8 Best Longboard Single Fins of 2023

8 Best Longboard Single Fins of 2023

Welcome to our 2023 review of 8 highly sought-after longboard single fins. Are you looking to cut into the pocket and hang 10 on the nose? Or are you trying to do big drawn-out turns that leave lines down the wave face? Maybe you’ve upgraded to a 2+1 egg, or you are brand new to surfing. Whatever your goal is, having the right single fin is crucial to your surfing experience. In this review, we will go over what features and characteristics make these 8 fins so great.

Longboard Fins Reviewed

  • True Ames - Greenough 4A Single Fin - $72+
  • True Ames - California Classic Single Fin - $69+
  • Futures - Performance Thermotech Single Fin - $18+
  • Flying Diamonds - CJ Nelson Performance Volan Single Fin - $75+
  • True Ames - Tyler Warren Pivot Single Fin - $92+
  • FCS II - Connect GF Single Fin - $40+
  • Captain Fin Co. - Chris Christenson Tracker Single Fin - $75+
  • Flying Diamonds - Tyler Jenson Pro-Flex Single Fin - $70+

True Ames Greenough 4A Single Fin - $72+

The Bread and Butter of Single Fins”

True Ames Greenough 4A Single Fi

Designed by George Greenough, the True Ames Greenough 4A is the ideal fin for any longboarder wanting to get the most out of their sessions. In fact, this is one of the most copied fin templates of all time. The Greenough is designed to generate speed, execute beautiful turns, and hang out in the pocket. It has a broad base and a raked-out body with a thinner tip, allowing for some flexibility to release during maneuvers. The 4A shines when you want that unmistakable slide, spring, drive, and responsiveness.

The 4A comes in standard fiberglass or a premium hand-sanded Volan construction. The fiberglass fin is available in different colors and sizes (6.5” - 10.5”) to fit your board perfectly. I own the 9” and 7” fin in Volan construction. The 9” works great as a single fin, and the 7” works well as a 2+1 with True Ames side bites. My first time dropping in with the 2+1 surprised me with a quick response. I recommend throwing in the side bites if you want extra stability and response for bigger waves.

The Volan construction turns well with a high precision foil and a significant amount of flex, geared towards someone wanting that extra slip and slide in their surfing. The idea of the fin is for the flex to come from the body of the fin instead of just the tip for that extra spring to generate speed. The Volan is excellent for waves when you want more speed over hold. Due to its high-performing characteristics, I use the Volan 4A for my 9’0 TJ Pro.

Highlights and Features

  • Sizes: 6.5” - 10.5”
  • Materials: Fiberglass or Volan
  • Wide Base
  • Heavy Rake

True Ames California Classic Single Fin - $69+

“A Go-To Classic”

True Ames California Classic Single Fin

The True Ames California Classic is the fin that comes to mind when thinking of the traditional longboarder. A core template in the True Ames factory and built to work with a variety of boards and fin sets, this single fin has a place in everyone's quiver.

The glassed fin has a medium base combined with a healthy amount of rake and is fuller at the tip. You’ll find that this fin will initiate turns easier than the 4A but will still feel stable when executing maneuvers because of the fuller tip. The Cali Classic is available in sizes ranging from 6” to 10” in length and has many different color options allowing you to personalize your ride. The small to medium sizes pair well with side bites for a 2+1 setup on a midlength, and the larger sizes hold their own on a traditional log.

The California Classic is excellent for the surfer wanting to start walking on their board or simply master riding down the line. It’s the perfect choice for riding small, mushy summer waves, and it could help you get the hang of cross-stepping due to the added stability. While the fin is beginner-friendly, it does not hold back the more advanced surfer. Don’t sleep on this classic-style single fin: it should be in every longboarders fin quiver.

Highlights and Features

  • Size: 6” - 10”
  • Materials: Fiberglass
  • Medium Base
  • Medium Rake

Futures Performance Thermotech Single Fin - $18+

“Affordable and Best Selling”

Futures Performance Thermotech Single Fin

The Futures Performance Thermotech single fin is excellent for someone just starting to ride longboards or mid-lengths. The entire template is balanced and stable compared to other performance single fins. The Performance Thermotech is available in 7” - 8” and uses a screw and plate fastening to be compatible with most single fin boxes.

Plastic fins might not be the most glamorous-looking fins, but they get the job done and are budget-friendly. Thermotech is constructed from fiberglass fibers for a lightweight feel and just enough flex to maneuver the board on the wave face. Snag one for your first single fin set up or to keep as a backup.

Highlights and Features

  • Sizes: 6” - 9”
  • Material: Thermotech
  • Neutral Base
  • Medium Rake

Flying Diamonds CJ Nelson Performance Volan Single Fin - $75+

Made for Speed”

Flying Diamonds CJ Nelson Performance Volan Single Fin

CJ Nelson developed the Performance fin template 25 years ago, and it still stands as a staple for speed among fin set-ups. The rake and speedy foil allow for less traction during your sessions to make changing directions or turning as smooth as possible. If you’re looking for continuous drive and speed down the line, this is an excellent fin to perfect your setup.

The Flying Diamonds Performance fin is available in sizes 7.5” - 8” in both Volan and Fiberglass construction. It can be used as a single fin in longboards or egg-style mid-lengths. If pairing with side bites, we recommend the Taylor Jenson in FCS II or Futures. The side bites will add hold and provide a quick response when turning. Snag the CJ Nelson Performace Center Fin to go flying down the line and zip past your mate in the lineup.

