Rip Curl Wetsuits Overview for 2018

Rip Curl Wetsuits Overview for 2018

The new full suits for 2018 have landed and we're stoked to run you through the new suits. Rip Curl has made a lot of changes to its lineup this fall and introduced some big updates to its material and wetsuit technology. We’ve saved you the time of combing through the spec sheets and compiled a list of the new updates in an overview of the Fall 2018 wetsuits.

Flash Bomb Heatseeker

"The Cutting Edge in Wetsuit Design"

Rip Curl Flash Bomb Heat Seeker

The biggest announcement for this year is the introduction of an entirely new suit called the Flash Bomb Heatseeker. The Heatseeker as you may have guessed from its name is designed to be the warmest Flash Bomb ever. That’s no small claim either, as the Flash Bomb over the years has earned the reputation of one of the hottest-running suits out there. While the Heatseeker is a part of the Flashbomb line it looks and performs like no other wetsuit ever made.

Rip Curl
Close-Up of the Smooth Skin on the Arms

The Heatseeker uses a brand new neoprene they call Flex Energy that actually generates heat when stretched. So if you’ve been wondering why the suit is covered in smooth skin on the arms, shoulders, chest, and back, it’s actually because the Flex Energy lining works to keep those parts of your body warm as you surf. Like regular smooth skin, this material also helps cut down on wind chill but unlike regular smooth skin, it’s been re-engineered to be more durable.

Available as a 4/3mm and 3/2mm zip-free suit, the Heatseeker is on the cutting edge of wetsuit technology.


Flash Bomb

"Rip Curl's Best All-Around Suit"

Rip Curl Flash Bomb

The longtime flagship series of suits from Rip Curl, the Flash Bomb is the best all-around suit they make. This year, it’s back and better than ever with E5 neoprene and E5 flash lining throughout the suit. The flash lining is the red/orange colored fuzzy material that has become the staple of the Flash Bomb suits. This lining makes the suit really comfortable but also helps it to dry insanely quickly ( Sometimes in less than 15 minutes in warm conditions). So if you live somewhere that lacks a lot of sunlight this is the suit for you.

The entire suit for this year is built using Rip Curl's super flexible E5 Neoprene and the seams throughout much of the suit are taped on the inside and sealed on the out for maximum durability.

This model has consistently been a shop favorite for 10+ years and is available as a hooded 5/4 as well as back zip, chest zip, and zip free entry in 3/2 and 4/3mm thicknesses.

E-Bomb Pro

"Pure Performance"

Rip Curl E Bomb Pro

The E-Bomb has been the dependable middle ground suit between the Flash Bomb and Dawn Patrol and is now the ultimate affordable mid-range option. Using the highest performing materials available, Rip Curl cut some of the extra bells and whistles to make the new E-Bomb suits super light and stretchy while still keeping it affordable.

The E-Bomb has been redesigned with a brand new neoprene, called E6 Thermoflex which is the most flexible neoprene Rip Curl has ever produced. The E Bomb series is also now exclusively built as a Zip Free suit. Zip Free suits naturally provide more flexibility as they lack the rigid zipper fixture that can stiffen up a suit. The E-Bomb Pro notably doesn’t have smooth skin or external tape on the seams but that only helps to keep the suit as light as possible.

For this year, Rip Curl streamlined the E-Bomb series and it now encompasses only one model, the E-Bomb Pro, and its a zip-free suit available as a 3/2mm and 4/3mm.

Dawn Patrol

"A Huge Upgrade to a Shop Favorite"

Rip Curl Dawn Patrol

Here’s where it gets really interesting. The Dawn Patrol has been consistently one of our most popular suits at the shop for a long time and we like it so much that we switched our entire fleet of rental suits to them a few years back.

More so than any previous year, Rip Curl did their research and really re-worked the Dawn Patrol into an excellent suit. Borrowing a fair amount of features from their Flagship suit, the Flash Bomb, the new Dawn Patrol is a seriously good value for the money.

Rip Curl Dawn Patrol
Inside-Out view showing the E4 Thermo Lining

For starters, they’ve given it the same E5 Neoprene found on the Flash Bomb in the arms and shoulders for easy paddling, and the Flash Bomb’s Flash Lining in the back panel. The rest of the interior is covered in E4 Thermo Lining which dries impressively quickly and is comparable in comfort to the Flashbomb’s E5 Flash Lining. Throughout ¾ of the suit, the internal seams are sealed with E5 Tape for added strength.

This new Dawn Patrol has raised the bar significantly and it now resembles a suit $200 more than its price tag. Available as a Hooded 5/4, a 5/3mm Back zip, and Hooded youth suit, as well a chest zip and back zip in 3/2 and 4/3mm thicknesses.


"Great Value"

Rip Curl Aggrolite

For the budget-conscious surfer, there’s the trusty Aggrolite series of 3/2 and 4/3mm chest zips. This series is practical and affordable, especially for a suit that uses the same neoprene as the Dawn Patrol series and has triple glued and blind stitched seams.

The Chest zip entry is easy to get in and out and uses the same zipper and design as the Dawn Patrol. The Aggrolite series of suits also features internal taping over all of the key stress points.

If you need a backup wetsuit, one for a trip, or are on a budget this is would be a good pick for a dependable suit at a surprisingly low price.


Rip Curl stepped up their game for 2018 with some huge upgrades to the Dawn Patrol Series and the introduction of the Heatseeker suit.

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