These days are a lot of wetsuit brands making surf-specific wetsuits. We feel the lines we carry are the best brands out there for surfers and bring something unique to the table.


In business since 1952, O’Neill is the original wetsuit manufacturer and has also been one of the most popular and well-respected. Constantly on the cutting edge and pushing the boundaries of wetsuit technology, O’Neill has created some of the warmest, most flexible and innovative wetsuits ever made.

Rip Curl

Dedicated to bringing the finest materials, features, and innovations, Rip Curl has been a mainstay of the wetsuit world. Known in particular for their “Bomb” series of wetsuits, Rip Curl continues to bring the latest and greatest wetsuit technology to surfers across the globe.


Patagonia has come to be recognized as one of the most progressive companies out there today for their environmentally friendly and built-to-last gear. Despite being a little late to the wetsuit game, Patagonia has already proven to be one of the top manufacturers and pushed the envelope of wetsuit technology. Their Yulex series of suits broke new ground and gained recognition as Patagonia moved all of their suits towards more environmentally friendly and sustainable methods of production.


Providing high-quality wetsuits at an excellent value, Billabong caters to all surfers and makes some of the best wetsuits in the business. Boasting a team rider list of some of surfing’s biggest names, you can count on Billabong suits to be high performing and durable.


Originally known throughout the ’70s and ’80s for their high-quality and popular board shorts, Quiksilver has grown to be one of the most consistent wetsuit companies and offers suits for all conditions and budgets. Quiksilver also stands out for offering less common specialty sizes such as Small Tall, and has a suit and size for anyone who wants to get in the water.


By taking years of Quiksilver’s wetsuit research and development and applying women’s-specific fit and features to wetsuits, Roxy offers a wide range of high-performing and fashionable options for ladies.


One of the earliest pioneers of cold water technology, Hotline is a tried and true core company from Santa Cruz, California. Over the years, Hotline has established a strong cult following, and for good reason. Hotline’s wetsuits and accessories are extremely dependable and carry the widest size range of any brand, accommodating taller and larger surfers. One of their most popular models, the Ultra Hot Combo, is also the easiest chest entry suit for surfers with large chests and shoulders or struggling with back or shoulder injuries.