The Puddle Jumper - Lib Tech and Lost Surfboards

The Puddle Jumper - Lib Tech and Lost Surfboards

Matt "Mayhem" Biolos, shaper for Lost Surfboards, and our friends at Lib Tech have teamed up and we couldn't be more excited. Announced at this year's Sima Surf Expo, Lib Tech will release one of Matt's newer shapes, the Puddle Jumper, in their revolutionary waterboard construction for Spring. Also part of the collab is two retro fish snowboards.

Lib Tech Puddle Jumper

We hope that the Puddle Jumper is the first of many collaboration boards to come from these two legends. It is a short and stubby board with a squash tail and single concave bottom that v's into the tail. Puddle Jumper will be offered in 5 different sizes and will be the first Lib board not to feature their standard concave deck. Since the deck will be a more traditional style, they have also included volume measurements for the first time.


5'1" 19 1/2" x 2 1/4" 25.5 CL
5'3" 20" X 2 5/16" 28.0 CL
5'5" 20 1/2" X 2 3/8" 30.5 CL
5'7" 21" X 2 1/2" 33.9 CL
5'9" 21 1/2" X 2 5/8" 37.65 CL
5'11" 22" X 2 3/4" 41.75 CL
6'1" 22.5" X 2 13/16" 44.0 CL
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*Cleanline Employee Joey Carnera Pictured Above