Best Women’s Mid-Range Hooded Wetsuits for 2023

Best Women’s Mid-Range Hooded Wetsuits for 2023

Are you ready to take your surfing game to the next level? Look no further than a quality women's mid-range hooded wetsuit. Whether it be paddling through cold winter waters or battling choppy waves, having the right wetsuit for protection and performance is key for taking your technique up a notch!

With so many options out there, it can be difficult to know which suit will fit best and offer the most value. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 2023's best mid-range hooded wetsuits specifically designed with female surfers in mind, helping you make an informed decision and ensuring that you stay safe while also staying warm as you shred some waves.

Wetsuits Reviewed

  • O’Neill - Women’s Hyperfreak 5/4+ Hooded Chest Zip Wetsuit - $439.95
  • Rip Curl - Women’s Dawn Patrol 5/4 Hooded Chest Zip Wetsuit - $319.95
  • O’Neill - Women’s Ninja 5/4 Hooded Chest Zip Wetsuit - $329.95
  • Billabong - Women’s Salty Dayz 4/3 Hooded Chest Zip Wetsuit - $339.95

Read on to discover the best women’s hooded wetsuits this year that will meet your budget and performance needs.

O’Neill Women’s Hyperfreak 5/4+ - $439.95

“Industry Leader in Flexibility”

O’Neill Women’s Hyperfreak 5/4+ Wetsuit.

The high-performance Hyperfreak is the queen of neoprene. This badass ripper doesn’t back down when it comes to pumping overhead swell or icy cold currents coming from the north. O’Neill got it right with the ever-popular 4/3+ model, and it was a no-brainer also to release a 5/4+ version.

First of all, once you feel the stretch and flex of the Technobutter 3 neoprene, you’ll never turn back. Say adios to paddling fatigue due to the lightweight Technobutter 3x neoprene used in the shoulders and arms of the suit. The GBS and fully tapped interior seams give the ideal combo of warmth and maneuverability to prolong your sessions.

In conclusion, the + stands for an extra 0.5mm of neoprene, or 5.5/4.5mm. The Hyperfreak fits true-to-size and is the epitome of a 2nd skin feel for the optimal water seal. This suit is so popular that we can barely keep it in stock. Don’t hesitate to contact us for restock availability if your size isn’t listed on our website. Read our full review of the Women’s Hyperfreak Wetsuit.

Customer Feedback

Absolutely love this wetsuit! I boogie board year-round in the Northeast, where waters dip down to 36°. This suit is absolutely toasty. Best thing I like about it, though, is how easy it is to get in and out of it. I never thought I would be able to handle a chest zip because I’ve felt completely claustrophobic when I’ve tried them in the past. The flex in this one makes it easy.”

- Liz

Highlights and Features

  • Most Flexible Hooded Suit for Women
  • Fully Taped Internal Seams
  • Forgiving Fit
  • Extremely Lightweight Feel

Rip Curl Women’s Dawn Patrol 5/4 - $319.95

“Shop Staple"

Rip Curl Women’s Dawn Patrol 5/4 Wetsuit.

Originating in Australia, Rip Curl knows a thing or two about designing quality hooded wetsuits. The Dawn Patrol has been a shop favorite year after year. From the classic Rip Curl logo to the minimal paneling, the Dawn Patrol packs in high-end features without breaking the bank.

The biggest draw of the Dawn Patrol is the pink interior E5 Flash Lining, also used in the high-end Flashbomb model. The lining is insanely warm in the water and quick-drying once out of the water. In addition, the E-series neoprene has been around for years, and the latest E5 has more stretch and warmth than previous editions. On the inside, E5 tape is applied in high-stress areas for added durability and extra warmth on those bitter cold days.

Furthermore, Rip Curl extends a generous 3-year warranty on all stitching, ensuring that you’re taken care of down the road. We recommend sizing up if you’re in between sizes because the brand tends to run small. Look no further than the new and improved Dawn Patrol for one of the best 5/4mm wetsuits under $320. Take a look at our full review of the Rip Curl Women’s Dawn Patrol Wetsuit.

