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Featured Wetsuits For Fall 2017

We are always testing gear, and wetsuits are one of the essential pieces we test on a daily basis. If you’re looking for suggestions take a look at the options below. These are our favorite suits based not only on the personal experience of our staff and team riders, but also on feedback from our customers who demand gear that performs at the highest level in all conditions.

Dawn Patrol by Rip Curl

This is our go to suggestion for anyone looking for a solid entry level wetsuit around $200. For 2017 the Dawn Patrol wetsuit has been updated to include some great features.

  • E5 Neoprene – Only in the arms on this entry level suit. Rip Curl’s highest end neoprene used in their $500 wetsuits.
  • E5 Flash Lining – Rip Curl’s exclusive quick dry internal lining, only in the chest/back on this one depending on which version of the suit you get.
  • Internal E5 Tape – Most of this suit is taped by Rip Curl’s top of the line E5 Tape. It leaves tape out in some low risk areas where you need the extra stretch.
  • Thermoflex Lining – New to the game for 2017 this tech lining is featured on the chest zip versions only and extends mostly through the body and legs.

As one of Rip Curl’s longest running line of wetsuits, the 2017 Dawn Patrol series is better than ever and a no brainer for someone on a budget, or just getting started with surfing. Backed by one of the best warranties in the business you’ll be set with this one.


Psycho Tech by O’Neill

For the last few years, the O’Neill Psycho Tech has been our #1 wetsuit, and shop favorite. For 2017 O’Neill has released their upgraded TB3 neoprene and it is yet again the stretchiest thing on the market, as well as the lightest. The reason we opt for the Psycho Tech over so many other options out there is it performs in the water, holds up to a beating, is comfortable, and easy to get in and out of. It checks all the right boxes and you won’t be disappointed in this one if you give it a try.

  • Cleanline’s Staff Favorite

  • TB3 Neoprene

  • Single Fluid Seam Weld

  • F.U.Z.E Entry System

  • Krypto Knee Pads

NOTE: The Pscyho Tech is a back zip only. If you’re looking for something comparable in a Back Zip then the Psycho One is good option also as it features the same TB3 Neoprene and Fluid Seam weld.


Syncro by ROXY

Roxy has been making great Women’s wetsuits for years, and the Syncro is one of their mainstays. This entry level wetsuit comes in under $200 and packs a whole lot of features. Available in both back zip and chest zip, and just about every thickness, there’s a Syncro out there for everyone.

Product Features

  • F’N Lite Neoprene
  • Thermal Smoothie Panels
  • Warmflight Lining with Far Infrared Heat Technology
  • YKK#10 Back Zip
  • Glued and Blind Stitched Seams
  • Hydrowrap X2 Adjustable Neck Closure
  • Hydroshield Water Barrier
  • Ecto-Flex Knee Pads

“R” Series Yulex Wetsuits by Patagonia

Patagonia as a wetsuit company is unique in the fact that they basically make one wetsuit model, but they make it in multiple thicknesses. There are also small differences in internal linings and taping, as well as a few options like chest zip, and back zip but for the most part they are very focused with their design. This means you get a well thought out, super durable, and now more eco-friendly than ever wetsuit. For 2017 Patagonia is using Yulex natural rubber in every wetsuit. There is a lot you can read up on Yulex, but to put it in the most basic terms, it’s the most environmentally friendly wetsuit material out there. We’re going to be honest, there are more stretchy suits out there, but that’s not why you want this suit. It’s plenty stretchy, and very very well made. Keeps you insanely toasty, and above all you’re helping the surf industry cut back on it’s frankly quite large carbon footprint. We’re pretty stoked on the Yulex suits.


Flash Bomb by Rip Curl

The Flash Bomb has been a staple of the Rip Curl wetsuit line for years, and has won the SIMA wetsuit of the year award multiple times. For 2017 this is the best flash bomb yet. New E5 Neoprene brings you the stretchiest, most comfortable suit, and as usual the Flash Dry lining exclusive to Rip Curl keeps you comfortable, warm, and most of all dry when first putting on the suit(even if you just surfed it). Bottom line is, the Flash Bomb range is the high end of Rip Curl’s wetsuit line, and it comes with all the feature you would want in a wetsuit. You’ll be stoked!