Best Women's Affordable 3/2 Wetsuits of 2024

Best Women's Affordable 3/2 Wetsuits of 2024

First up in our three-part series: the best affordable options for women’s 3/2 wetsuits of 2024. We factored in neoprene quality, price point, seam construction, and overall performance to highlight and review the best 3/2 suit options in three different categories: affordable, mid-range, and high-end. 

Over the past few years, wetsuit technology has undergone tremendous improvements. You can now purchase an affordable 3/2 wetsuit for around $145-$280 and still get key features found in higher-priced options. A 3/2 suit is recommended for water temperatures ranging from 60-68 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on your tolerance to cooler water temperatures. With that, let’s take a closer look at a few of our top affordable 3/2 wetsuits for women in 2024.

Wetsuits Reviewed

  • Billabong Women’s Synergy 3/2 Chest Zip Wetsuit - $249.95
  • Roxy Women’s Swell Series 3/2 Back Zip Wetsuit - $249.95
  • O’Neill Women’s Epic 3/2 Back Zip Wetsuit - $219.95
  • O’Neill Women’s Reactor II 3/2 Back Zip Wetsuit - $144.95
  • Rip Curl Women’s Dawn Patrol 3/2 Chest Zip Wetsuit - $259.95

Billabong Women’s Synergy - $249.95

Billabong Synergy 3/2 Chest Zip Wetsuit

Time and time again, the Billabong Synergy is a highlight in many of our “best of” blogs. Let me tell you why: quality neoprene, a Nobel prize-winning Graphene liner, and a great all-around fit make it the go-to choice for ladies of all ages looking to get in the water. The fact is, we sell more Synergy’s than any other women’s wetsuit out there! 

The price point is a bit higher on the scale of affordability, but if you can manage the few extra bucks, you’re getting one of the best value and performance suits on the market. The Superlight Foam neoprene is incredibly soft and supple, while the purple hexagon Graphene liner provides the most warmth out of any suit featured on this blog. Internally taped seams also ensure water stays out: another factor to consider when looking for a quality suit. 

The cherry on top is sustainability. The 3/2 Synergy uses a 100% recycled exterior fabric, whereas the neoprene is made from upcycled car tires and old neoprene scraps. The Synergy is also available in a back zip model as well. Need I say more? 

Highlights and Features


Roxy Women’s Swell Series - $249.95

Roxy Swell Wetsuit

Looking for a suit with feminine flair and eco-friendly materials? The Swell 3/2 back zip is the suit for you. About a year ago, Roxy replaced the widely popular Syncro line with the new and improved Swell Series. The StretchFlight neoprene has the right amount of flex to minimize paddle fatigue and extend your sessions. The pinkish, sleek-looking WarmFlight thermal liner extends from the chest to the knees, locking in warmth where it matters most. Glued and blindstitched seams seal together the panels, allowing for a greater range of motion throughout the suit.

All in all, the Swell Series is loaded with impressive sustainability features at an affordable price. Recycled nylon and polyester materials are woven into the thermal liner. In addition, the glue that holds together the seams is water-based, eliminating the use of toxic chemicals. 

Lastly, the Swell is offered in a generous range of sizes, allowing ladies of all body types to find an option that works well. It's also made in a chest zip model as well.

Highlights and Features


O’Neill Women’s Epic - $219.95

O'Neill Women's Epic Wetsuit

The materials and construction of the O’Neill Epic 3/2 have remained untouched during recent years. Yet, the suit continues to be a top seller time and time again. What makes this specific suit so special? The O’Neill reputation and quality materials at an affordable price tag. First, the UltraFlex neoprene is by far one of the most durable rubbers made by O'Neill. The Epic also boasts seamless paddle zones, eliminating bothersome seams in the shoulders and chest, which enhance the suit’s comfort. Tie in the glued and blind stitched seams, and you’re covered next time you paddle out.

Another reason the Epic is such a hot seller is because of the wide variety of sizes offered. It’s one of the few women’s suits made in numerous short and tall sizes. O’Neill suits fit true to size, and with the generous back zip entry, the Epic is certainly a breeze to get on and off.

Take a look at the Epic if you live in a windy area. The front and back smooth skin panels act as a wind barrier on those gusty days. That, along with the internal liner, ensures that you stay warm and comfortable no matter how long your sessions last.

Highlights and Features


O’Neill Women’s Reactor II - $144.95

O'Neill Women's Reactor II Wetsuit

Are you a fan of the Epic but in the market for something slightly more affordable? Don’t pass on the O’Neill Reactor II. In fact, it’s got the lowest price tag of all the suits featured in this blog. The Reactor II is a perfect choice for that first-time surfer or as a backup suit for the seasoned veteran. 

The Reactor II uses the same Ultraflex neoprene found in the Epic. However, the biggest difference is the seam construction. The flatlock seams found on the Reactor II are considered the most basic and least expensive option. Due to the design of the stitching, flatlock seams are the least watertight compared to glued and blindstitched or fluid seam-weld seams. Looking at the rest of the suit, the reinforced knees hold up well over time while the smooth skin panels offer the same windproofing defense that’s also found on the Epic. 

The Reactor II is another women’s suit offered in a generous range of sizes, allowing ladies of all shapes and sizes to paddle out in style and comfort.

Highlights and Features

  • Most affordable 3/2
  • Flatlock seams
  • Smooth skin panels
  • Generous range of sizes


Rip Curl Women’s Dawn Patrol - $259.95

Rip Curl Women's Dawn Patrol Wetsuit

Last but not least, let’s chat about Rip Curl’s most popular suit, the Dawn Patrol. Similar to other suits on this list, Rip Curl sneaks in a few high-end features to make the Dawn Patrol a quality suit while still maintaining a reasonable price tag.

Surfers who wear the Dawn Patrol will comment on the warmth and comfort of the high-quality Flash lining interior liner. This famous pink fleece material is also found in Rip Curl’s high-end models like the Flashbomb and Heatseeker. The suit's outer layer consists of quality E5 neoprene from head to toe. Lastly, internal seams of the Dawn Patrol are taped in high-stress areas. Not only does the taping reinforce the seams, but it also helps keep water out, resulting in a warmer suit.

Quite honestly, the Dawn Patrol is one of the best value suits out there. In fact, Rip Curl carries a generous 3-year warranty on stitching, ensuring that you are taken care of down the road. Not a fan of the chest zip? You’re in luck; the Dawn Patrol is also made in a back zip model as well!

Highlights and Features


Final Thoughts

Congratulations on making it through our first “Best of 3/2” wetsuit roundup! We’ve covered a lot of material with techy industry jargon thrown in here and there. But don’t let that overwhelm you. It’ll be so worth the extra research once you find that perfect wetsuit.

What do you think is the best suit for you? At the end of the day, it really comes down to your priorities. If you can throw down a few extra bucks, the Dawn Patrol and Synergy are the top contenders for the most affordable yet quality suit. Or start off with the Reactor II! It’ll allow you to be in the water, where you can work on progressing your surf skills. The Roxy Swell certainly stands out with its sleek feminine flair and eco-friendly materials. Still can’t make up your mind? Don’t count out the tried and true O’Neill Epic. Year after year, it tops our list of best-selling suits with its functionality and killer price point. 

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