Customer Feedback

I have a collection of wet suits, and this one beats them all . . . it holds up and really keeps you warm on those chilly mornings or late evening swims - this one is just a grade above other brands; exceptional construction!”

- MauiGal808

Highlights and Features

  • Best Seller
  • Front and Back Smooth Skin Paneling
  • Quick Drying Interior Liner
  • Spot Taping on High-Stress Areas

O’Neill Women’s Ninja 5/4 - $329.95

“Value Option with High-End Features”

O’Neill Women’s Ninja 5/4 Wetsuit.

The O’Neill Ninja 5/4 delivers quality features, overall durability, and lasting value. Released in 2021, the women’s Ninja has everything you need to be comfortable out in the water. You’ll notice that it features UltraFlex neoprene, which is the same type of rubber found in the top-selling entry-level Epic model. This neoprene holds up well to the bumps and trauma of a first-time surfer.

On the inside of the suit, the Fluidflex Firewall insulation adds warmth to the suit and creates a more comfortable feel. The internally taped seams keep water out better than a flatlock seam found in cheaper entry-level suits. Another thoughtful feature to highlight is the strategic seamless paddle zone that improves flexibility resulting in less fatigue while paddling.

In our experience wearing O’Neill suits, the brand fits true to size. They also extend a 1-year warranty on their wetsuits and have a phenomenal warranty program. We couldn’t be happier that O’Neill now offers an affordable mid-range option for women shopping on a budget. Take a look at our full review of the O'Neill Ninja Wetsuit.

Customer Feedback

“This is the comfiest wetsuit I’ve ever been in. After decades of surfing, I’ve been through wetsuits. This O’Neill Ninja feels so warm and stretchy. It’s amazing. I love it once I get the wetsuit on. The chest zip feels like it’s made well it’s just always complicated getting in these things.”

- Sunrise Mama

Highlights and Features

  • Durable Neoprene
  • Pre-Fed Zipper
  • Partial Internal Taped Seams
  • Strategic Seamless Paddle Zones

Billabong Women’s Salty Dayz 4/3 - $339.95

“Incredibly warm Graphene Lined”

Billabong Women’s Salty Dayz 4/3 Wetsuit.

Currently, a dependable women’s 4/3 hooded wetsuit is hard to find. The Salty Dayz is a gem in the women’s wetsuit market for its high-end features and stylish feminine flair. The stand-out feature of the Salty Dayz is the Graphene Comp liner. Graphene conducts and retains heat more efficiently than traditional liners while remaining incredibly strong.

In addition to the internal graphene liner, the Salty Dayz features Pro Stretch, an exterior jersey constructed of 100% recycled fibers. This jersey produces an even lighter and more maneuverable rubber.

Looking at the rest of the suit, Billabong uses an environmentally-friendly neoprene called Smart Foam. This updated neoprene is made from upcycled car tires, and it’s super pliable and more flexible than any Billabong suit before.

Overall, the Salty Dayz delivers quality and performance at an affordable price, and at the same time, it is one of the most eco-friendly 4/3 hooded options available.

Customer Feedback

“This is a great wetsuit, especially for the price. It's hard to find a women's 4/3 with a hood, which makes this suit even better. The size chart is accurate - I am 5'8", 145lbs and a size 10 fits perfectly. I would definitely recommend it to friends.”

- Erin W.

Highlights and Features

  • High Thermal Retention
  • Warmth and Performance of Graphene
  • Internally Taped Seams
  • Eco-Friendly Materials

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Final Thoughts

While all of the wetsuits on this list have their own perks, it’s important to find the one that is best for your local break and bank. Prone to getting cold easily? Choose a suit with a warmer internal liner like the Dawn Patrol or Salty Dayz. Surfing in an area with lots of paddling? The Hyperfreak is the way to go with its minimal high-performance design. Or, looking for something with a bit more durability? O’Neill’s recently released Ninja is the suit for you.

Whatever your needs are, don’t hesitate to chat with one of our experts. Drop a comment below, call us at 1-888-546-6176, or email us at