2022 Cleanline Wetsuit Review

2022 Cleanline Wetsuit Review

Fall 2022 brings the launch of the 2nd edition Cleanline wetsuit. Built by 7TILL8 out of Torrance, CA, and designed by Cleanline to be the ultimate Pacific Northwest cold water wetsuit, we couldn’t be happier with the results. The most impressive thing is the Yamamoto #40, one of the market's warmest and most durable neoprenes. It's made to last season after season while remaining comfortable and warm. We are stoked to provide that good feeling to you: created by surfers for surfers. After using the Cleanline wetsuit for over a year, I have put down my thoughts for those who want more info. Read further for my review of this custom-made suit.

Highlights and Features

  • Low-density Yamamoto #40 neoprene
  • Incredibly warm hydrophobic liner
  • Designed by surfers for surfers
  • Snug-fitting ankles and wrists minimize flushing
  • True to size fit

Cleanline Wetsuit

Close up of the external seam construction on the Cleanline 5/4 hooded chest zip wetsuit.

Who is 7TILL8?

Established in 2016, 7Till8 quickly became one of the leading companies in the custom wetsuit game. They have a fantastic outlook on making green products that contribute to holistic surf culture. Every suit is handmade and built to order, resulting in minimal leftover or unused waste.

“As the founders of 7TILL8, we get to create a product that enhances people's time in the ocean. It is something we do not take for granted and this year only confirmed that our wetsuit goes beyond utility.”

- Grace and Andrew of 7Till8

Internal liner on the Cleanline wetsuit.

Neoprene and Liners

The Cleanline Wetsuit features Yamamoto #40, a premium limestone-based neoprene made in Japan that is eco-friendly and built with natural materials. Yamamoto #40 is 99.7% water impermeable with its closed-cell foam construction. As a result, the neoprene is durable while remaining stretchy and comfortable with its silky smooth liner that feels very soft on the skin.

Another cool feature is that the navy-colored internal liner is hydrophobic. Like a high-quality Goretex rain jacket, water beads up and rolls off the liner inside the suit when wet. As a result, areas like the armpits stay dry, resulting in a more comfortable paddling experience. In fact, my hair is nearly bone dry after sessions when the hood is adequately cinched.

Close up of the key pocket on the left calf on the Cleanline wetsuit.

Seams and Stitching

The seams on our Cleanline wetsuit are made with excellent craftsmanship and quality materials. All seams are fully tapped inside with no stitching or glue exposed. The outside features GBS (glued and blind stitched) with high-quality stitching.

Furthermore, 7TILL8 and Cleanline specifically designed the suit with minimal panels. As a result, fewer neoprene panels mean fewer seams, leading to a longer-lasting and warmer suit.

Fit and Cut

Our Cleanline wetsuits are designed to fit similarly to O'Neill, which runs true to size. I am 5’7”, 155 pounds, and wear an MS. I am stocky and broader in the shoulders, so brands like Billabong and O'Neill fit my body type best. That said, the Cleanline suit was a perfect fit.

The suit can feel stiff and awkward to get on at first, as everything about it is designed to be snug. Trust the sizing guides, as Yamamoto neoprene is form-fitting. The suit forms comfortably to your body as you use it over time. Every part of it falls into place where it should be. It has tight ankles, wrists, and hood, so it cancels out any form of flushing to minimize water flow in your suit.

After using the suit extensively for quite a while, I found it can “over form” and fit well in some places and not so well in others. So far, that has been the only downside for me with Yamamoto neoprene.

Close up of the chest zip entry on the Cleanline wetsuit.

Entry and Zipper

The pre-fed zipper teeth on the chest zip entry are held together by a heavy-duty YKK zipper. There is nothing worse than trying to thread a zipper with cold hands. Though the benefit of having a detached zipper is that you can have a smaller zipper pull tab against your chest, I find having a larger pull tab on a suit always lasts longer.

The chest zip entry is extremely watertight with a snug asymmetrical closure. What little water passes by the closure is trapped by the internal gusset and drains out following the slant of the zipper, keeping you warm and dry.


