Quiksilver Marathon Sessions Wetsuit Review

Quiksilver Marathon Sessions Wetsuit Review

With so many suits on the market these days, you may want a bit more information about the ins and outs of a particular model. Today, we will look at the all-new 2022 Quiksilver Marathon Sessions, which replaces the former Syncro Plus wetsuit. The Marathon Sessions offers excellent features and performance at a very approachable price. Continue reading to learn more about this great entry-level suit.

Highlights and Features

  • WarmFlight Eco Infrared Liner
  • StretchFlight Eco Neoprene
  • Liquid Flex Sealed Seams
  • Thermal Smoothie Textured Neoprene (Smooth Skin front + back)

Wetsuits Reviewed

Quiksilver Marathon Sessions

The Marathon Sessions wetsuit laid inside out to view the seams and red interior lining.

Neoprene and Liners

The Marathon Sessions is constructed out of StretchFlight eco neoprene. This neoprene is buttery and flexible. The flexibility will help reduce strain on your shoulders while paddling and keep your movements agile and easy. One of the cool things about this neoprene is that it is constructed using recycled materials and limestone-based neoprene. With the eco materials used in the construction, about 24% less CO2 is released per suit during production. The Marathon Sessions heats up quickly and stays warm throughout your entire session due to the WarmFlight Eco Infrared liner. The liner works by trapping and reusing your expended body heat on the raised portion of the liner. The Quiksilver Marathon Sessions cuts wind chill effectively with the Thermal Smoothie Textured Neoprene Panels which are found on the front and back panels and the hood.

Seams and Stitching

The Quiksilver Marathon Sessions is held together by sturdy glued and blindstitched seams that allow the suit to flex and bend. The external liquid flex sealed seams help ensure the Marathon Sessions maintains a watertight fit long past your first few sessions. You can find this same seam construction on all thicknesses of the Marathon Sessions. This particular feature stands out, considering most suits that have the liquid seam weld are nearly double the price. The wetsuit includes spot taping around the core and in critical areas to help maximize the seal and durability of the suit.

Surfing zipping their wetsuit closed before paddling out into the lineup.

Fit and Cut

I am 6’3”, 195 lbs, with an athletic build. According to the Quiksilver size chart, the Large Tall (LT) is for 6’0”-6’2” tall and 180-200 lbs. After trying on an LT, it was the best fit for me. I found the Marathon Sessions to fit a bit short on the arms and legs but not enough to merit sizing up. The suit felt snug when I first tried it on, but after using it a couple of times, the rubber loosened up to become very comfortable and form-fitting. The wetsuit remained snug and sealed throughout my sessions, even in a bad wipeout. Overall, I’ve found that the suit's design allows for freedom of movement and noticeable comfort.

A back view of the Marathon Sessions wetsuit.


While testing out the Marathon Sessions, it was apparent how the liner and the external liquid flex sealed seams worked together to keep me toasty warm. I was comfortable in 50° F water using the hooded 4/3. I was highly impressed with the flexibility of the suit. Overall, the thicker 5mm rubber felt unrestrictive while keeping me warm.

Based on experience, we recommend the 5/4/3 for 50° F and below, the 4/3 for 50°-57° F, and the 3/2 for 57°-64° F. Compared to its little brother, the Everyday Sessions, the Marathon Sessions feels warmer due to the toasty warm liner and liquid sealed seams. If you are surfing in water temperatures that put you on the fence of which thickness to get, the Marathon Sessions provides enough warmth to allow you to bump down. You may need more neoprene on the coldest days, but you should be alright for most days.

Value and Durability

The Marathon Sessions is a high-performing suit at a very approachable price point. The high-quality construction and technology found in the suit contribute to it holding up well with a snug fit in the long run. The external Liquid Flex helps keep the seams watertight for longer. The sealed seams combined with the liner and smooth skin maximize the warmth of this suit. A cool part of the Marathon Sessions line is the variety of styles available. Whether you need a back zip, chest zip, or even a hood, there is a Marathon Sessions for everyone.

A surfer fully suited in the Marathon Sessions wetsuit holding their surfboard.

Final Thoughts

The Marathon Sessions is a great suit if you are looking for some high-quality features at a great price. The comfort and performance of the suit will keep you stoked and toasty warm. If you have any other questions about the Marathon Sessions or any other products, feel free to contact us at support@cleanlinesurf.com, call us toll-free at 1-888-546-6176, or leave a comment below.