New Pro-Lite Travel Bags For 2017 Reviewed

New Pro-Lite Travel Bags For 2017 Reviewed

New for 2017 Pro-Lite has released a pair of cool new travel bags. For a quick strike mission or months abroad, these bags are ready for anything.

1-2-3 Convertible Shortboard Travel Bag

The 1-2-3 Convertible is the most revolutionary of the new models and is unlike any other travel bag we've seen before. Basically, this is a triple board bag that can be unzipped in the middle to give you two single board bags, both with 10mm padding. When packing your boards, you would place one board in each bag and one board in between the bags. Once they have been packed out, you zip the two bags together with the third board in the middle. This is the first bag we’ve ever seen that allows you to divide it and the possibilities are pretty exciting.

This would be a good alternative to owning two travel bags; a lightweight single travel bag and a triple bag for longer trips. It’s kind of hard to visualize without first seeing it in action, so check out the video below for a demonstration of how the bag can be separated.

Smuggler Series Fish/Hybrid and Limited Edition Bags

The Pro-Lite Fish/Hybrid Smuggler

The popular Smuggler bag has been out for a few years and it's now being offered in a fish/hybrid cut for surfers who ride with some extra width. If you haven't seen the Smuggler bag before, it allows you to pack three boards in, while maintaining the appearance of only holding two to the untrained eye. This trick pays off, literally, when you're at the checked baggage counter of any airline that charges "per board". With some airlines charging $150 per board (Looking at you China Air) this bag is 100% worth it for international travel.

The regular shortboard Smuggler is also now available in a cool blood-red color that looks pretty killer. Other than the color, this bag is identical to the original Smuggler Shortboard Bag.

Limited Edition Smuggler Shortboard Bag


There are more travel bags than ever available to surfers and it's rad to see companies like Pro-Lite pushing the boundaries to make traveling with surfboards easier. If you have any questions about these bags or anything on our site, don't hesitate to give us a call at 1-888-546-6176 or shoot us an email via