Highlights and Features

  • Sizes: 7.5” - 8.5”
  • Materials: Volan and Fiberglass
  • Heavy Rake
  • Neutral Base
  • Thinner tip

True Ames Tyler Warren Pivot Single Fin - $92+

“The Magic Fin”

True Ames Tyler Warren Pivot Single Fin

Tyler Warren designed a fin with curves in all the right places for the avid logger. This fiberglass fin has more of an upright structure with the aim to harness pivot and drive. The large surface area provides excellent stability for someone looking to get some time on the nose of their board.

The Pivot is a staple template in Tyler Warren's workshop because of its upright shape and full body. You’ll notice that although the fin seems thicker, there is still flexibility at the tip allowing your board to release easier during maneuvers. It has a wide body with plenty of surface area for a stable, locked-in nose ride. The upright pivot shape allows for tight turns as you change direction. The Tyler Warren Pivot is available in sizes 9.75" - 10.25", which makes it an excellent option for surfers riding a board 9'+.

The Pivot fin is a great option for a big board. If you want to practice your hang-fives, don’t think twice about trying the Tyler Warren Pivot - it’s the perfect addition to your nose-riding quiver.

Highlights and Features

  • Size: 9.75” - 10.25”
  • Materials: Fiberglass
  • Less Rake, More Upright
  • Wide Base
  • Full Body

FCS ll Connect GF Single Fin - $40+

"Well Balanced & Beginner Friendly”

FCS ll Connect GF Single Fin

FCS ll created an all-around, well-balanced fin for anyone hopping onto a bigger board. The Connect GF Single Fin template combines drive, speed, and response to enhance your surfing without breaking the bank.

The GF in the name stands for Glass Flex: a material made from engineer-grade polymer that feels more flexible than plastic without the fragility of glass construction. The material makes it easier for the novice surfer to maintain speed and acceleration while learning to navigate a larger board. The Connect can easily be paired with side bites as a 2+1 setup for your performance longboard or midlength for extra hold when executing maneuvers on the waves.

The base isn’t too wide but is quite neutral, allowing for drive and stability, while the rake is also moderate. Having a moderate rake and a 50/50 foil means you'll have plenty of control while cruising down the line. The FCS II Connect is a fantastic choice for someone just getting into longboarding that wants to focus on the basics until they upgrade to a fiberglass fin.

Furthermore, the unique feature of the Connect is that it secures with a proprietary tool-less fin system. It simply pops in and out, making it quick and easy to install with no need for a fin key or screwdriver.

Highlights and Features

  • Sizes: 7” - 10”
  • Materials: Glass Flex
  • Neutral Base
  • Medium Rake
  • Tool-less

Captain Fin Co Chris Christenson Tracker Single Fin - $75+

“Simplified and Basic”

Captain Fin Co Chris Christenson Tracker Single Fin

Designed by iconic board shaper Chris Christenson, the Tracker series was created to work best on bigger boards with simplicity in mind. A wider base creates drive, and the medium rake with the thinner tip helps to complete tighter turns and maneuvers.

This fin was created with depths from 8” - 10”. The smaller sizes work well in mid-lengths, bringing a beautiful flow to your surfing, while the larger sizes are better for creating more drag while noseriding.

The shape of the Christenson Tracker is built to track the face of the wave and create long, sweeping turns. The Tracker looks similar to the Greenough but includes less base and more width towards the tip of the fin. It works well for surfers wanting a clean line at a fast speed. It might not maneuver as quickly as the Greenough fin, but it has less width toward the base, which equals less drag. Add this fin to your quiver if you want to leave the white water in the dust.

Highlights and Features

  • Size: 8” - 10”
  • Materials: Fiberglass/Resin
  • Wide Base
  • Thin Tip
  • Medium Rake

Flying Diamonds Tyler Jenson Pro-Flex Single Fin - $70+

Made for Performance”

Flying Diamonds Tyler Jenson Pro-Flex Single Fin

Longboarding is more than just hanging out at the nose all day. More and more folks are progressing their surfing to have aggressive and powerful turns while riding bigger boards. The Tyler Jenson Pro-Flex single fin will help progress your surfing if you’re looking to go there.

The details are all in the name. The Pro-Flex fin has a wide, stable base that rakes up to a thinned-out tip. The tip is flexible, and the wide base provides the drive. The balance of flex and drive will make it work well in a variety of swells. With the G10 Fiberglass, you can count on this fin lasting a long time. G10 fiberglass is an industrial-grade glass that is known for durability and strength.

The Tyler Jenson Pro-Flex Single Fin is available in sizes ranging from 7” - 10” and can easily be paired with side bites as a 2+1 setup. It works best on high-performance longboards such as a Bing Pintail Lightweight or Firewire TJ Pro. Available in Clear, Black, and Red, the Flying Diamonds Tyler Jenson Pro-Flex Single Fin is the perfect addition to your performance quiver.

Highlights and Features

  • Size: 7” - 10”
  • Materials: G10 Fiberglass
  • Wide Base
  • Thin Tip
  • Heavy Rake

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That’s a Wrap!

Well, that’s a wrap, folks! Those are our best 8 single fins available at Cleanline Surf for 2023. There is a fin out there for everyone, no matter what style of surfing you are trying to achieve. Whether you want to start with a plastic fin or upgrade to the most modern fin, we can help you find the best match. Thanks for the read, and we look forward to hearing about your longboarding sessions.

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