Best High-End 3/2 Wetsuits of 2023

Best High-End 3/2 Wetsuits of 2023

As the temperatures drop and the waves beckon, it's time to gear up with the best 3/2 wetsuits for 2023 – designed to elevate your surfing experience. Our team of cold water surfers has curated a selection of the finest top-quality 3/2 suits available. We aim to provide you with in-depth reviews and expert insights to help you make an informed decision while preparing to surf dreamy waves. So follow along as we evaluate some of the best wetsuits offered for 2023.

A 3/2 wetsuit is recommended for water temperatures ranging from 60 to 65 degrees F, perfect for a Southern California summer or New England spring. We consider a high-end 3/2 to fall within a price range of $350-600. Whether you're a surfer, paddleboarder, kayaker, or all-around water adventurer, our selection covers a wide range of key factors, allowing you to find the perfect high-end 3/2 suit for your needs and budget.

Wetsuits Reviewed

  • O’Neill Hyperfreak Fire 3/2+ Chest Zip Wetsuit - $429.95
  • O’Neill Blueprint 3/2+ Chest Zip Wetsuit - $579.95
  • Billabong Furnace 3/2 Chest Zip Wetsuit - $499.95
  • Patagonia R1 Yulex Regulator 3/2.5 Chest Zip Wetsuit - $479.00
  • Rip Curl Flashbomb 3/2 Chest Zip Wetsuit - $449.95

O’Neill Hyperfreak Fire - $429.95

Checks all the boxes"

O'Neill Hyperfreak Fire Wetsuit

The O’Neill Hyperfreak Fire is a spinoff of the Hyperfreak with added durability and warmth. If you recall from our previous blog (“the best mid-range wetsuits of 2023”), you'll know the Hyperfreak is O’Neill’s best-performing wetsuit based on flexibility. The Hyperfreak Fire 3/2+ includes a TB4 Firewall lining and an Exterior Fluid seam weld. Now you can have your favorite suit be high-performing, long-lasting, and plenty warm.

We’ve found that the Hyperfreak Fire 3/2+ runs snugly. While the additional features ensure the suit runs warmer, the flipside is that the Fire sacrifices a smidge of mobility, so don’t be surprised if you have to work a little harder getting the suit on and off.

O’Neill has been leading the wetsuit industry for up to 50 years and started in 1952. If you’re looking for a wetsuit with nearly 70 years of experience to back it up, don’t look any further!

Highlights and Features


O’Neill Blueprint - $579.95

Sustainability at its finest"

O'Neill Blueprint Wetsuit

The O’Neill Blueprint 3/2+ stands out for its sustainable, high-performance characteristics. With the latest eco-friendly TB4 and recycled materials, this is arguably O’Neill’s most eco-friendly wetsuit. The use of recycled oyster shells, eco carbon black infused neoprene, and recycled dope dyed yarn are just a few of the unique manufacturing processes that make the Blueprint stand out.

The Blueprint also has Super-Flex Neo tape, detailed seems, and Aqua Alpha glue for ultimate stretch and comfort. If you’re looking for the famous Technobutter flexibility and a highly eco-friendly suit, then the Blueprint is a serious contender.

Highlights and Features


Billabong Furnace - $499.95

Award-winning Graphene Liner"

Billabong Furnace Wetsuit

The Billabong Furnace 3/2 balances flexibility, warmth, and durability. The Graphene liner throughout the wetsuit keeps you warm and comfy, while the SMART Foam and Super-flex neo tape provide exceptional flex. I have the 5/4 hooded model and have been completely satisfied. My two favorite features include the graphene liner for warmth and the minimal seam design for flexibility. The interior fabric consists of Graphene and Graphene Recycler Plus. This heat-generating graphene is infused with silicone stretch to keep you warm and comfortable.

Billabong cares for our oceans, and they do their best to incorporate sustainability into manufacturing. The Furnace is constructed with 100% recycled fibers and sustainable properties; the suit maintains durability with the welded exterior and internally taped seams. Check it out on our website today!

Highlights and Features

  • Minimal Seams
  • Airlight 4D Stretch
  • 100% Recycled Fibers
  • Exclusive Graphene Liner


Patagonia R1 Yulex Regulator $479.00

Cleanline’s most Eco-Friendly Wetsuit"

Patagonia Yulex Regulator Wetsuit

Patagonia hasn’t been in the surf industry as long as brands such as O’Neill and Billabong; however, they know how to make high-quality, eco-friendly wetsuits. Yulex, a natural material sustainably tapped from hevea trees in Guatemala, is used in all of Patagonia's wetsuits. The process is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. With a high-stretch and comfortable nylon lining, internally taped seams, and AquaA glue, the Patagonia R1 is built to last multiple seasons. 

The sustainable material and curation of products from Patagonia is unmatchable. One of the best reasons to purchase a wetsuit from Patagonia is their Iron-Clad warranty program. Out of all  the surf brands in the wetsuit industry, Patagonia does an excellent job at repairing suits and taking care of their clientele. If you’re looking for one of the best premium 3/2 suits from a company you can trust, don’t hesitate to purchase a Patagonia Regulator.

Highlights and Features


Rip Curl Flashbomb - $449.95

Sweater like warmth"

Rip Curl Flashbomb Wetsuit

The Flashbomb has been a staple wetsuit for Rip Curl. Over the years, the Flashbomb has proven to be Rip Curl’s premier wetsuit, built with the latest technology. Not only is the Flashbomb plenty warm, durable, and flexible, but it is also described as the world's fastest-drying wetsuit.

With premium E7 neoprene, E7 flash lining, and smooth skin panels, the Flashbomb 3/2 wetsuit stands out as a high-performing, durable, lightweight wetsuit. Two of my favorite features include the E7 flash lining tape and the sealed cuffs to prevent water from entering the wetsuit. Is the Flashbomb the lightest suit featured in this blog? Certainly not, but it’s worth the flexibility compromise if you need an incredibly warm suit.

Highlights and Features


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Final Thoughts

As we conclude our exploration of the best high-end 3/2 wetsuits of 2023, it becomes apparent that this year has marked a true pinnacle in wetsuit technology and design. These exceptional wetsuits have redefined comfort, performance, and versatility for surfers, making those early morning and late evening sessions more inviting than ever. 

You might ask, what is the best 3/2 wetsuit? Well, it all comes down to your priorities. The Patagonia Regulator is by far the most eco-friendly, whereas the Flashbomb is known for its incredible warmth. Do you catch yourself wondering if more expensive wetsuits are better? Suits like the Regulator and Blueprint have a high price point but contain an impressive stat sheet of sustainable features. In addition, the extra cost typically means the suit uses a high-quality neoprene, more durable seam construction, and a warmer interior liner – resulting in longer, warmer, and more comfortable surf sessions. 

I hope this wetsuit review was informative and valuable in your 3/2 wetsuit shopping experience. If you have any questions about the wetsuits featured in this blog, you can always call us at 1-888-546-6176 or send an email to