includes 10mm of foam to protect your boards from all types of travel scenarios, from International trips to local missions.

You can easily carry a wetsuit and other accessories with an external storage pocket. The 26.5” width of this bag is plenty big enough for almost any Egg/ Fish surfboard you have. I have this exact bag in the longboard model. So far, it has treated me well and makes for a less stressful journey, not worrying about my boards getting damaged while traveling.

Highlights and Features

  • Deluxe padded shoulder strap
  • 10 mm of foam
  • Large exterior pocket
  • Airflow ventilation
  • Sizes 6’0-8’0 with max width 26.5”

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Final Thoughts

So there you have it: our best Fish and Hybrid surfboard bags for 2023. Whether exploring new surf spots or hitting the local break, there is a Fish and Hybrid bag that will meet your needs. With the cost of surfboards these days, bags are definitely worth the investment. From the beefed-up Rhino to the simple FCS Stretch cover, whatever bag you choose will bring you one step closer to an unforgettable surf session.

If you have any questions about purchasing a new fish/hybrid surfboard bag, feel free to give our team a call at 888-546-6176, drop a comment below, or shoot us an email at