2023 Billabong Revolution Wetsuit Review

2023 Billabong Revolution Wetsuit Review

Get pitted on waves with style in the new 2023 Billabong Revolution wetsuit. Billabong has been at the forefront of the wetsuit industry for many years. With a passion for their work, they have created a full quiver of wetsuits to meet individual needs. Priced at a mid-range option, the Revolution sits between the high-end Furnace and entry-level Absolute models.

The men’s Billabong Revolution series includes Airlight 4D, Smart Foam, and Graphene Comp. These three defining characteristics compiled together make an eco-friendly, high-performing, and durable wetsuit. Lastly, the Revolution is for that surfer looking for a high-quality wetsuit without breaking the bank.

“The wetsuit offers unparalleled performance while keeping you comfortable as you take on new challenges out in the open sea. You will have full range of motion and heat-retaining properties that make braving the chilly water easier.”

Highlights and Features

  • Nobel prize-winning Graphene comp liner
  • Minimal seams for maximum flex
  • Fully taped internal seams for durability
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing practices

This review will cover the models offered, specs, and new updates to the Revolution. I’ll also go over sizing clarification, customer feedback, and an overall thoughts section. If the Revolution interests you, stay tuned for an in-depth review.

Billabong Revolution Wetsuit

Billabong Revolution Wetsuit

Neoprene and Liners

The 2023 men’s Billabong Revolution has an updated neoprene and interior and exterior fabric. The Revolution progressed from Superlight Foam neoprene to Smart Foam neoprene. Smart Foam has superior thermal retention and is made with recycled car tires, scrap rubber, and oyster shells. This limestone-based neoprene is strong and lightweight. The Airlight 4D exterior jersey gives the Revolution wetsuit the ultimate stretch needed for paddling with ease in the water. Airlight was recently added to the Revolution and has improved flexibility without compromising warmth.

On the other hand, the Revolution Natural is Billabong's eco-friendly option for customers wanting to fully limit their environmental impact. The Revolution Natural is offered in the neoprene-free, Yulex pure stretch natural rubber and made with recycled fibers.

Both the Revolution and Revolution Natural feature the same interior construction: the Nobel prize-winning material Graphene. The all-new Graphene Comp offers unparalleled flexibility when compared to other Billabong wetsuits. Differing in appearance from the standard purple Graphine liner that is found in the Furnace and Absolute, the black Graphene Comp is placed in strategic panels throughout the front and back to maximize performance.

Billabong Revolution Graphene Comp interior liner panels.

Seams and Stitching

The Revolution and Revolution Natural are constructed with minimal seams for maximum flex and durability. The internal seams are fully taped, which limits the ability for water to leak inside the suit. The seams are also glued and blind-stitched throughout the entire wetsuit. Lastly, environmentally friendly Aqua Alpha glue is used to bond the wetsuit seams together.

Fit and Cut

Historically, Billabong wetsuits fit true to size with a slightly wider cut to the neoprene. The wider cut is a good fit for individuals with slightly bigger shoulders, chests, or legs. When looking at the size chart, if you run on the slender side, you might consider sizing down if you are between sizes. Like most neoprene suits, the Revolution will fit tight initially but eventually conform to your body after time and use in the water.

Billabong Revolution chest zip entry close up.

Entry & Zipper

Available only as a chest zip suit, the Revolution is easy to get on and off. The new DryMax entry helps make the entry and exit smoother while also providing a more watertight closure. Additionally, the glideskin collar helps the neck area stay in place while getting worked in big surf. Once the chest panel is pulled over the head, the zipper needs to be attached and then zipped from left to right across the chest.

On the other hand, the Revolution Natural is constructed in a zip-free entry for increased stretch and comfort. The zip-free option is less prone to flushing but takes a little more effort when putting on and taking off because of the smaller entry.

The Revolution and Revolution Natural include three small drain holes in the chest and one in the back. The strategic location of the drain holes allows any water that flushes thru the entry area to immediately drain out of the suit.

Back of the Billabong Revolution Wetsuit


The Billabong Revolution is built with performance in mind: advertised as their lightest and most flexible suit offered. After a session in the Revolution, you will think differently about wetsuit technology. The Smart Foam neoprene and Graphene comp liner maximize warmth, while the Airlight 4D jersey and Superflex neo tape maximize stretch. With high-performing stretch and heat retention, the Revolution surpasses competitors.

The Airlight jersey with infused graphene is a big contributor to why the Revolution is incomparable to other brands. Not only does it improve warmth and stretch, but it also is lighter and 100% recyclable.

Each Revolution model is rated for different water temperatures depending on its thickness. The 4/3 is rated for 55-60 F, and the 3/2 is rated for 60-65 F. Although the graphene runs exceptionally warm, I would follow the guide above when choosing a thickness.

Billabong Revolution Wetsuit labeling on the right arm.

Value and Durability

With a price tag starting at $329.95 for the 3/2 model, the Revolution is well worth the investment. While one of Billabong's best-performing wetsuits, it still excels in durability. With minimal seams and full internal taping, the Revolution won’t disappoint in longevity. I wouldn’t say it is as durable and warm as the Billabong Furnace, but the suit is built for performance and has an exceptionally lower price tag. Durability and warmth are key features of the Furnace wetsuit, while the Revolution focuses more on performance for when you get deep barrels and need mobility.

Breakdown of Revolution vs. Revolution Natural


Billabong Revolution

  • Smart Foam Neoprene
  • Chest Zip Entry
  • Starting price of $329.95

Billabong Revolution Natural

  • Neoprene-free natural Yulex rubber
  • Zipperless Entry
  • Starting price of $379.95

Customer Feedback

Cleanline Surf is epic! My wetsuit is epic too, I just surfed in it and it’s super warm and cozy. Thanks again Cleanline crew!”

- Mikey C

“Graphene insulation drys really quickly. Neoprene is very stretchy and comfortable. Each surf session I do is between 2-4 hours long actively surfing/in the line up. I'm happy with it so far.”

- Christian

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Final Thoughts

The men’s Billabong Revolution wetsuit has it all. With high-tech features and mid-range pricing, you can be sure you are getting the best bang for your buck. Its sleek and stylish design also adds an element of style - helping you look good while conquering the waters. The suit offers unparalleled performance while keeping you comfortable as you take on new challenges out in the open sea. You will have full range of motion and heat-retaining properties that make braving the chilly water easier.

Do you have what it takes to surf the Revolution to its full potential? Life isn’t just about winning or losing - it is about challenging yourself, having fun, and expanding your horizons. Invest in the Billabong Revolution today and give yourself an extra boost as your next adventure awaits.

Billabong has different wetsuit models to help surfers get into the perfect suit. If you’re looking for a more high-end suit with added warmth, check out the Furnace or Furnace comp, and if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly suit, check out the Billabong Absolute.

If you have any other questions about the Revolution or any other products, feel free to contact us at support@cleanlinesurf.com, call us toll-free at 1-888-546-6176, or leave a comment below.