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HangPro Slide Wetsuit Hanger

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Prolong the life of your wetsuit with a HangPro Slide Wetsuit Hanger. Aside from rinsing your wetsuit and keeping it out of the sun you'll also want to hang it correctly and you do this by hanging it at the waist point rather than a traditional hang from the shoulders. You'll apapreciate the longevity of your paddle point seams because they'll stay snugger around the shoulders and the neck thus preventing flushing. A wetsuit hanger is surely meant to be in every surfers aresenol of accesories.

Product Features

  • Unique open-end design makes hanging easy
  • Significantly reduce overall fabric stress
  • Made from high strength, ABS, recycled plastic
  • The wetsuit hanger slides into position at the waist
  • The wetsuit drapes over the special circular/I-beam bar
  • Designed to eliminate shoulder wear
  • Best choice for long term storage


HangPro Slide Wetsuit Hanger Get oneReview by Glide Glide
Best wetsuit hanger hands down. Just bought another after having two for the last 5 YEARS. supper EASY TO USE I just scoop up my wetsuit and hang it up.
(Posted on 11/13/2018) 2018-11-13
HangPro Slide Wetsuit Hanger Totally stops wetsuit shoulder damage from drying and storageReview by Bear Bear
I've been surfing for 33 years now. Modern wetsuits are SO much better in so many ways, than anything in the past.

But the two biggest reasons -- super stretchy fabrics and sealed seams -- tend to break down quickly with a regular hanger. Wet wetsuits are heavy, and that weight all stresses the top parts of the wetsuit on a hanger. These parts tend to be the most flexible, thinnest and most complex, to make paddling easier, so they're the most fragile parts, too.

Just to see if I could, I've managed to squeeze three seasons out of a 4/3 Superfreak. It's pretty thrashed at this point, with glue and tape repairs in a number of places, scuffed up nylon, etc. But because I've used this hanger, the shoulders aren't stretched out at all, and they're not porous, so the suit still works. Before I got this hanger, the shoulders of my fullsuits would overstretch and then start letting water right through the fabric.

Given the prices of good wetsuits today, this pays for itself right away!
(Posted on 8/4/2016) 2016-08-04
HangPro Slide Wetsuit Hanger A wetsuit's best friend...Review by Tillamook Jake Tillamook Jake
I wish I got one of these a long time ago. It's solid recycled ABS plastic and has "Made In USA" molded in the web (which is pretty cool). After I hose off my suit it slips quickly onto the hanger, and by the next morning is pretty dry. No more messing around with shoulder hangers. Thanks Josh for the heads up on this one!
(Posted on 8/30/2015) 2015-08-30
HangPro Slide Wetsuit Hanger Sturdy and sleekReview by willnamy willnamy
The hanger is really strong and easy to use. There are no rough edges to snag the wetsuit. It hangs straight without bending or angling down. Great product.
(Posted on 12/21/2014) 2014-12-21

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