Pyzel White Tiger Surfboard Review

Pyzel White Tiger Surfboard Review

The Pyzel White Tiger is a new small wave groveller from the minds of Jon Pyzel and 2-time World Champion John John Florence. It all came about when JJF wanted something fun to surf in less-than-ideal conditions during the offseason in Hawaii. The original board sat in JJF’s garage for nearly two years before it touched the water. However, it quickly became a staple in his quiver and has traveled with him from Hawaii to Fiji, Australia, and everywhere in between. 

I recently got my hands on a 5’10” White Tiger. After countless sessions on the Oregon coast, read further for my take on the White Tiger from Pyzel Surfboards.

“After a few months with the White Tiger surfboard, I am thrilled with its performance. This board isn't just a game-changer; it's a wave-riding masterpiece that has energized my surfing experience. It’s the ideal fun-shaped shortboard for your quiver, ready to conquer those mushy summer days when most folks reach for their longboards.”

Highlights and Features

  • Flat deck
  • Low rocker
  • Modern concave
  • Great paddler

History of Pyzel Surfboards

Pyzel Surfboard Logo

Perhaps nobody exemplifies the chemistry between surfer and shaper more than Jon Pyzel and John John Florence. The two have been synonymous with each other since John was a toe headed 6 year old on the North Shore of Oahu. 

Hawaii is known for consistent, powerful surf. For this reason, Pyzel has excelled in shaping high-performance shortboards that work in powerful waves. He has worked hand in hand with John John and other world-class surfers, designing iconic boards such as the Ghost and Paddilac. Due to the demands of the WSL tour and his thirst for good waves, JJF and Pyzel were always in the shaping room, toying around the design of these high-performance boards that would give JJF an edge over the competition.

The aforementioned is what makes the White Tiger that much more unique. It was the first board that JJF wanted Pyzel to shape specifically for having fun. However, they soon realized they had designed a board that maximizes fun in less than stellar conditions and can perform when the waves turn on. In fact, the board worked so well that it was the starting point for designing Pyzel’s newest performance board, the Red Tiger.

Pyzel White Tiger

Pyzel White Tiger Surfboard

Board Design

The White Tiger is short, stubby, and fits perfectly in Pyzel’s “fun-formance” line of boards. It's ultimately a fun surfboard you grab when the waves are less than epic, but it can still perform like a shortboard when pushed. The board’s rocker is extremely flat, especially in the tail. There is a ton of double concave in the back third of the board with v out the tail. This essentially acts as a rocker and helps the board turn rail to rail. There is a slight double concave in the middle of the board by your feet that, coupled with the flat rocker, gives you a ton of speed.

The overall outline is clean and straight, with no hip or wings. The tail is slightly wider than the nose, which features a refined beak. The bigger nose helps keep thickness forward, which adds to the paddle power of such a short board. The deck is flat, keeping maximum volume under your chest. The rails are full, but they taper at the end. This makes the board feel more refined and not too boxy. It also helps the board not bog when on rail and gives it bite through the turns.

Pyzel White Tiger Surfboard bottom countours
Generally, most shortboarders can surf the White Tiger. The biggest factor when selecting a size is skill level. Novice and intermediate surfers might consider sizing up from their normal boards to have a shortboard to ride when they don’t want to grab a log or funboard. Advanced surfers can get this board as short as possible and ride a similar volume to their shortboard, essentially giving them a skateboard on waves. According to feedback from Pyzel team riders, the flat rocker/deck creates a very stable platform for landing airs (something that I can not confirm nor deny).

Pyzel White Tiger Surfboard glassing


The White Tiger will work well in any type of construction. Mine is in PU, and I love it. However, as a small wave board, I could see it working well in EPS or something like Dark Arts construction. The latter two constructions will give the board more longevity; however, the price tag will be significantly higher. 

Pyzel White Tiger Surfboard Rails


So far, I have had so much fun on the Pyzel White Tiger. As an average surfer, it performs exactly how I envisioned it would and has served me well this summer on the Oregon Coast. I bought a 5’10” at just under 36 liters. My standard boards are around 34 liters. The thing paddles amazingly and catches waves like a breeze. 

I recommend getting this board with the five-fin options. The quad works better when the waves are softer, and the thruster works great when the waves have some push or are cupped out. The board has exceeded my expectations regarding what conditions it can work in. I would say the sweet spot is 1-4 feet. However, I have taken it out in conditions around 6 feet (slightly overhead), and it held up. 

I could see good surfers riding it in waves even bigger. It may lack rocker, but because the board is so short and compact, you can almost just lean on the back foot to stick late drops and then rip an open face like a skate park. If you like boards that go fast and paddle well, the White Tiger is made for you.

Pyzel White Tiger Surfboard Fin setup

Fin Recommendation

Futures F6 Legacy Honeycomb Tri-Quad Set: This is the perfect set of fins to compliment the White Tiger. They are a neutral fin that work in a wide variety of surf and conditions. The five-fin option gives you the ability to use these fins as ether a quad or a thruster, depending on what the day calls for.

FCS II Al Merrick PC Tri-Quad Set: This would be my choice for anyone with FCS II plugs. Like the F6 fins, these work in a wide array of conditions and have been my favorite template for a long time!

Pyzel White Tiger Surfboard Stock Image

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Final Thoughts

After a few months with the White Tiger, I am thrilled with its performance. This board isn't just a game-changer; it's a wave-riding masterpiece that has energized my surfing experience. It’s the ideal fun-shaped shortboard for your quiver, ready to conquer those mushy summer days when most folks reach for their longboards. From its seamless paddling to its effortless wave-catching prowess, this board doesn't just perform; it impresses. It’s a board that is hard to get off of, which is all we are looking for at the end of the day.

Surprisingly, it also works well when the waves have some push and size. The great thing about Pyzel is he shapes models within a family tree, giving you an option for 95% of conditions. For example, if your quiver consisted of the White Tiger, a Red Tiger, and, say, a Ghost, you would be ready for pretty much anything Mother Nature throws at you.

If you don't see a White Tiger in stock, call us; we may have some on the way or can get a special order going. If you’d like to connect with our team, drop a comment below, email us at, or call us at 888-546-6176.