Staff Picks: 10 Favorite Surf Gear Products for 2022

Staff Picks: 10 Favorite Surf Gear Products for 2022

Surfing in the PNW isn’t for the faint of heart. Blustery winter storms and powerful King Tides are the norm here on the Oregon coast: base camp for the staff of Cleanline Surf. We proudly use the gear we sell, and as the year wraps up, we’ve rounded up our staff’s favorite 10 surf products for 2022. We’ll cover everything from hot new surfboards to rugged surf booties. Let’s take a look at Cleanline’s top surf gear picks below.

Products Featured

  • Rip Curl E-Bomb 4/3 Hooded Wetsuit - $369.95
  • Hotline Reflex 5mm Split Toe Booties - $90.95
  • O’Neill Psycho Tech 1.5mm Gloves - $69.95
  • Captain Fin Co. Mikey February Keel Fin Set - $104.95
  • Channel Island FCS II Upright Tri Fin Set - $139.95
  • FCS Freedom Helix Comp Leash - $49.95+
  • Prolite Session Surfboard Bag - $109.95+
  • Dakine Andy Irons Pro Surf Traction - $44.95
  • Firewire Mashup Surfboard - $859.95+
  • Sharp Eye Inferno 72 Surfboard - $789.95

Erik’s Favorite: Rip Curl E-Bomb 4/3 Hooded Zipfree Wetsuit

“Unmatched Flexibility”

Rip Curl E-Bomb 4/3 Hooded Zipfree Wetsuit

Before clocking in for work, you can find me out dawn patrolling in my Rip Curl E-Bomb wetsuit. I have tested over 8 wetsuits in the past year alone, and the E-Bomb 4/3 Hooded Zipfree is by far my favorite. Unmatched flexibility leads to less fatigue while duck diving under short swell intervals. The E6 neoprene and internal lining are the perfect combinations of comfort, warmth, and performance. The zip-free entry is surprisingly simple to get on and off. The E-Bomb has great flex from head to toe with the use of GBS (glued and blind stitched seams). Rip Curl also released a 5/4 model, so when the temperature drops, I’m still covered.

Sarah’s Favorite: Hotline Reflex 5mm Split Toe Booties

“Purveyor of Durability”

Hotline Reflex 5mm Split Toe Booties

The Hotline Reflex booties aren’t just my favorite for 2022; they’ve been a shop staple for years! Hotline is synonymous with producing durable surf goods year after year. The rugged sole stands out the most, which makes for the perfect PNW bootie. Many of the local Oregon breaks require scrambling over rocks and sharp barnacles. The price point is higher than other brands, but in our opinion, it’s worth the extra cash based on how long these booties hold up.

The Reflex has a slightly wider toe-bed than the average bootie, so it might not be the best choice if you have narrow feet. I’m a women’s street shoe 8.5, and the size 7 unisex bootie fits me perfectly.

Sammy’s Favorite: O’Neill Psycho Tech 1.5mm Gloves

“Hands Down, Best Gloves”

O’Neill Psycho Tech 1.5mm Gloves

The Psycho Tech 1.5mm is the perfect glove when you want just enough warmth to take the cold edge off while maintaining finger control. As someone who runs very cold, I usually wear gloves year-round to help extend pre-work longboard sessions.

The Psycho Tech gloves feature the famous Technobutter neoprene, which is comfortable and warm. From my experience, it’s the only glove that feels closest to not wearing gloves. Many competitor brands have too much material, and thicker gloves limit mobility while paddling and popping up. The O-Ring seal around the wrist keeps these gloves warm, which minimizes flushing while out surfing on bigger swell days.

Henry’s Favorite: Captain Fin Co. Mikey February Keel Futures Fin Set

“Bringing it Back Old-School”

Captain Fin Co. Mikey February Keel Futures Fin Set

The Mikey February twin is an upright keel fin set from Captain Fin Co. I am stoked about the new template because it fills a void between a true keel fin and an upright twin fin. I surf these fins on a small fish board. Since the fin's roots are a keel template, it keeps the drive and hold that comes with a traditional keel. However, it can perform more agile and tighter turns because it is not as wide as other keels. I highly recommend the Mikey February fin set to surfers looking for a more performance feel out of their fish.

Dexter’s Favorite: Channel Islands FCS II Upright Tri Fin Set

“Make your Groveler Come Alive”

Channel Islands FCS II Upright Tri Fin Set

The Channel Islands upright thruster fins work great for summertime-type waves. They have a wide base and are not so raked out. These fins help to generate speed when the ocean is weaker than usual. They stand out from other reactor-type fins since the middle fin is a little bit smaller than the two side fins, giving you great release when doing turns or carving to generate speed.

I recommend pairing the CI Upright Fins with a groveler board, such as the Channel Islands Rocket Wide or Sharp Eye Modern 2 or 2.5. The Upright fins come alive on wider boards with a flatter rocker that excels in mushier summer waves.

