5 Best Surfboard Day Bags for 2023

5 Best Surfboard Day Bags for 2023

Day bags are worth the extra cash for a few reasons. Aside from protecting your board from minor dings, scratches, and the sun, they also make it easy to carry your board and extra gear to and from the surf. We stock over 40 surfboard day bags, and after receiving input from both employees and customers, we've compiled a list of the 5 best options. These bags will keep your board safe, so you’re not stuck doing ding repairs when you could be surfing.

Surfboard Day Bags Reviewed

  • Roam - Daylight Surfboard Bag - $71.95+
  • Pro-Lite - Recession Surfboard Bag - $79.95+
  • Dakine - Daylight Surfboard Bag - $84.95+
  • Pro-Lite - Session Surfboard Bag - $109.95+
  • FCS - Classic Surfboard Bag - $113.95+

What is a Day Bag?

A day bag is a lightweight cover for your surfboard. For the most part, these bags offer more protection than a board sock but are usually not enough for flying. A day bag is ideal for someone to throw their board in or on their car to ensure it stays protected. If you need a bag to withstand the abuse of airline travel, check out our review of The 7 Best Travel Bags.

Boards come in all shapes and sizes, and many bags are available in different cuts to accommodate shortboard, fish/hybrid, and longboard shapes. These bags are listed with the simplest and lightest options first.

Roam Daylight Surfboard Bag - $71.95+

The Perfect First Surfboard Bag”

Roam Day Lite Surfboard bag.

ROAM has designed a day bag that is affordable, protective, and offered in various models. The ROAM Day Lite Surfboard Bag is a perfect option for someone that just got their first board and wants to keep it simple.

This day bag features 5mm of padding with extra reinforcements in the nose and tails for added protection. The Day Lite is made with a heat reflective Polytarp on both sides of the bag and has a wax/water-repellent interior Polytarp to keep everything as clean as possible. This is a fantastic feature because there is no worry about scraping the wax off the bottom of your board.

You can take this bag on longer trips and use the shoulder strap or remove that strap altogether for quick trips down to the break. The ROAM Day Lite Surfboard bag is available in fish, hybrid, and longboard shapes. So, there’s a bag option for every board.

Highlights and Features

  • 5mm foam padding
  • Heat reflective material
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Shortboard, Fish/Hybrid, Funboard, Longboard
  • Sizes: 5’4 - 9’6

Shop By Model

Roam Daylight Shortboard Surfboard Bag - $71.95+
Roam Daylight Fish Surfboard Bag - $71.95+
Roam Daylight Funboard Surfboard Bag - $75.95+
Roam Daylight Longboard Surfboard Bag - $91.95+

Pro-Lite Resession - $79.95+

For the Surfer on the Go

Pro-Lite Resession Surfboard Day Bag

The Pro-Lite Resession was created with the tightly budgeted surfer in mind. A common mistake for many new surfers is to purchase a new board but skimp out on getting a day bag. This can leave your equipment at greater risk of dings and other damage. With 3mm of padding and an ultralight design, you’ll be thankful for dishing out the extra bit of cash to keep your stick in good condition.

The Resession has the features you need in a day bag and none that you don’t. With a reinforced nose and sturdy non-corrosive zippers, the Resession is durably built. Weighing in at 3 pounds, the Recession’s comfortable shoulder strap makes the trek to your favorite spot easier than ever. One of the best features of the bag is the velcro carry strap that tucks easily into the pouch on the bag alongside your wax, extra fins, or favorite snack.

This day bag is available in shortboard, fish/hybrid, and longboard models ranging from 5’10 to 10’0 in length. While this is made for a single board, you won’t have any trouble fitting different models due to the hybrid shapes. Snag the Pro-Lite Resession for your next long trek.

Highlights and Features

  • 3mm foam padding
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Ergonomic shoulder strap
  • Molded non-corrosive zippers
  • Sizes: 5’10 - 10’0

Shop By Model

Pro-Lite Resession Shortboard Day Surfboard Bag - $79.95+
Pro-Lite Resession Fish/Hybrid/Big Short Day Surfboard Bag - $92.95+
Pro-Lite Resession Lite Longboard Day Surfboard Bag - $111.95+

Dakine Daylight - $84.95+

The Most Protection

The Dakine Daylight is for sure the plushest bag on this list. The strap, handle, and bag have more foam padding than your average day bag. Like many bags on this list, it has a wax/fin compartment and a reinforced nose area.

