Skindog Surfboards

Skindog Surfboards is an inspiring story about setting big hairy goals and the journey in which high-performance longboards made it to market. Established by longtime board building sidekicks Ben “Skindog” Skinner and Jason Gray, they went into business together in 2008 after years of working with board building masters. They began developing their brand in Europe with the goal of providing the best longboards possible. This doughty mission resulted in the opening of their own factory where they could closely monitor the quality production of their surfboards. After establishing themselves in the UK, Ben and Jason partnered with Yu Sumitomo. This collaboration led to the perfect marriage of design, technology, and futuristic materials but more importantly the main goal from day one. Expect flex originality, strength, durability, lightweight construction and overall performance in your handbuilt Skindog Surfboards: these boards win surf competitions.