Surf Products Made In The USA

Surf Products Made In The USA

It’s getting harder to find everyday items made in the USA but you may be surprised to learn that there’s still a group of surf companies here in the states producing gear domestically. Shopping local is definitely important and we’re proud to carry these companies that choose to keep their production in the country.

Here's our list of every piece of surf gear made in the USA right now at the shop. We've arranged this list by category to make it easier to sort through.


Hotline Wetsuits Made In The USA

Hotline has been making great wetsuits since the 70’s and while most surfers probably know them for their classic wetsuit designs, you might be surprised to know that you can still get a USA-Made Hotline suit.

While not all of their wetsuits are made in the USA, you can special order any of their models to be handmade at their Santa Cruz, CA headquarters. To order an American Hotline suit, just give us a call. You can even request to alter the length of any sized suit for a better, tailored fit. There is a higher price tag with the USA version and any alterations, but Hotline is the only company to our knowledge that still produces wetsuits in the states and does an excellent job.


Surf Leashes Made In The USA

After a lot of research and development, Futures released their line of leashes to the public last year and the feedback has been great. Futures went back to the drawing board, looking at the sometimes cheap components being used by other leash companies. They came back with a new design, that uses much higher quality materials and while that does come with a higher price tag than your average leash, Futures’ leashes are going to last longer and are made in the states.

The original big wave leash. Hotline’s been hand-tying their infamously strong leashes for decades in Santa Cruz. These leashes are cut and designed for the strongest surf out there, notably tested at Mavericks. A shop favorite here for a long time, these leashes are dependable and resemble actual fishing gear more than some of the cheaper, plastic-component-based leashes out there.


Surfboards Made In The USA

Eric Arakawa makes some of the best boards around and is based out of the North Shore on Oahu. Easily one of the most respected shapers, Eric has shaped boards for world title winners and just about any type of wave.

Bing is a classic Californian surfboard company that since 1959 has produced all of its boards in the states. Known for their highly regarded longboards, in particular, all of Bing’s boards are made in Encinitas.

Channel Islands
Probably one of the recognizable brands in surfing, Channel Islands Surfboards has been under the feet of countless surfers in local lineups and on the world tour. Since 1969, CI’s have been made down in Santa Barbara, and still to this day, all of their boards are shaped domestically.

Lib Tech
For one of the biggest snowboard companies in the world with some of the most famous riders in the history of the sport, you’d kind of expect Lib Tech to outsource their production. However, Lib Tech holds it down by continuing to manufacture all of their boards including surfboards up in Sequim, Washington.

Based out of the North Shore, Pyzel has become one of the most popular and respected shapers in the past decade. To keep up with the demand, he’s now opened a second shop in Oceanside, California.

Bill Stewart is credited by some as the father of the modern longboard. While that might be up for debate, you can’t argue with the fact that Stewart has been making great, proven boards in Southern California for decades.


Surf Fins Made In The USA

Futures Fins
Futures is the shop's favorite fin plug system and they in recent years have been moving production of most of their templates back to Huntington Beach, CA. The Alpha, Thermotech, Control, Fiberglass, and Honeycomb fins are all made domestically.

Lib Tech Fins
Lib Tech is committed to being as eco-friendly as possible and uses its unique fabric material from their surfboard production to upcycle fins sets. For each board Lib makes up in Washington they’re able to upcycle a few sets of their RRIPS fins which are available in a variety of options.


Sunscreen Made In The USA

Salt and Stone makes their high-end sunscreen in America using high-quality, mineral-based products and are rated well for water resistance, and have been certified organic.


Surf Wax Made In The USA

Both Sex Wax and Sticky Bumps produce all of their wax here in the States. So unless you use some crazy, import wax brand, it’s nice to know that pretty much all wax is USA-made.

That's About It

While it’s hard to buy everything from the USA, there are options out there. If it’s important to you, it is possible and you can get more gear domestically than you might think. Let us know if you have any questions, and feel free to hit us up at or via phone at 1-888-546-6176.