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Featured Wetsuits For Fall 2019

Featured Wetsuits For Fall 2019

We are always testing gear, and wetsuits are one of the essential pieces we test on a daily basis. If you’re looking for suggestions take a look at the options below. These are our favorite suits based not only on the personal experience of our staff and team riders, but also on feedback from our customers who demand gear that performs at the highest level in all conditions.

Dawn Patrol by Rip Curl

Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Wetsuits

This is our favorite entry-level wetsuit but it’s also just a great suit in general. Using the same materials found on Rip Curl’s top of the line Flash Bomb suit from last year, the Dawn Patrol outclasses the competition at its price point for value. We’ve found this wetsuit to be surprisingly flexible, toasty warm and one of the more durable suits we sell.

I think anyone looking for a first wetsuit, or any surfer that needs a backup suit or just wants to save some cash should seriously check out the Dawn Patrol.

  • Rip Curl’s E5 Neoprene previously found last year on their $400+ Flash Bomb suits

  • Flash Lining throughout ¾ of the suit, to keep your arms flexible and the rest of your body, warm and comfortable

  • Internal tape throughout most of the suit

  • By far the best value in its price range


Hyperfreak by O’Neill

O'Neill Hyperfreak Wetsuits

The Hyperfreak has been one of our best selling suits here at Cleanline the past few years and O’Neill has now upgraded the entire series to make it the best mid-range suit out there. This wetsuit is incredibly flexible and light, so if you’re looking for the most high-performance suit you can get in the $300-400 range, the Hyperfreak is a smart pick. 

The Hyperfreak uses O’Neill best, top-of-the-line neoprene, TechnoButter 3, for maximum flexibility. Aside from it’s noted stretch, this material is also light and very comfortable to wear. 

You’ll notice the Hyperfreak doesn’t have smooth skin panels or fluid seam welds over the stitching but those extra features were deliberately excluded to keep this suit as light and stretchy as possible (while also keeping the price low). The Hyperfreak’s popularity in the past couple years has really caught on and O’Neill now makes a women’s version as well as hooded men’s version and a youth 5/4mm.

  • Made of O’Neill’s best neoprene, TechnoButter 3

  • Simple, Streamlined Design that sheds unnecessary weight

  • High Performance at a Good Value


Syncro by ROXY

For women surfers looking for a great suit at an affordable price, the Syncro is a smart pick. Roxy takes a women’s-friendly cut and uses some choice materials like their StretchFlight 2 Neoprene and WarmFlight internal linear to make an awesome all-around suit. 

Roxy has made moves this year to make all of their wetsuits more environmentally friendly and the Syncro is no exception. By using more eco friendly glue on the seams and a new rubber formula, made of upcycled car tires the Syncro carries a much smaller carbon footprint than most comparable wetsuits. 

The Syncro is the shop pick for a great women’s suit that doesn’t break the bank. 

  • Solid Flexibility and Warmth

  • Eco-Friendly Materials

  • Cut and design tailored specifically for Women

  • Affordable


Billabong Furnace Comp

Billabong the past few years has surpassed everyone’s expectations and have been making huge bounds forward with their designs. The Furnace Comp is their mid-level suit and even after being out only a short period of time, its received so much praise from customers and employees alike that we’ve decided to include it in this list. 

The Furnace Comp is lightweight, super flexible with soft, comfortable neoprene. This rubber is extremely high performance and environmentally friendly as it’s actually made partially from recycled car tires. However, the coolest feature is on the inside of the suit. 

The Furnace Comp uses a revolutionary new Graphene Linear. Graphene is a material that’s been around since the 60’s but Billabong was the first to realize it’s strong aptitude in wetsuit design. Graphene is an excellent conductor of heat and is much stronger than the materials used in tradition linears. For this reason, this suit has been covered entirely on the inside with a graphene linear to keep surfers as toasty as possible. 

We like this suit so much, we had Billabong make a run of hooded 5/4mm exclusively for us at Cleanline.

  • Innovative Graphene Linear

  • Lighter and more flexible than you’d expect for the price

  • Environmentally Friendly Production Methods


Flash Bomb by Rip Curl

We often call the Rip Curl Flash Bomb the most well-rounded high-end suit and this year, more than ever, that title is apt. For 2019/20, the Zip-less versions use Rip Curl’s new E6 neoprene which is the lightest and most flexible material they’ve ever engineered. Compared to last year’s Flash Bomb, this version is 25% more flexible and 15% lighter. While the chest zip version uses the tried and trued E5 rubber. The namesake and main feature of this wetsuit is the Flash Lining, which is the orange material that runs throughout the inside. Flash lining dries extremely quickly out of the water and also adds a lot of warmth and comfort to the Flash Bomb. 

With such consistent strengths, it’s no surprise that the Flash Bomb has been voted the SIMA wetsuit of the year for the better part of a decade. Available in both Men’s and Women’s options.

  • New super-stretchy E6 Neoprene on the Zip-Free versions

  • Ultimate in Warmth and Comfort

  • Flash Lining dries quickly

  • Durable construction and materials