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The Cleanline Surf Blog is written for surfers by surfers. We welcome discussion and feedback about the products and topics we passionately write about. That said, comments are a valuable way to interact with our readers and customers who cannot stop by our brick-and-mortar shops for face-to-face conversations. To keep the stoke and good vibes going, please follow the guidelines below when adding a comment to our blog.

  • Be nice! It goes without saying; we're serious about this. Don’t kill the stoke with unfriendly banter about something you may disagree with. Keep it clean, friendly, and respectful.
  • Say no to trolls and spam. Let’s be honest; no one has time for that. Quite frankly, we would rather be out surfing than filtering through unwanted negative criticism or robot comments.

There you go! If you can follow the guidelines above, we happily welcome your thoughts, questions, concerns, and what have you. In fact, we look forward to chatting back and forth with your comments. It saddens us to say this, but rude uncalled-for comments will be removed immediately with strong distaste.