Sharp Eye Surfboards: Introduction and Review

Sharp Eye Surfboards: Introduction and Review

Let's talk about board brands. With the popularity of surfboard shaping and surfing in general over the last five years, there are many board options to choose from. Surfboard brands are popping up more than ever. One brand, in particular, stands out in my mind. It’s not new to the shaping world, but it has gained huge popularity since the beginning of COVID. Cleanline Surf is proud to welcome Sharp Eye Surfboards, created by shaper Marcio Zouvi. Below, I’ll talk about Sharp Eye's history and quickly review a few of their surfboards.

“Marcio Zouvi seems to know what he is doing in the shaping bay with his vast collection of shortboards, hybrids, fish/small waves, and step-up boards. As the world’s top riders continue to join the Sharp Eye team, you can expect high-quality products shaped by one of the best in San Diego, CA.”

History of Sharp Eye Surfboards

Sharp Eye brand logo.

Marcio Zouvi has been working with surfboards since the 80s. Hailing from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Zouvi moved to the United States in the late 80s. He initially got started working alongside some of the bigger brands in surfboard design, such as Rusty and Al Merrick. In 1993, Zouvi branched out on his own, creating his own brand: Sharp Eye Surfboards, established in San Diego, California.

Just four years ago, Sharp Eye was not a household name in the surfboard shaping industry. Even though Zouvi had a top competitor and world title winner Filipe Toledo riding his boards for many years, Sharp Eye flew under the radar. But that all changed in 2021 when the Inferno 72 won the elite “Stab In the Dark” contest. Taj Burrow claimed the Inferno 72 as the best all-around board after testing 13 options. The win really put Sharp Eye Surfboards on the map as a household name. At this time, Marcio Zouvi is probably one of the most successful high-performance shapers on the planet.

Just in the last few years, Sharp Eye Surfboards has created one of the most elite teams in surfing history. High-status surfers such as Filipe Toledo, Kanoa Igirashi, and Taitiana Weston Webb now ride for Sharp Eye. Jack Robinson, who has been doing a terror on tour, is one of the most recent adds to the team.

Sharp Eye Surfboard Review

We received a shipment of different Sharp Eye surfboards a few months back. Below, I’ll highlight and review a few of my favorites.

Sharp Eye Inferno 72 Surfboard


I recently got my hands on a 5’11 Sharp Eye Inferno 72 thruster fin box configuration. As mentioned above, this is the same model that won “Stab in the Dark.” The difference is mine is the PU construction. The Inferno 72 that won “Stab in the Dark” was made in the Dark Arts build. Dark Arts construction adds a carbon wrap, making it lighter, faster, and stronger. You can only get this construction with an EPS board.

The Sharp Eye Inferno 72 is not a groveler-type shortboard; it is more of a performance shortboard. The design is an upgraded version of the Disco Inferno. It has a little bit of foam under the chest but isn’t super bulky out to the rail. Slightly pinched rails keep the design sleek, making getting into waves a breeze. Looking at the profile, you’ll notice more exit and entry rocker, allowing it to hold on rail both backside and frontside. You can really dig into turns without it skipping out on you. So far, in my experience, the board really comes alive in 3-6 foot punchy waves.

Sharp Eye # 77 Surfboard


Filipe Toledo won at 2017 Jefferies Bay on a Sharp Eye # 77 board. I also snagged a # 77 for myself in the 6'1 stock dimensions. The #77 seems to be one of the team's favorites, as most of the riders grab this board during pumping surf. It holds great on rail and navigates well in the pocket. If you’re looking for a good wave board, the # 77 is a great choice to add to the quiver.

Sharp Eye Modern 2.5 Surfboard


The Modern 2.5 is a great small wave, groveler board. I am riding the 5'6 stock dimensions. The winged pin tail gives the board great hold while going on rail really easily. With the boxier rail, it paddles effortlessly into waves and has great release into turns. I haven't tried it as a twin plus trailer, which would make it looser. The Modern 2.5 model is an update of the Modern 2, a small wave board inspired by the 1980's MR Twin.

Other Sharp Eye Options

We also stock the Disco Cheater (on the left) and Storms (on the right) surfboards at our Oregon shop. The Disco Cheater is an upgraded version of the Disco. It’s got a hybrid outline with fuller rails and more overall width. The Disco Cheater makes for a great all-around board in 1-6 ft. average surf.

The Storms is a great small to medium size short board. Japan’s Kanoa Igarashi won the 2022 ISA Surfing Games on his Storms. It’s a very snappy shortboard that fits in tight pockets. In addition, it has a nice balance of release and drive in medium size waves.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a new board to add to your quiver, look no further than Sharp Eye Surfboards. From the Maguru Twin to the SG-1, they’ve got a great lineup of boards to choose from for a wide variety of conditions. Marcio Zouvi seems to know what he is doing in the shaping bay with his vast collection of shortboards, hybrids, fish/small waves, and step-ups. As the world’s top riders continue to join the Sharp Eye team, you can expect high-quality products shaped by one of the best in San Diego, CA.

We can get any of the Sharp Eye surfboards ordered for you: whether you’re looking for the PU, EPS, or Dark Arts construction, custom dims, fin plug configurations, etc.

If you’ve got a board in mind, but we don’t have it in stock, don’t hesitate to contact us. Drop a comment below, email us at or call us at 1-888-546-6176. See’ya in the water!