Album Surfboards Debuts at Cleanline Surf

Album Surfboards Debuts at Cleanline Surf

As a newcomer to the Cleanline lineup, Album Surfboards brings a new perspective on surf design and performance. Initially shaping out of his garage, Matt Parker has evolved his craft into some of the finest hand-shaped boards coming out of California. Stemming from his graphic design and fine arts background, Parker always appreciated unique and functional design elements within his craft. He has continued his innovations in board-shaping with collaborations with surfers and a continued experimental mindset. Read on to learn more about some of the models available at Cleanline Surf.

History of Album Surfboards

Lineup of Album Surfboards.

Album Surfboards’ humble beginning started in Southern California. In 2001 Matt Parker started his shaping career in his garage. Having studied design and fine arts, Parker had a knack for composition, shape, color, and patterns. Transferring his knowledge into his shaping created naturally progressive shapes and designs.

Taking a different approach than the majority of the surf industry, Parker specializes in twin fins and asymmetrical boards. Using PU construction and durable 6x4x4 glassing, Album boards are hand shaped with intricate thought and attention to detail.

Parker’s work has gained a cult following made up of surfers looking to explore different lines outside their traditional surf craft. Over the years, Album has amassed a solid group of team riders who help Parker with new ideas and testing of their boards. Some of their riders include Josh Kerr, Andy Jones, Asher Pacey, Victor Bernardo, and Jack Freestone.

Overview of Album Surfboards

Our first shipment of Album Surfboards landed recently. You could feel the stoke in the air as we unpacked the Twinsman, Bom Dia, Sunstone, Lightbender, Moonstone, and Townsend boards. Read more for a short surfboard review of the models, their features, and how they perform.

Album Twinsman Swallow Surfboard


The Twinsman is designed to be ridden by anyone from the weekend warrior to one of the top aerial surfers: Josh Kerr. In fact, take a look at Kerr riding the Twinsman on Indo waves in SWAY.

With a user-friendly shape and effortless speed, the Twinsman will quickly become your favorite board. With a relaxed rocker under the chest and a single concave to a spiral v out of the tail, the Twinsman paddles well and offers a significant amount of drive and the ability to go more vertical than a traditional twin fin. In addition, it has a surprising amount of hold on both forehand and backhand, which is rare for a twin fin.

Take a look at our in-depth review of the Album Surf Twinsman Surfboard.

Staff Feedback

"The Album Twinsman is a performance Twin Fin suitable for most conditions. I’ve used mine in gutless waist high surf to waves slightly overhead with power and the thing performs. The biggest surprise for me is how well the board surfs on the backhand. I’ve had Twins in the past that slide out when going backside and this thing holds. Definitely my favorite Twin Fins to date!"

- Spencer

Highlights and Features

Album Bom Dia Surfboard


The Bom Dia was originally named the GOAT, which Parker designed for Kelly Slater to ride in the STAB Electric Acid Surfboard Contest. Over time, Parker eventually started working with Victor Bernardo, tweaked the design of the GOAT, and launched the all-new Bom Dia: an asymmetric quad that fits in the performance category.

It rides effortlessly rail to rail and generates speed easily. The board is meant to be sized an inch or so below your performance shortboard due to the extra volume packed in the shape. The Bom Dia sports a shorter rail on your heelside, shortening the arc in your backside turns to make for a more ergonomic feel.

Highlights and Features

Album Sunstone Surfboard


The Sunstone is Album’s rendition of the classic fish that has remained popular over the years and is also the foundation of Asher Pacey's quiver. Pacey is known to be a fish enthusiast and surfs with unmatched flow and style. Parker and Pacey have been working together since 2019, fine-tuning the latest small fish designs.

The Sunstone differs from a typical fish with its slightly narrower outline and updated single to double concave and a vee off the tail. This bottom contour makes the Sunstone livelier and faster. If you have your eye on a fish but want some added flair, the Sunstone is the board for you.

Staff Feedback

“I’m new to this whole fish board thing and decided to give the Album Sunstone a shot. When the board arrived, I was tripping at how chunky the nose was. But after getting a few sessions on it, this thing is mental. It has great speed down the line and goes on rail really well. A very flat entry rocker allows you to get into some of the most gutless waves, which are common here on the Oregon coast during the summer months. This is a great summer board for burgery to head high waves”.

- Dexter

Highlights and Features

Album Lightbender Surfboard


The Lightbender is another brainchild of Asher Pacey and Matt Parker. It was created from a fish design but features a more pulled-in outline with a modern bottom contour. The Lightbender is meant to be surfed like a fish with the ability to attack the lip. Parker took a performance board bottom contour and applied it to the Lightbender, with a single to double and a v out of the tail, for improved performance and drive.

Highlights and Features

Album Moonstone Surfboard


The mid-length Moonstone was born when Parker took the popular UTF fish outline and stretched it out to create a better-performing board in mushier flatter waves. The Moonstone has a narrower profile creating easier rail to rail engagement which allows for more dynamic surfing. Because of the additional length, reach for the Moonstone on anything from small summer days to bigger step-up days with the functional design. Parker goes out on a limb and claims that Josh Kerr’s favorite Album board is the Moonstone.

Highlights and Features

Album Townsend Surfboard


The Townsend was made with the goal of combining a step-up and a mid-length in an asymmetric shape. The Townsend features a little more rocker with a fuller nose and a pulled-in tail. The twin fin placement is offset to match the shorter rail line on your heel edge. The Townsend excels in shoulder-high+ surf, giving you the paddle power and control to handle good waves. Watch Asher Pacey rip on the Townsend in Art Form. You might even say the Townsend is a one-board quiver with its versatile shape.

Highlights and Features

Final Thoughts

Looking to spice up your surfing game? Break free from the traditional thruster surfboard and dive into the dynamic world of Album Surfboards. With an impressive array of shapes and styles, you'll have plenty of options to choose from. From high-performing twins to quirky asymmetric designs and even step-up models, there's something for everyone - no matter your experience level. So why not take a chance and try something new? Who knows, it might just take your surfing to the next level.

Our Album surfboard inventory moves quickly; if you’ve got a particular model and size in mind, but we don’t have it in stock, don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you have any questions about the various Album Surfboards models or any other boards we carry, drop a comment below, email us at, or call us at 1-888-546-6176. See'ya in the water!