8 Best Longboard Single Fins of 2024

George Greenough standing with a single fin surfboard.

Welcome to our 2024 review of 8 highly sought-after longboard single fins. Are you looking to cut into the pocket and hang 10 on the nose? Or are you trying to do big drawn-out turns that leave lines down the wave face? Maybe you’ve upgraded to a 2+1 egg, or you are brand new to surfing. Whatever your goal is, having the right single fin is crucial to your surfing experience. In this review, we will go over what features and characteristics make these 8 fins so great.

Longboard Fins Reviewed

  • True Ames - Greenough 4A Single Fin - $75+
  • True Ames - California Classic Single Fin - $72+
  • Futures - Performance Thermotech Single Fin - $18+
  • Flying Diamonds - CJ Nelson Parallax Single Fin - $85+
  • Flying Diamonds - CJ Nelson Involvement Single Fin - $85+
  • FCS II - Christenson PG Longboard Single Fin - $106+
  • FCS II - Harley Ingleby Single Fin - $58
  • Futures - Fins Performance Single Fin - $55+

True Ames Greenough 4A Single Fin - $75+

The Bread and Butter of Single Fins” 

True Ames Greenough 4A Single Fin


Designed by George Greenough, the True Ames Greenough 4A is the ideal fin for any longboarder wanting to get the most out of their sessions. In fact, this is one of the most copied fin templates of all time. The Greenough is designed to generate speed, execute beautiful turns, and hang out in the pocket. It has a broad base and a raked-out body with a thinner tip, allowing for some flexibility to release during maneuvers. The 4A shines when you want that unmistakable slide, spring, drive, and responsiveness.

The 4A comes in standard fiberglass or a premium hand-sanded Volan construction. The fiberglass fin is available in different colors and sizes (6.5” - 10.5”) to fit your board perfectly. The Volan construction turns well with a high precision foil and a significant amount of flex, geared towards someone wanting that extra slip and slide in their surfing. The idea of the fin is for the flex to come from the body of the fin instead of just the tip for that extra spring to generate speed. The Volan is excellent for waves when you want more speed over hold.

I use the 9” and 7” fin in Volan construction on my 9'0 TJ Pro. The 9” works great as a single fin, and the 7” works well as a 2+1 with True Ames side bites. My first time dropping in with the 2+1 surprised me with a quick response. I recommend throwing in the side bites if you want extra stability and response for bigger waves.

Highlights and Features

  • Sizes: 6.5” - 10.5”
  • Materials: Fiberglass and Volan
  • Wide Base
  • Heavy Rake


True Ames California Classic Single Fin - $72+

“A Go-To Classic”

True Ames California Classic Single Fin


The True Ames California Classic is the fin that comes to mind when thinking of the traditional longboarder. A core template in the True Ames factory and built to work with a variety of boards and fin sets, this single fin has a place in everyone's quiver.

The glassed fin has a medium base combined with a healthy amount of rake and is fuller at the tip. You’ll find that this fin will initiate turns easier than the 4A but will still feel stable when executing maneuvers because of the fuller tip. The Cali Classic is available in sizes ranging from 6” to 10” in length and has many different color options allowing you to personalize your ride. The small to medium sizes pair well with side bites for a 2+1 setup on a midlength, and the larger sizes hold their own on a traditional log.

The California Classic is excellent for the surfer wanting to start walking on their board or simply master riding down the line. It’s the perfect choice for riding small, mushy summer waves, and it could help you get the hang of cross-stepping due to the added stability. While the fin is beginner-friendly, it does not hold back the more advanced surfer. Don’t sleep on this classic-style single fin: it should be in every longboarders fin quiver.

Highlights and Features

  • Size: 6” - 10”
  • Materials: Fiberglass
  • Medium Base
  • Medium Rake


Futures Performance Thermotech Single Fin - $18+

“Affordable and Best Selling” 

Futures Performance Thermotech Single Fin


The Futures Performance Thermotech single fin is excellent for someone just starting to ride longboards or mid-lengths. The entire template is balanced and stable compared to other performance single fins. The Performance Thermotech is available in 7” - 8” and uses a screw and plate fastening to be compatible with most single fin boxes.

Plastic fins might not be the most glamorous-looking fins, but they get the job done and are budget-friendly. Thermotech is constructed from fiberglass fibers for a lightweight feel and just enough flex to maneuver the board on the wave face. Snag one for your first single fin’s, or simply keep it as a backup.

Highlights and Features

  • Sizes: 6” - 9”
  • Material: Thermotech
  • Neutral Base
  • Medium Rake


Flying Diamonds CJ Nelson Parallax Single Fin - $85+

Made for Speed”

Flying Diamonds CJ Nelson Parallax Single Fin


The CJ Parallax is an outstanding fin for any type of board with a single fin box. From a mid-length egg to a longboard glider, the CJ Parallax will help you excel in your turns and down-the-line speed. With a thin profile, the Parallax surf fin excels in maneuvers with a springy response. Although thin, the fin is exceptionally fast and has minimal drag.

