Cleanline Welcomes Pyzel Surfboards

Cleanline Welcomes Pyzel Surfboards

We’re stoked to announce that we now carry Pyzel Surfboards. If you’ve been paying attention to mainstream surfing for the past 10 years you’ve no doubt seen Jon Pyzel’s boards under the feet of some of the best surfers in the world. Most recently, Pyzel won the “Stab in the Dark” contest for the second year in a row, where Jordy Smith chose Pyzel’s board as his favorite out of 12 in a blind test.

With a legendary list of team riders, including John John Florence and Koa Rothman, Pyzel has shaped proven boards that work on the North Shore and beyond. Not just for the advanced surfer or critical wave, Pyzel has a really solid lineup of models that will have something for most surfers and any wave. So if you’re looking to try something new and want the best in modern shortboards, check out Pyzel Surfboards here.

Cleanline Welcomes Pyzel Surfboards

Our first batch of boards arrived last week at the shop and they look and feel really good. If you're in the Northwest you can stop by our Seaside location and check 'em out as we will be keeping size runs of Pyzel's most popular models like the Ghost at the shop. It's a great high-performance board meant for average to pumping surf. The Seaside shop also received a size run of Padillacs which is a gun for serious waves.

Cleanline Welcomes Pyzel Surfboards
Unpacking the first box of Pyzels

If you don’t see the exact size or fin box you would like, we always can get you dialed up with a custom order to your exact specs. Pyzel can easily alter any board's dimensions, tail shape, fin box, color, and logo placement to whatever you would like.

Any board can also be built in a variety of constructions outside of the standard polyurethane like normal epoxy, XTR, or Pyzel's own Electralite tech which gives you the added durability of epoxy with the performance characteristics of a PU board.

So if you need a board for the rest of fall and winter or are planning a trip, definitely check Pyzel's boards out as they're the real deal. We can also ship them anywhere in the continental United States easily and below are the shipping prices.

Pyzel Shipping Rates

Board LENGTH Shipping Cost
5'9" and down $125
5'10-6'10" $150
6'11-8'0 $175

*If you're looking for something bigger like a step-up or gun give us a call at 1-888-546-6176 and we can easily run a shipping quote for you.