Quiksilver Syncro Series Wetsuits Reviewed

Quiksilver Syncro Series Wetsuits Reviewed

The Syncro is one of the longest-running models here in the shop and consistently year after year, our top-selling entry-level wetsuit. The Syncro is available in a lot of different thicknesses, styles, and sizes, so we’ve decided to take an up-close look at the entire Syncro series to see what makes them so popular.

The Quiksilver Syncro has a lot of quality features at a very affordable price point. Quiksilver makes more versions of the Syncro than any other wetsuit model out right now. It's available in 3/2mm, 4/3mm and 5/4/3mm thicknesses, as well as a back zip, chest zip, and a hooded chest zip entry (as pictured above).

Roxy, Quiksilver's sister brand, also makes a very popular women’s version of the Syncro and there’s even spring suit versions as well as a youth version. All of these different permutations are still made of the same materials so whether you get a spring suit or the Hooded 5/4/3mm Chest Zip, it's still a Syncro. However, for this review, we are going to be focusing on the men’s fullsuit Syncros.

Starting with the most important part of any wetsuit, the rubber; the Quiksilver Syncro uses StretchFlight X2 Neoprene. This limestone-based neoprene is flexible, warm and, in our experience, very durable. Especially when you consider the rubber used on comparable suits in the price range, this rubber stretches better than you'd expect. Now for 2020, Stretch Flight X2 is made partially from recycled car tires and the outer jersey layer is dope-dyed reducing unnecessary water waste in production. These environmentally-friendly features are becoming more common in some of the more expensive wetsuits but it’s cool to see Quiksilver incorporate them into the Syncro at an affordable price.

If you flip the Syncro inside-out, you'll see a red fuzzy panel on the back and chest of the wetsuit. These panels are Quiksilver's WarmFlight X1 Thermal Lining and they are not only comfortable but add another layer of warmth to your core. This material also dries a bit quicker in the sun than the rest of the suit. The back zip version of the Syncro notably has more of this liner in the back that extends over a gusset behind the zipper fixture.

What’s the difference between the Syncro and the Syncro Plus (+)?
The Syncro Plus is identical to the Syncro but has Liquid Flex Seal (LFS) tape over the outside stitching. This extra barrier has a two-fold advantage:

  • First, this seal adds warmth by preventing water from entering through the stitching at the seams.
  • Secondly, this seal helps distribute stress off the seams and stitching, which will help with the long term longevity and durability of the wetsuit. Other than this feature, the Syncro and Syncro Plus are identical.

The Syncro has glued and blindstitched seams. This style of stitching lets less water in than a typical “flatlock” seam as seen on many other entry-level wetsuits. The Syncro is also taped in certain critical areas for additional support. Finally, as we mentioned earlier, the Syncro Plus has a big upgrade to its seams, with a Liquid Flex Seal over the stitching.

Getting a good fitting Syncro is easy as these suits run true to size and consistent over the years. The Syncro is one of the rare suits out there that are also available in larger sizes like XXXL which makes it a good choice for big surfers. The Syncro’s easy fit is in part why we choose to use it in our rental fleet. The other big reason it’s stayed in our rental fleets for years is the durability. These suits hold up very well and aren’t fragile or feel flimsy like some other suits in the price range. All in all, these are dependable wetsuits.

Final Thoughts

The Syncro makes a great first wetsuit, trusty backup suit or a smart pick for anyone on a budget. Affordable, reliable and more flexible than you’d expect, the Syncro is an easy choice for anyone looking for a great value. We have a lot of experience with this model in particular, so if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment, give us a call at 1-888-546-6176 or shoot an email to support@cleanlinesurf.com. Enjoy the water!


3/2mm Fullsuits
3/2mm Syncro Back Zip - $169.95
3/2mm Syncro Chest Zip - $189.95
3/2mm Syncro Plus Back Zip - $199.95
3/2mm Syncro Plus Chest Zip - $219.95

4/3mm Fullsuits
4/3mm Syncro Back Zip - $179.95
4/3mm Syncro Chest Zip - $199.95
4/3mm Syncro Plus Chest Zip - $229.95
4/3mm Syncro Plus Hooded Chest Zip - $239.95

5/4/3mm Fullsuits
5/4/3mm Syncro Back Zip - $189.95
5/4/3mm Syncro Hooded Chest Zip - $219.95