Victoria Skimboard s - Woody Skimboard

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The Victoria Woody Skimboard is for beginners who just want to try the sport. This is the board we all learned on as kids and the Mahogany core with fiberglass bottom make it last. Cheaper wood boards don't slide, they warp easily, and the bottom wears off. An excellent shape for small wave bashing and perfect rocker to give you the longest possible slide.

Product Features

  • Core Material: Hardwood
  • Core Thickness: 3/8″
  • Resin: Polyester
  • Rails: Soft/Boxy
  • Shape: Rounded Pin
  • Rocker: Low for longer slide
  • Finish: Hand painted art finish with gloss
  • Made in the USA


XS - 30lbs - 70lbs (36.7'' x 16'')
S - 70lbs - 110lbs (39'' x 17'')
M - 110lbs - 150lbs (41.3'' x 18'')
L - 150lbs - 180lbs (43.8'' x 19'')
XL - 180lbs - 210lbs (46.5'' x 20.2'')

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