Futures Fins SB1 Thermotech Side Bite Fin Set

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The most popular template of the Side Bites, the Futures SB1 is a great all around fin for the 2+1 set-up. Thermotech fins have a consistent flex that hold great on the bottom, and then release through turns. The Future Fins Vector 2 fins were built to blend the two best foils and fin physics developed.


Fins made from thermotech have a snappy and lightweight feel that retains the proper flex pattern for performance

Tech Specs

  • Height: 3.57 in, 9.10 cm
  • Base: 3.91 in, 9.90 cm
  • Area: 10.77 sq in, 69.48 sq cm


  • Size: Small
  • Fins in set: 2
  • Material: Natural Composite
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