Cleanline Introduces Vissla Wetsuits

Cleanline Introduces Vissla Wetsuits


Cleanline is proud to announce that we now are carrying Vissla Wetsuits. Vissla offers excellent suits that feature simple designs, built with the best possible materials. We received the first batch of suits last month and were immediately impressed.

Vissla was founded by a few long-time wetsuit industry execs and it shows in the details, as these suits are designed with all the features surfers really want at a great price.

Vissla has been around for a few years now and quickly earned a reputation that rivals the top wetsuit brands. These suits are minimalist in design with large panels and no smooth skin on the chest. At first glance, we all thought these suits carried a hefty price tag as the features are usually seen on suits in the $300-400 range. Across the line, there’s internal liners throughout much of the suit, internal taping and high-quality, flexible neoprene.

We’re also really stoked that Vissla chooses to use more environmentally-friendly methods of production. Rather than follow the norm, Vissla “dope dyes” their liners to save a lot of water and energy. Dope dying means that Vissla dies their materials early in the production process before the fibers of the liner are pulled, instead of traditional textile production that dies the fabric after it's been completed. Vissla also notably uses limestone-based neoprene instead of the petrochemicals that are usually involved with producing traditional neoprene.

Vissla's booties and gloves are made to the same standard and we're carrying a run of both in various thicknesses. The booties in particular look really good with a solid, tough sole on them and an internal liner.

For now, we’re stocking the High Seas, North Seas and 7 Seas series of suits, and accessories at the Seaside and Cannon Beach shops as well as online. Be sure to look out for a full in-depth review of the Vissla suits in the future. If you have any questions about Vissla or wetsuits in general, please give us a call at 1-888-546-6176 or shoot us an email at 1-888-546-6176.