Gear Aid Aquaseal Neo Contact Cement

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If you have a damaged wetsuit that’s out of warranty, this is a great DIY tool to have on hand. Easy to apply, cheap and dries quickly, Neo Contact Cement makes the repair as painless as possible. O’Neill makes a near-identical product, but this one is honestly better and $7 cheaper, save some cash and give your old suit some more life! BONUS TIP: The container is identical to a container of Rubber Cement and has a large brush attached to the underside of the cap. This brush, however, is so large that unless you have an enormous tear, it’s pretty useless. For much better results use a paper clip or a popsicle stick to apply!

Don’t let a wetsuit rip interrupt your fun. Fix it fast with Aquaseal NEO, previously known as Seal Cement. And why stop there? You can use Seal Cement to add pockets to your wetsuit, seal gaskets or repair tears on fishing waders, rubber boots and gloves. Aquaseal NEO waterproofs, seals and protects against abrasion for longer life. Aquaseal NEO is more elastic than other neoprene cements, so your wetsuit or drysuit repair flexes like new. Save money—and save a dive—by making long-lasting neoprene repairs in minutes.

Product Details

  • 4oz Can

  • NOTE: Seal Cement is black and cures black in color
  • Thoroughly clean and dry entire area for repair
  • Shake well
  • Apply cement on both edges of teara with the enclosed applicator brush
  • Allow this first coat to dry for 5 minutes
  • Apply a second coat to the repair area and allow it to dry for an additional 10 minutes
  • Press and hold edges of repair together for long-lasting repairs
  • Store in cool, dry place
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