The Cleanline suit is a true jack of all trades. As a daily surfer, I need a wetsuit that does everything well, which is tough to find. Usually, you have to pick between 2 of 3 things: warmth, durability, and flexibility. The Cleanline wetsuit manages to check off all three requirements, which in my opinion, is unheard of, so it is hard to compare to other suits. It is durable while retaining necessary stretch and comfort. In addition, it stays snug in the areas where water typically flushes in, keeping you extremely warm.

I run cold and found the Cleanline 5/4 to be plenty warm and comfortable during every session year-round. No matter if the water temperature dropped into the mid 40’s F, I was warm. My coworker said the 5/4 was “too warm” and used the 4/3 instead. Surfers who run warm might find the hooded 4/3 adequate throughout the cold winter months in the Pacific Northwest.

The Yamamoto neoprene lets in just enough water and holds it in so your body can warm up the water quickly.

Close up of the labeling on the Cleanline wetsuit.


Priced between $500-$600, the Cleanline suit is slightly more expensive than the average high-end wetsuit. It is competitively priced at around $100, below many other Yamaoto options. Initially, I didn’t understand the hype of a high-quality Yamamoto-made wetsuit or its price until I tried one. As surfers, it is essential not to skip on the one piece of surf gear that allows you to brave cold water waves.

Due to wetsuits' delicate nature, the seams are the first thing to wear down. Personally, I’ve had very few issues with the seams, even after more than 200 uses. A few threads on the legs that made contact with my surfboard came slightly loose, but no taping peeled up. Even with the seams wearing down after extended use, I felt no water leaking.

Customer Feedback

“What I noticed right away is how light this neoprene feels, yet how WARM it was. On the 1/2 mile walk back to the parking lot, I did not get that evaporation chill. So far I am a believer in this Yamamoto neoprene. If this suit proves to be durable, it will be my favorite. It FEELS like a very durable neoprene. So far, no regrets on the price-point.”

- Brian

“The construction on this suit is the most impressive I have come across. The seams are all sewn on the outside! No more coming unglued at the seams. In the water on a 40-degree day in the wind and rain and I could feel heat on my back! This suit is impressively warm, retaining all my body heat. Overall this is the best suit I have seen and owned. The price is more than most, but so is the quality. I would happily pay again for a suit of this caliber.”

- Pearse

“I purchased the 4/3 hooded suit, my first suit with Yamamoto rubber. Insane: fits like a glove and is as warm as my 5/3 O’Neill suits. Also, super flexible. Well-made quality construction and design. The zipper/drawstring all button up with ease and work as they should. After 30-plus years of surfing cold water in the PNW, I’ve found my favorite new suit! Super stoked! PS: don’t pee in it.”

- Dan
Surfer wearing the Cleanline 5/4 Hooded Chest Zip wetsuit looking at the waves.

Staff Feedback

“The 4/3 suits are insanely warm for cold water and hold the perfect amount of water from the gaskets being so tight around wrists and ankles. They also keep gloves and boots in place very well. The hood seal is killer and water doesn’t flush through the suit even when I surf with the hood off. This suit was a great addition to cold north wind upwelling waters.”

- Riley

“I have been super stoked with this wetsuit! The Yamamoto rubber is super supple and is very easy to get on and off. The suit’s interior stays dry and is exceptionally warm. I have yet to get cold using this suit in the North West. I have been using this suit for nearly a year and it has shown very little wear. The durability alone is worth the price, as this suit’s lifespan will far exceed that of some other brand’s high-end suits.”

- Spencer

Final Thoughts

The Cleanline suit is the best cold water suit I have used. When it comes to flexibility, warmth, and durability, our house wetsuit is top-of-the-line and built to last. With many brands pushing for more sustainable means of production, there is a strong future with Yamamoto neoprene because of the overall quality and performance. Designed by people who know a thing or two about cold water surf, the Cleanline suit will not let you down when getting pounded by everything the Pacific throws at you. This suit is perfect for surfers in brutally cold areas and is a true jack of all trades.

Quick secret: we’re working on launching a women’s model soon! Stay tuned for more updates.

If you have any questions about the Cleanline suits or need sizing help, feel free to leave a comment, call us at 1-888-546-6176, or email us at support@cleanlinesurf.com. Enjoy the water!