Best Mid-Range 4/3 Wetsuits of 2024

Best Mid-Range 4/3 Wetsuits of 2024

Embarking on a quest for the best mid-range 4/3 surfing wetsuit for 2024? Look no further! Join us as we navigate each wetsuit's features, materials, and performance, ensuring you're well-equipped for your next surf session. A mid-range suit is a great option if you’re looking to upgrade from an entry-level suit and want a few extra features when it comes to warmth, flexibility, and comfort. You’ll be surprised at some of the high-end characteristics that are found in some of the mid-range suits reviewed below.

With all that said, we’ve put together a three-part blog about the best affordable, mid-range, and high-end 4/3 wetsuits for 2024. In this blog, we’ll focus on mid-range wetsuits. An affordable 4/3 suit typically falls within the $300-500 price range. Generally, a 4/3 wetsuit is recommended for water temperatures ranging from 52-60 degrees F (or 11.1-15.5 degrees C). Join me as I review the best mid-range 4/3 wetsuits of 2024: taking a look at features, performance, and the different options available.

Wetsuits Reviewed

  • Rip Curl E-Bomb 4/3 Wetsuit - $369.95
  • O’Neill Hyperfreak 4/3+ Wetsuit - $389.95
  • O’Neill Heat 4/3 Wetsuit - $399.95
  • Rip Curl Flashbomb 4/3 Wetsuit - $419.95
  • Billabong Furnace Comp 4/3 Wetsuit - $419.95
  • O’Neill Hyperfreak Fire 4/3+ Wetsuit - $449.95
  • O’Neill Mutant Legend 4.5/3.5 Wetsuit - $489.95

Rip Curl E-Bomb - $369.95

“Ultimate Stretch”

Rip Curl E-Bomb Wetsuit

Be ready to catch unforgettable waves in the Rip Curl E-Bomb. With exceptional flexibility and comfort, the E-Bomb is a top choice for performance surfers. Along with the stretchy E7 neoprene, you’ll find a blue E6 thermo lining throughout the entire suit, ensuring you stay warm no matter how long your session lasts. The E-Bomb was designed with fewer panels, which leads to fewer seams, creating a more movable suit from top to bottom. All seams are triple glued and blind stitched (GBS), along with E6 Flash Lining tape on the inside seams for additional durability. 

As the lowest-priced mid-range 4/3 suit on this list, you're in the right place if you're looking for a wetsuit with high-level performance that leads to longer sessions with less paddle fatigue.

Highlights and Features

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O’Neill Hyperfreak - $389.95

“Flexibility at its Finest”
O'Neill Hyperfreak Wetsuit

With 60+ years of innovation and product experience, it's no surprise O’Neill is a top contender in this “best of mid-range 4/3” wetsuit lineup. The Hyperfreak continually ranks as one of our best-selling suits year after year, making it an ideal choice for surfers who want to stay comfortable in the water but maneuver like they’re in the tropics wearing swim trunks. With Technobutter 3X neoprene and an extra 0.5mm of thickness, the Hyperfreak is one of, if not the most comfortable, wetsuits on this list. That said, the Hyperfreak easily carries the label as the best 4/3 for flexibility.

Another fantastic feature of the Hyperfreak is the F.U.Z.E zipper system. The zipper is pre-fed and zips from right to left, which is a preference for many surfers due to its ease of use. The Hyperfreak is an employee favorite at Cleanline Surf and includes minimal seams with a 360-degree barrier, including drain holes. Drain holes are necessary for high-level performance surfing, so flushing doesn’t become a factor. 

Lastly, the Hyperfreak 4/3 contains a few critical sustainable materials and curation processes. Eco carbon black is a key ingredient in the neoprene. Made from scrap tires, this manufacturing process results in a 72% decline in carbon emissions. Dope-dyed yarn and water-based glues round out some of the other note-worthy eco-friendly characteristics of the Hyperfreak.

Highlights and Features

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O’Neill Hyperfreak 4/3 Chest Zip Wetsuit - $389.95
O’Neill Hyperfreak 4/3 Hooded Chest Zip Wetsuit - $419.95

O’Neill Heat - $399.95

“Quality for any Body Type”

O'Neill Heat Wetsuit

The O’Neill Heat 4/3 wetsuit is perfect for someone needing a long-lasting, high-performing suit. It’s simple yet proven to work well in a wide range of conditions. With smooth skin front and back panels, the Heat provides wind protection from the elements. A few other standout features of the O’Neill Heat include the Redzone entry system, strategic seamless paddle zones, technobutter neoprene, and internal firewall lining. The Redzone entry system zipper uses interlocking urethane-coated teeth, which keep the water out while holding up to the saltwater ocean. With O’Neill’s famous red firewall lining, say goodbye to the cold with the comfort and warmth found in this suit. 

Surfers with a stocky build often reach for the Heat because of the generous range of sizes offered. In fact, it’s one of the rare mid-range suits offered in a 4XL. Lastly, O’Neill’s quality fluid seam weld and water-based glue keep you well protected from the cold water elements.