James’ Favorite: FCS Freedom Helix Comp Leash

“High-Tech Performance”

FCS Freedom Helix Comp Leash

The Freedom Helix comp leash has been my favorite surf product of 2022. I love using the Helix for its silicone grip print around the ankle. Knowing that the leash is not moving around makes for a confident feeling. On top of that, the slim, light feel and eco-friendly (made from corn-based bio-resin) materials round out everything needed in a leash. The Helix overmould absorbs shock and makes the leash extra tough. Also, the reinforced horn that attaches the cuff to the leash is incredibly strong and keeps the leash from wrapping around your ankle.

Matt’s Favorite: Pro-Lite Session Surfboard Bag

“Do It All Surfboard Bag”

Pro-Lite Session Surfboard Bag

I’ve had a lot of bags over the years, and I keep returning to the Prolite Session bag. Whether I need a bag for my shortboard, hybrid, or longboard, they have me covered. The high-quality material on the topside is durable yet flexible, and on the bottom, you get the more tarp-like material for extra waterproofing. There’s also a big external velcro pocket where you can store the shoulder strap, as well as fins and a few other items, plus a separate clear pouch to stash your wax. Inside the bag, there is a bonus smaller pocked as well that takes up the space between the fins.

Padding on this bag feels great for a day bag, and their bags are cut generously, so you can squeeze a bigger board into their bags if you need to. Round it all out with a company that backs its product, makes quality design choices with durability in mind, and you have one of the best bags on the market.

Shop By Model

Pro-Lite Session Shortboard Day Surfboard Bag
Pro-Lite Session Fish/Hybrid/Big Short Day Surfboard Bag
Pro-Lite Session Longboard Day Surfboard Bag

Spencer’s Favorite: Dakine Andy Irons Pro Surf Traction

"Timeless Design"

Dakine Andy Irons Pro Surf Traction

I’ve been a fan of Andy’s pro surf traction pad for years. The timeless design hasn't changed since Andy was alive and surfing. Plus, I’ve found that it works on any shortboard. The pad is made from Dakine's Friendly Foam biodegradable EVA foam. What’s unique about this product is that proceeds from sales support Andy's son Axel's trust.

Furthermore, the pad is only available in colors approved and surfed by Andy, which means new colorways will not be added. I think that is pretty cool with carrying on Andy’s surfing legacy and style.

Siggi’s and Chad’s Favorite: Firewire Mashup Helium Surfboard

“The Ultimate Groveler”

Firewire Mashup Helium Surfboard

“The Mashup has changed my surfing game completely,” says Chad. Released in July 2022, the Firewire Mashup has been an instant hit at Cleanline Surf. The template combines the Spitfire from Dan Mann and the Seaside from Rob Machado, their two best-selling boards. The Mashup has just the right amount of volume, making it easier to paddle into a wide range of waves without too much float. The board's outline allows for snappy turns from top to bottom and can hold a line on the face of a steeper wave. A great board for those transitioning from a longboard or mid-length and a solid groveler for the experienced short boarder looking for a higher wave count on the smaller days.

“I pair the Futures Dan Mann Honeycomb Tri-Quad Fin Set with my 6’0 for the ultimate balanced feel on the Oregon summer waves. I prefer a quad-fin setup for extra speed, and a looser feel on the smaller days and then switch to a thruster setup for the heavier days.”

- Chad

“I've been riding my 5’6 Mashup as a thruster with Futures AM1 Blackstix's, which give me plenty of speed with quick release in all my turns. I would recommend this board to anyone that wants to find something with tons of maneuverability and a skatey feel for waves up to shoulder high. When the waves turn on in the summer, and it's 3-4ft and pumping, you'll think you're surfing way sicker waves with this board under your feet.”

- Siggi

Dexter’s Favorite: Sharp Eye Inferno 72 Surfboard

“2021 Stab in the Dark Winner”

Sharp Eye Inferno 72 Surfboard

Sharp Eye wasn’t known to many surfers just a few years ago. After the Sharp Eye Inferno 72 won Stab in the Dark, they built themselves into one of the most elite teams and established their name as a household brand in just a few years. I recently got my hands on a 5’11 Sharp Eye Inferno 72. It has been a great shortboard for 3-6 ft. clean waves. It has a pretty pulled-in tail and nose, which works great in punchier good waves. The Inferno 72 hides foam well with a little bit of chunky foam up under the chest, which works great for paddling into waves. The tail is thinned out, making it very loose and drivey.

Lastly, I use the FCS II PE Kolohe Andino Thruster fin set with this Inferno 72. These fins have worked great in the punchier waves because the rake and base give you good release off the top of the wave.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Thanks to the Cleanline Shop staff for sharing their favorite surf gear products from 2022. We're always trying out new gear, from surfboards to fins to wetsuits, so don't hesitate to reach out with product questions. If you're in the Oregon area, stop by either our Seaside or Cannon Beach locations to get your hands on our favorite products.

We would love to hear your thoughts as well. What's your favorite surf gear product from 2022? Drop a comment below, call us at 1-888-546-6176, or email us at See'ya in the water!