Db Surf Bags Review

Db Surf Bags Review

A Scandinavian-based company, Db creates top-of-the-line backpacks and surfboard bags for surfers and travelers alike. Their goal is to create bags that make traveling the best experience possible. But is the name up to the hype? Are these bags worth the investment? We are doing a full review of the Db brand to find out the details of what these bags have to offer.

Highlights and Features

  • Db Hookup System
  • Ribbed casing for added protection
  • Fully opening main compartment

Models Available

Db Backpacks and Surfboard Bags

A Db bag that is ready for use!


Db bags are nothing short of the highest quality materials that are durable and have the environment in mind. Using the Higg Index tool, the company can monitor its material's impact on global warming, water scarcity, fossil fuel engagement, and more. The Db brand uses a wide range of materials to make different bag designs that are sleek, stylish, and still extremely practical for someone on the go.

Specifically, in the Strom 30L bag and the camera insert, I’ve been using, the main materials in the designs are vegan leather, recycled PU polyester, metal trims, EVA foam, and rip-stop recycled nylon. With all those elements combined, the bag has held up in many conditions, including strain on the top handle from being packed full of camera gear, sand/salt, and long hauls through the airport. To the touch, you’ll instantly realize that Db only uses the best materials to create a high-quality product.

Construction: Seams and Stitching

Db goes above and beyond with every detail in designing a bag that will last a lifetime. The bag seams are reinforced with a specially designed ribcage that holds the bag's shape. There is no such thing as a slouchy Db bag since the ribcage is made of strong, lightweight polymer ribs that hold their own against gravity. Even if the bag is only partially packed, it will maintain its shape. This ribcage gives Db bags their signature look of a ribbed outside.

Along with the gravity-defying rib cage, Db bags are equipped with heavy-duty zippers that operate smoothly under any circumstances. In my experience, the zippers on the Strom 30L pack have held up under a ton of strain without corrosion or jamming.

The Strom Db bag with the intertior and exterior view


Db first developed their bags for athletes adventuring through the rugged Scandinavian countryside, so having the highest functioning gear was their main goal when creating their designs. When it comes to the performance of Db gear, they’ve mastered the idea of traveling smarter, not harder.

If you feel overwhelmed by having your hands full with packs, or you’re looking for a surf pack that simply gets the job done, look no further than Db. The innovative Db Hook-up system is meant to keep your hands as free as possible. So, let’s say you’re taking that month-long trip to Bali you’ve been dreaming of for years. You have the Djarv Coffin surfboard bag, the Strom 30L backpack, and the signature Sage Erikson Aera Tote. Rather than trying to grow an extra arm with super strength to manage the load, you could hook the Strom and the Aera to your Djarv coffin bag to roll through the airport. Pretty ingenious if you ask me.

Personally, being a surf photographer means I have a lot of heavy gear and am chasing swell constantly. The Strom 30L pack paired with the Db camera insert makes my life much easier. Comfortable straps and plenty of extra room to throw a towel or fins in my pack prove a successful photo mission. My favorite part of the backpack is the added compartment on top of the pack that is deep and easy to access. This is perfect for holding my phone, wallet, extra batteries, and other essentials I need quickly.

Sage Erikson packing up her surfboards in her Db shelter board bag.

Value and Durability

While Db packs, day bags, and travel bags run on the pricier side, they are well worth the investment. The brand is so confident in its product design that each item they offer is covered under a lifetime warranty. If something goes wrong, the Db gang has you covered.

Their designs stand out compared to other surfboard or travel bags on the market. They might be more expensive, but the life span and ease of use you’ll get out of the bags are well worth the price. The build and materials used to create the bags ensure a long life consisting of many surf trips worldwide.

Staff Feedback

“These bags rule! Just waiting to get my hands on some rolling luggage and a board bag next.”

- Sophia

Customer Feedback

Great quality, with beautiful design and incredibly functional. Quality exceeds price.

- Nikoai

I bought The bunker bag and absolutely love it. It is the best surfboard bag ever. I have had many, and this one is outstanding.

- Luana

Sage Erikson walking with her Db gear using the hook system.

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Final Thoughts

So, are Db bags worth the cash? In my experience, absolutely. The bags are practical, durable, and truly have a timeless design. I look forward to the day they design a longboard surf bag because I will be the first in line to add it to my Db collection. To learn more about these iconic packs, contact our team to chat about the details. Drop a comment below, call our customer service line at 888-546-6176 or email us at support@cleanlinesurf.com.