O’Neill Psycho One Series Wetsuit Review

O’Neill Psycho One Series Wetsuit Review

The Psycho One is one of O’Neill’s most flexible models and one of our favorite performance suits. Available as a 4/3mm and a 3/2mm back zip, the Psycho One is the best value in the Psycho range of suits. This is one of our top picks and the back zip version, in particular, is one of the best back zip entries out there. We’ve broken down the entire series of Psycho One wetsuits with an in-depth review.

The Psycho One falls in between the Psycho Tech and the Hyperfreak as the high-end middle child wetsuit in O’Neill’s line. Priced at $399.95 for a 4/3mm and $379.95 for the 3/2mm, it’s really good value, that's still high performance and ultra-flexible. What makes this model so stretchy is the TechnoButter 3 neoprene used throughout the Psycho One.

O'Neill Psycho One Techno Butter 3 Neoprene

TechnoButter 3 Neoprene
The Psycho One is built out of O’Neill’s best rubber and without doubt, the most flexible neoprene on the market, TechnoButter 3. The entire wetsuit uses this neoprene to make the Psycho One as lightweight and stretchy as possible. This is the same material used on O’Neill’s most expensive model, the Psycho Tech. TechnoButter 3 is extremely lightweight, hydrophobic (so it doesn’t feel heavy or weighted down in the water), and comfortable to wear.

O'Neill Psycho One TB3X Jersey

Internal TechnoButter 3X Jersey
O’Neill takes a sandwich approach to their rubber. What this means is that their neoprene has a foam core with a polyester jersey on the outside and inside of the suit. Just like double-paned windows, this method of two laminated jerseys separated by a foam core creates a better insulator of heat and in turn, an overall better wetsuit.

For the inner layer of this sandwich, O’Neill uses a TechnoButter 3X (TB3X) jersey. This is the corduroy-looking material that is actually a little more flexible and lighter than the outer layer. This just provides an additional level of comfort and performance to the Psycho One.

O'Neill Psycho One Back Zip and Chest Zip Models
Both entry systems available in the Psycho One

Entry Systems

The back zip versions of the Psycho One are equipped with O’Neill’s excellent Zen Zip system. This design cleverly puts a barrier between the zipper fixture and your back. This means if water seeps through the zipper or down through the neck of the wetsuit; it’s channeled down, and out via a drainage hole, instead of flushing you down the back. This feature goes a long way to making your sessions warmer and more comfortable in a back zip.

O'Neill Psycho One Zen Zip

Another cool feature of the Zen Zip is the velcro connector at the end of the wetsuit. Velcro can be hard on any material that’s not another piece of velcro. While putting on a back zip, the hooked side can easily catch on to your wetsuit. O’Neill has fixed this problem by placing a velcro connector at the neck. Simply fold it over before you put on your wetsuit and you’ll never have that problem again.

Seams & Stitching
The Psycho One is triple glued and blindstitched throughout with a single seam weld over the outside stitching. Seam welds are a premium feature on O'Neill's wetsuits that add durability by reducing stress on the stitching and adding warmth by preventing water from entering via the stitching.

An interesting design aspect of the Psycho One is that it has no smooth skin panels. Smooth skin panels help with the wind chill, but they’re a little more fragile than the rest of a suit, and add weight as well. By not using smooth skin on the Psycho One, O’Neill is able to make a lighter wetsuit with larger panels of neoprene. Larger panels mean fewer seams and fewer seams mean a more flexible and durable suit overall.

Fit & Durability
The Psycho One is cut well and fits true to size and is true to the O’Neill size chart. As we previously mentioned, it’s very comfortable to wear and light. Durability-wise, these suits hold up and I think for someone who likes the all-out performance of the Hyperfreak but needs something a little more robust, the Psycho One is going to have a little more longevity.

Final Thoughts

The Psycho One is an awesome pick for anyone looking to get all of O’Neill’s best features at a solid value. The back zip version of this suit especially is great and it's our all-time favorite back zip we sell here at the shop. If you have any questions about the Psycho One or any of O’Neill’s suits, feel free to hit us up at support@cleanlinesurf.com, leave a comment or give us a call at 1-888-546-6176. Enjoy the water!

3/2mm Back Zip - $379.95
4/3mm Back Zip - $399.95