Billabong Wetsuit Size Chart

At Cleanline Surf we specialize in sizing Billabong Wetsuits. We do have size charts available below, however if you have never tried on a Billabong suit before we strongly urge you to call and speak with one of our wetsuit experts. When it comes to wetsuits, getting the right size is extremely important and a quick phone call will save you both time and money by avoiding a return.

Men's Billabong Wetsuits

XS5′7″-5′9″125-140 lbs
S5′8″-5′10″135-155 lbs
MS5′7″-5′9″140-160 lbs
M5′9″-5′11″150-170 lbs
MT5′11″-6′2″160-180 lbs
LS5′8″-5′10″160-180 lbs
L5′10″-6′0″170-190 lbs
LT6′1″-6′3″180-200 lbs
XLS5′9″-5′11″180-200 lbs
XL5′11″-6′1″190-210 lbs
XXL6′0″-6′3″210-230 lbs

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Women's Billabong Wetsuits

04′10″-5′1″95-105 lbs
25′1″-5′2″110-120 lbs
45′3″-5′4″105-125 lbs
65′5″-5′6″110-130 lbs
85′7″-5′8″120-140 lbs
105′9″-5′10″130-150 lbs
125′11″-6′0″140-160 lbs

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Youth Billabong Wetsuits

23′2″-3′7″30-40 lbs
43′7″-4′1″40-55 lbs
64′2″-4′5″50-65 lbs
84′5″-4′8″60-75 lbs
104′8″-4′10″75-90 lbs
124′10″-5′1″90-105 lbs
145′1″-5′4″105-120 lbs
165′4″-5′7″120-135 lbs

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