We like that Dakine made this bag in an all-white option (except for two small sections). White reflects more light than any other color, absorbing less solar heat, so the bag stays cooler. That makes sense, and I wonder why more bags aren’t white.

Dakine lists this bag at ¼” padding, which equals about 6mm of padding. The Daylight is the one bag on this list that, in a bind, you could probably fly with on a shorter trip to Hawaii or Mexico and be alright. The fit of this bag is a little more forgiving, and the shortboard version will fit most wider “hybrid-style” boards.

Highlights and Features

  • 6mm foam padding
  • Reinforced nose
  • Stash pocket
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Shortboard, Hybrid, Longboard
  • Sizes: 6’0 - 11'0

Shop By Model

Dakine Daylight Thruster Surfboard Bag - $84.95+
Dakine Daylight Hybrid Surfboard Bag - $89.95+
Dakine Daylight Noserider Surfboard Bag - $124.95+

Pro-Lite Session - $109.95+

Best All-Around Bag

Pro Lite Session Hybrid Surfboard day bag.

The Session is Pro-Lite’s top day bag and the shop favorite. Starting with the padding, the Session has a thicker 5mm of foam around it with durable ripstop nylon on top. Day bags can have a long life but usually are retired after a series of rips, so the ripstop is a standout feature. There’s a shoulder strap for easy transporting and a stash pocket where you can store the strap, a bar or two of wax, and some extra fins.

Like all Pro-Lite bags, the zipper is sturdy and smooth and has reinforced padding around the zipper fixture to protect the board’s rail from the zipper. There’s also a vent and heat-resistant material on the bottom of the bag to keep it all cool and ensure the wax stays on your board.

These bags do last a long time, and it’s not uncommon for employees or customers to bring in Pro-Lite bags that have lasted well over a decade. The Session is available in shortboard, fish/hybrid, and longboard models.

Highlights and Features

  • 5mm foam padding
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Shortboard, Fish/Hybrid, Longboard
  • Stash pocket
  • Sizes: 5’10 - 11’0

Shop By Model

Pro-Lite Session Shortboard Day Surfboard Bag - $109.95+
Pro-Lite Sessions Fish/Hybrid Day Surfboard Bag - $122.95+
Pro-Lite Sessions Longboard Day Surfboard Bag - $141.95+

FCS Classic Surfboard Cover - $113.95+

Lightweight and Comfortable”

FCS Classic Surfboard Cover bag.

The FCS Classic Surfboard Cover protects your board from wear and tear and heat. This bag uses 5mm of high-density padding for protection against dings while transporting to and from your surf mission. In addition, the tarpee material reflects heat to keep your board cool. The FCS Classic Cover also comes with an ergonomic shoulder strap and is made of lightweight materials to keep your treks as comfortable as possible.

The FCS Classic Surfboard Cover is great for day-to-day use when throwing your board in or on top of your car to get to your next session. We highly recommend this day bag for someone in warmer climates, such as southern California or Florida.

This day bag comes in many different shapes and sizes: shortboard, funboard, and longboard. It is super affordable and a great first bag for your new stick.

Highlights and Features

  • 5mm foam padding
  • Heat reflective material
  • Ergonomic shoulder strap
  • Shortboard, Funboard, Longboard
  • Sizes: 5’9 - 9’6

Shop By Model

FCS Classic Shortboard Surfboard Cover - $113.95+
FCS Classic Funboard Surfboard Cover - $117.95+
FCS Classic Longboard Surfboard Cover - $151.95+

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Final Thoughts

All in all, surfboard day bags are an essential piece of equipment for every surfer to have. With the right gear and supplies, you'll be able to chase that perfect wave at any given time. Whether your needs require a budget-friendly option like the Roam Daylight line or something more substantial like the Pro-Lite Session series, finding the technology and features that best suit your budget is possible and affordable. Your board is an investment that deserves protection from the elements, and these trusty bags will make sure of that. So what are you waiting for - what day bag suits your needs?

If our top 5 picks don’t fit your needs, check out all of Cleanline Surf’s current stock of bags through the link below. Or feel free to give our team a call at 888-546-6176, drop a comment below, or shoot us an email at support@cleanlinesurf.com