7 Best Surf Backpacks of 2023

7 Best Surf Backpacks of 2023

Being a surfer means having your gear ready to go last minute when the swell picks up. Using the best surf backpack available will make your surfing experience go from good to great. We considered different elements such as a bag that supports travel, hiking out to secret spots, and something that keeps your gear protected from start to finish. There are many contenders out there, so in this review, we’ve rounded up the 7 best surf packs of 2023. Let’s unpack this thing.

Surf Packs Reviewed

  • Rip Curl - F-Light Surf Pack Backpack - 40L - $159.95
  • Dakine - Mission Surf Backpack - 30L - $94.95+
  • Dakine - Cyclone II Dry Pack Surf Backpack - 36L -$174.95
  • Channel Islands- Essential Surf backpack - Surftrek Storm Pack 40L - $131.95
  • Rip Curl- Dawn Patrol Surf Pack backpack - 30L - $89.95
  • Patagonia - Disperser Roll Top Surf Backpack - 40L - $218.95
  • FCS - Wet Pack - Heather Gray - $89.95

Rip Curl F-Light Surf Pack Backpack 40L - $159.95

“Meant for it all”

Rip Curl F-Light Surf Pack Backpack 40L

The F-Light by Rip Curl allows you to be as prepared as a boy scout for any session. A large roll & clip insulated wet/dry compartment can comfortably fit a 3/2mm full suit and other larger surf accessories. The bag's front pocket includes a laptop sleeve, fleece-lined sunglass/tech pocket, and a dedicated fin organizer. With a large 1-liter insulated water bottle holder on one side and a wax pocket on the other, this bag has a ton of nooks and crannies to store almost anything you could think to pack.

The dry pockets are also reinforced on the outside with a thicker plastic material to ensure your phone and other valuables stay safe in the bag. The best part is that all of this storage and pockets don’t come at an additional weight. By using super-light materials, the F-Light weighs in at only 3 lbs. This would be an ideal bag to travel with, and it’s also nice for those who like to have an extra leash, fins, and gear on them.

Highlights and Features

  • 40L
  • Roll-top with buckle closure
  • Dry/Wet compartment
  • Laptop sleeve & protective tech pocket
  • Insulated Water Bottle Sleeve
  • Reinforced protective shell

Dakine Mission Surf Backpack 30L - $94.95

“Nothing left behind”

Dakine Mission Surf 30L Backpack

This pack is for the committed surfer or the weekend warrior. The 30L will get your gear to the break with everything you need and nothing you don't. Designed with a seam-sealed rolltop dry/wet pocket, the Mission bag is large enough to fit a full 5/4mm wetsuit, boots, and gloves. With the Mission, you won’t have to worry about a clunky walk back to the parking area.

Durability also comes to mind when reviewing the Mission. This pack can stand the test of rugged coastal terrain by using heavy-duty YKK zippers and an ultradurable reinforced bottom that can resist boulders, reefs, and tree stumps. Not only does this pack have the ability to fit your significant pieces of equipment in the wet/dry pocket, but there are additional pockets to safely store glasses, wax, fins, and keep a water bottle or two.

If you’re looking for a bag with similar characteristics but in a 40L version, check out the Dakine- Mission Surf DLX. Not only does this bag have an extra 10L of space, but it also includes a specific pocket for a laptop and electronics. Having this option is a big deal for surfers planning to travel. Check out the Mission surf DLX 40L model here.

This pack is available in multiple color options, so choose your favorite and get out there!

Highlights and Features

  • 30L
  • Roll-top
  • Accessories pocket
  • Wet/Dry compartment

Dakine Cyclone II Dry Pack Surf Backpack 36L- $174.95+

A Classic”

Dakine Cyclone II Dry Pack Surf Backpack 36L

The Cyclone II is another excellent pack with a straightforward 36L design. The Cyclone II keeps it practical by using high-end materials like the strong, tear-resistant Cordura Fabric and welded seams for the bag's outer shell. This pack has two exterior pockets for both a pre and post-surf beverage and one sizeable roll-top pocket that’s big enough to fit all of your neoprene. The pockets are water-resistant and have PU-coated zippers. There is also an integrated laptop sleeve for everyday and travel use.

Keeping with the minimalistic yet practical theme, the shoulder straps on this pack are lightweight and “breathable” with ventilation. The materials on this pack don’t absorb water, so it stays light and dry after use. The Cyclone II has you covered if you need a surf pack for quick hikes or short trips. If you’re looking for a smaller pack specific to day trips, check out the 32L version.