Highlights and Features

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O’Neill Heat 4/3 Back Zip Wetsuit - $399.95

Rip Curl Flashbomb - $419.95

“Premier All-Rounder”

Rip Curl Flashbomb Wetsuit

The 4/3 Rip Curl Flashbomb has been a cold-water favorite for many years. As one of Rip Curl’s high-performance models, the Flashbomb is built with a focus on flexibility, warmth, and durability. The wetsuit has E7 neoprene throughout, which is 20% stretchier and more flexible than the old E6 neoprene. Inside, feel the cozy warmth and comfort of the pink FlashDry lining, which Rip Curl touts as the “World's fastest drying wetsuit.” To round out the highlights, all seams a covered in soft E7 flashlining tape, which is super comfortable against the skin. Between the tape and the sealed seams, the Flashbomb is designed to keep water out, maximizing warmth.

A side note for the zip-free model: the upper chest, shoulders, and arms are free of the E6 Flashlining. Instead, a more lightweight E7 thermo liner enhances the suit's flexibility. Honestly, you’re getting a suit full of high-end features at a mid-range price.

Highlights and Features

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Rip Curl Flashbomb 4/3 Zip Free Wetsuit - $419.95
Rip Curl Flashbomb 4/3 Chest Zip Wetsuit - $469.95

Billabong Furnace Comp - $419.95

“Reliable Reputation”

Billabong Furnace Comp Wetsuit

The Billabong Furnace Comp 4/3 excels in warmth factor: an absolute must of any reputable cold water wetsuit. The graphene internal liner is the secret ingredient to the Furnace Comp’s success as one of our best-selling suits. The Nobel prize-winning material is woven into the purple hexagon liner and can generate its own warmth with movement. Based on that, the Furnace Comp is up their as one of the warmest 4/3 wetsuits.

Aside from the graphene, the suit is full of other mentionable tech, such as the AirLite 4D, which offers maximum stretch, soft SMART foam neoprene, recycled fibers throughout the entire suit, and minimal seam design for durability. If you’re looking for a wetsuit to perform at a high level and limit fatigue, the Billabong Furnace Comp is something you should consider. It can be a good fit for someone with a broader body stature, and based on my personal experience using this suit, I highly recommend.

Highlights and Features

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Billabong Furnace Comp 4/3 Chest Zip Wetsuit - $419.95
Billabong Furnace Comp 4/3 Hooded Chest Zip Wetsuit - $439.95

O’Neill Hyperfreak Fire - $449.95

“Ultimate Stretch with Additional Warmth”

O'Neill Hyperfreak Fire Wetsuit

Back in 2022, O’Neill released the all-new Hyperfreak Fire 4/3 wetsuit. The idea was to keep the flexibility of the original Hyperfreak while adding additional warmth and durability properties. With the TB4 fire lining throughout, the Hyperfreak Fire is exceptionally warmer than the original Hyperfreak. With high remarks, Stab Magazine rated the Hyperfreak Fire as the best wetsuit for surfing in 2024. In fact, both the male and female judges agreed that the Hyperfreak Fire was the definite winner.

The combo of Technobutter 4 in the body and Technobutter 4X in the entry and sleeves provides unparalleled stretch. O’Neill’s patented zipper and closure system ensures the suit stays protected against flushing when duck diving or getting worked in big surf. Lastly, fluid seam weld and GBS seams make this 4/3 mid-range wetsuit one of the most reliable options for a long-lasting, high-performing wetsuit.

Highlights and Features

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O’Neill Hyperfreak Fire 4/3 Back Zip Wetsuit - $449.95
O’Neill Hyperfreak Fire 4/3 Chest Zip Wetsuit - $449.95

O’Neill Mutant Legend - $489.95

“Functionality at its Core”

O'Neill Mutant Legend 4.5/3.5 Wetsuit With Hood

The O’Neill Mutant Legend is one of the most versatile wetsuits offered in this mid-range wetsuit blog. The interchangeable hood and neckpiece make the Mutant stand out compared to other competitors. It also has the famously stretchy Technobutter 3X in the shoulders/ arms and Technobutter 3 in the lower body. Technobutter is one of the most flexible and comfortable neoprenes offered in the surf industry.

With a lumbar seamless design and partial internal and external fluid seam welds, the 4/3 Mutant Legend is built to last. The Mutant also uses a Technobutter 3 Firewall lining in the chest and back, keeping the suit warm where needed most. If you surf in an area where the water temperatures fluctuate, the Mutant Legend is for you. Become a legend while wearing a legendary wetsuit

Highlights and Features

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O’Neill Mutant Legend 4.5/3.5 Hooded Chest Zip Wetsuit - $489.95

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, after reading through our selection of the best mid-range 4/3 wetsuits, what’s your top pick? The seven listed suits all have specific features that make them excel in different conditions. The Rip Curl E-Bomb and O’Neill Hyperfreak take the cake a minimal high-performance options, while the Billabong Furnace Comp packs in incredible tech features that enhance the warmth of the suit. 

Considering the factors such as durability, flexibility, and warmth, each wetsuit has its own perks and drawbacks. These mid-range 4/3 wetsuits promise to be a worthwhile investment for your next surf session. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get out there and catch the wave of your life in one of these trusted mid-range 4/3 wetsuits of 2024.

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