Giving and taking certain features is key while deciding what surfing style you want. Luckily, the Parallax is a well-balanced fin that will let you excel in various styles. Flying Diamonds describes this fin as “One of the fastest and loosest fins in the world today. Bring more life to any board with this one.” With a description like that, how could you not want to try this fin out on one of your favorite shapes? Check it out on our website today!

Highlights and Features

  • Sizes: 9.5” - 10.5”
  • Materials: Fiberglass/ G10
  • Fast & Loose Template
  • Neutral Base


Flying Diamonds CJ Nelson Involvement Single Fin - $85+

Well Balanced & Beginner Friendly

Flying Diamonds CJ Nelson Involvement Single Fin


The Involvement single-fin is a great option for someone wanting a stable, predictable ride. With all the different fins to choose from, the CJ Involvement will help you make smooth, clean maneuvers. It's not the fastest turning fin, but if you step on the tail of your surfboard, it will react well, and you can get a quick turn. This longboard fin is built with a wide base for stability and is one of the most beginner-friendly single fins on the market. Even in less ideal conditions, you can expect a smooth glide. 

Flying Diamonds has been in the fin-making business for many years and supports some of the best longboard athletes. In fact, Kai Sallis, who rides for Flying Diamonds, is the current longboard World title holder.

Highlights and Features

  • Size: 9” - 10”
  • Materials: Fiberglass/ G10 Fiberglass
  • Wide Base
  • Predictable Glide


FCS II Christenson PG Longboard Single Fin - $106+

"Innovative Competition Design” 

FCS II Christenson PG Longboard Single Fin


The FCS II Christenson performance glass single fin has been built with one of FCS’s latest innovations. This game changing tool-less single fin snaps in and out with ease. Especially considering you can adjust your placement of the fin during your session.

The Performance glass material used in this FCS fin is widely used by professional surfers due to the stiff flex and ability to hold in bigger waves. The Outline of the Christenson PG fin has been curated to be used by the surfer who wants to make quick turns and slashes while still maintaining hold. If you’re surfing in a competition and need a fin to help you score some high points, no need to look any further.

Highlights and Features

  • Sizes: 7.5” - 9.5”
  • Materials: Performance Glass 
  • Neutral Base
  • Medium Rake


FCS II Harley Ingleby Single Fin - $58.00

“Maximizing Tail Release 

FCS II Harley Ingleby Single Fin

Best paired with a quad, this 5.5” single fin will help you get the tail release you have been looking for. A performance longboard, a SUP, or a 2 + 1 setup would complement with this single fin best. With a 50/50 foil, you can expect the fin to have a predictable pivot feel. Another highlight is the FCS II tool-less fin technology, which can be adjusted in water. If you have ever placed your single fin too far back or forward, you know it can make a big difference in how your board rides.

At a depth of 5.27” and a base of 4.84”, this longboard single fin is around the same size as a thruster center fin. However, it is compatible with basically any longboard fin box. The single fin is also built using the PC Core construction (Performance Core). Performance core construction has a flex that extends progressively from the base to the tip, which will help the rider maintain hold and drive. If you’re looking for that extra performance on your longboard, don’t hesitate to try this fin out.

Highlights and Features

  • Size: 5.5”
  • Materials: Performance Core
  • Small Size
  • Medium Rake


Future Fins Performance Single Fin - $55.00+

Performance Maneuvers” 

Future Fins Performance Single Fin


The Future Fins Performance Single Fin is a step up from the plastic performance Thermotech model. Offered from 4.6” to 9”, this single fin can be used for multiple styles of surfboards. The 4.6” fin has a symmetrical foil and is the same size as most center fins on a thruster fin setup. The bigger sizes, 6.0” and up, would pair best as a 2 + 1 setup. However, the 9” will still work well on a longboard as a classic single fin.

With a Fiberglass construction, there is a solid flex pattern throughout the fin's body. Future fin's symmetrical foil complements this, minimizing drag and maximizing glide between strokes. So, if you’re looking for a fin to do it all, this Performance fin would be a good option, depending on what size you go with. 7.0” and up will allow you to surf as a 2 + 1 or Single fin.  

Highlights and Features

  • Size: 4.5” - 9”
  • Materials: Fiberglass
  • Wide Base
  • Thin Tip
  • Heavy Rake


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Final Thoughts

Well, that’s a wrap, folks! Those are our best 8 single fins available at Cleanline Surf for 2024. There is a fin out there for everyone, no matter what style of surfing you are trying to achieve. Whether you want to start with a plastic fin or upgrade to the most modern fin, we can help you find the best match. Thanks for the read, and we look forward to hearing about your longboarding sessions.

If you have any questions or need help, contact our support team by dropping a comment below, emailing us at support@cleanlinesurf.com, or call us at 888-546-6176.




James grew up as a snowboarder in the Wasatch Mountain range, with an admiration of the sea. After catching his first wave and soaking up the sea breeze, he gained an eternal love for surfing. Nowadays, he lives to ride sideways and is stoked to share his passions with others while writing blogs and working on the Customer Service team. If you don’t see him at the surf break, he’ll be pumping a bowl or ripping down a mountain.