Highlights and Features

  • 36L
  • Wet/Dry Compartment
  • Roll-Top
  • Two small exterior pockets
  • Laptop sleeve

Channel Islands Essential Surf Backpack 40L - $131.95

“Pockets for Everything”

Channel Islands Essential Surf Backpack

The Channel Islands Essential has everything you need to be prepared for your longest day trips.

The pack has a specific compartment for your wet gear and a roll-top closure. While using my Essential pack, I could fit my wetsuit, boots, and my girlfriend's wetsuit and boots in the wet compartment. The backpack was full, but there was still plenty of space for my fins, towels, and necessities. One of my favorite things about this pack is the internal zip pockets for accessories. Each pocket is zip closed and helps you organize with ease.

We have had a lot of good feedback from customers about this backpack. Check out the product reviews on our website for any clarification. Look no further if you need a pack with all the room you need and more.

Highlights and Features

  • 42L
  • Wet/Dry Compartment
  • Roll-Top
  • Fleece-lined sunglass pocket
  • 2X water bottle pockets

Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Surf Backpack 30L - $89.95

“Wave to Work Master”

Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Surf Backpack 30L

The Rip Curl Dawn Patrol includes everything you need and nothing you don’t: created for quick day trips where efficiency matters.

At 30L, this backpack includes outstanding features such as a specific wetsuit roll/top compartment and a dedicated fin organizer. With a designated padded laptop pocket, you can go straight from surfing remote waves to creating content for work. There’s nothing like being able to work in the outdoors with nature present for inspiration.

Every pocket on the backpack has a zip closure except for the side pockets made for water bottles. The backpack is made from recycled polyester, so you can feel even better by making an eco-friendly purchase.

Highlights and Features

  • 30L
  • Wet/Dry Compartment
  • Roll-Top
  • Fleece-lined sunglass pocket
  • 2X water bottle pockets

Patagonia Disperser Roll Top 40L - $218.95

“Extreme Resistance”

Patagonia Disperser Roll Top 40L

Patagonia stays true to its values by creating a pack that honors a surfer's needs without a high environmental impact. The Disperser is an excellent pack for any adventurer heading to rain-saturated territories. This 40L bag comprises one wet/dry compartment complete with a secure roll-top and dual buckle closure. You’ll easily be able to fit all of your cold or warm water gear into this pack for your expedition. With extreme water resistance, there is no need to worry about pricy items like a camera or phone getting wet. The fabric of this pack is made of 100% recycled nylon and polyester. This pack is unique because it is also compatible with Patagonia’s Convertible Vest and Wader workstation, adding more room for the extra small stuff.

Keep your wallet or phone in the front pocket with a water bottle on the side, and you are good to go. The Dispenser “to the point” bag will protect your gear while trekking through forests or cliffsides to reach that dream surf spot.

Highlights and Features

  • 40L
  • Roll-top bag
  • Fair Trade Certified
  • Non-absorbent straps
  • Internal Organizer

FCS Wet Pack - $89.95

“Simplicity at its finest”

FCS Wet Pack

The FCS Wet/Dry Travel Pack is the perfect way to transport your surf gear. It has a handy waterproof shell with a generous 40 liters of capacity, thanks to its roll-top main compartment that can be adjusted for different sizes of loads. Plus, it has a separate zippered waterproof pocket for keeping items like your phone and keys dry. The FCS Wet Pack is a durable dry bag that protects your gear from the elements.

To carry your FCS Wet/Dry pack anywhere you want, grab the padded carrying handle or throw on the backpack straps whenever you need them. Never worry about getting your gear wet or dirty again – the FCS Wet Pack has you covered!

Highlights and Features

  • 40L
  • Roll-top bag
  • Adjustable depth
  • Welded seams
  • Additional waterproof pocket

Let’s Wrap it Up

To sum it up, there are plenty of surf packs on the market to choose from. Whether you need something to get your gear from A to B, or you’re looking for a pack suitable for more adventurous trips, there is something that suits your needs. Style and features differ significantly, but each bag has its own unique traits that make it stand amongst the crowd of competitors. Surf missions can be tricky at times, but with the right bag, you can easily handle the bumps and bruises of each memorable swell. Now the question remains: What surf pack will help make your next surf trip stress-free? Get ready to hit the waves and find your go-to bag so you can make the most of your journey!

If you want to chat more about your options, drop a comment below, call our team at 888-546-6176, or email us at support@cleanlinesurf.com.