Futures Fins F4 Alpha Tri-Quad Fin Set

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Foiled for fast paced endeavours, the Futures F4 Alpha Tri-Quad Fins bring resilient energy to the lineup. Offering five fin versatility to bounce between thruster and quad based on conditions, the F Series is a staple for reliable execution and top level performance. The F4 Alpha in lightweight Alpha construction delivers every bit of performance you’d expect from an upgraded fin at a balanced Ride Number. Proudly made in Huntington Beach, California, Future's Alpha Construction uses an exclusive composite that is carbon and air infused and lighter than honeycomb construction. With an uncanny ability to pop into action when needed, the F4 Alpha Tri-Quad Fins are perfect for the surfer wanting to focus on fast paced maneuvers with a bit of forgiveness on the face.

Tech Specs


  • Height: 4.37 in
  • Base: 4.22 in
  • Area: 14.22 sq in
  • Foil: Symmetrical


  • Height: 4.37 in
  • Base: 4.22 in
  • Area: 14.22 sq in
  • Foil: Flat


  • Height: 3.76 in
  • Base: 3.71 in
  • Area: 10.73 sq in
  • Foil: Symmetrical


  • Size: Small
  • Fins in set: 5
  • Material: Alpha


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