The 6 Best Spring Suits for 2019 Reviewed

The 6 Best Spring Suits For 2019 Reviewed

There comes a point when wearing only board shorts won’t keep you warm enough in the water, but you don’t quite need all the rubber of a full wetsuit. This is where the middle child of the wetsuit family comes in, the spring suit. For those fortunate enough to be surfing waters around the low 70’s, we rounded up all of our spring suits and came up with a list of what we think are the six best spring wetsuits.

What Exactly is a Spring Suit?

For this review, we’re defining a Spring Suit as any wetsuit with short arms, short legs or both. Check out our Wetsuit Guide for more info on the different types of wetsuits.

O’Neill HyperFreak

“The #1 Seller and Most Flexible”

O'Neill Hyperfreak Spring SuitThe HyperFreak has been our best selling spring suit the past couple years and we think a large part of that, can be credited to its design. By sacrificing unnecessary extra features for better materials, the HyperFreak is a simple suit that’s just straight up flexible and comfortable.

The suit uses O’Neill’s “Techno Butter 3” Neoprene which is the same super-stretchy material found on all of O’Neill’s top-of-the-line suits. By streamlining this suit, and focusing on the essentials, O’Neill is able to offer it at a more affordable price. We’ve noticed the HyperFreak has proven to be very popular with surfers in areas like Florida, where a good spring suit goes a long way.

All versions of this spring suit are chest zip for minimal flushing. The HyperFreak also notably does not have a smooth skin section in the chest or back, but that’s intentional to help keep it as light and stretchy as possible.

Shop By Model

HyperFreak 2mm Short Sleeve Chest Zip Wetsuit – $229.95
HyperFreak 2mm Long Sleeve Chest Zip Spring Wetsuit -$199.95

Patagonia R1 Lite Yulex

” Super Durable and Eco-Friendly”

Patagonia R1 Lite Yulex Spring SuitThe R1 Lite stands out as a very unique spring suit on this list and I’m guessing the only one that’s been Eco-Certified. After a few years of experimenting, Patagonia switched all of their wetsuits to a more sustainably produce neoprene-alternative called Yulex. Yulex carries a much smaller carbon footprint in production and is derived from a plant called the Hevea Tree in the rainforests of Guatemala.

The best part is that even with these big fundamental changes to the rubber, the R1 Lite actually still feels like the neoprene everyone is used to, with near-identical flex and warmth characteristics. So if you’re searching for the most environmentally friendly spring suit, Patagonia has it down to an actual science.

As far as durability goes, this spring suit is top dog on this list and combined with Patagonia’s excellent warranty program, you can plan on keeping this suit in the water for a long time.

The R1 Lite Yulex is available in all the standard spring suit options and a few of the more rare versions such as a Short John, Short Jane, and Juanita. So no matter what style of spring suit you’re looking for, Patagonia has you covered.

Shop By Model

R1 Lite Yulex 2mm Long John – $169.00
R1 Lite Yulex 2mm Chest Zip Spring Wetsuit – $229.00
R1 Lite Yulex 2mm Short Sleeve Chest Zip Wetsuit – $299.00
R1 Lite Yulex 2mm Long Sleeve Chest Zip Spring Wetsuit – $249.00

R1 Lite Yulex 1.5mm Spring Jane Wetsuit – $129.00
R1 Lite Yulex 1.5mm Spring Jaunita Wetsuit – $129.00
R1 Lite Yulex 2mm Long Sleeve Spring Jane Wetsuit – $169.00
R1 Lite Yulex 2mm Long Jane Wetsuit -$169.00
R1 Lite Yulex 2mm Long Sleeve Chest Zip Spring Wetsuit – $249.00

Rip Curl E-Bomb Zip Free

 “Best All-Around Performance”

Zipless wetsuits have become more popular in the past few years as manufacturers have really started to fine tune the entry system to make them more durable and accessible. No company has it more dialed than Rip Curl and the E-Bomb Pro is the smoothest zipless suit you can find.

For 2019, the E-Bomb Pro now uses Rip Curl’s most flexible E6 neoprene. This neoprene is surprisingly more flexible than the E5 neoprene on Rip Curl’s top suit, the Flash Bomb. So if you like the flexibility and weight of zipless suits or are interested in trying one, this would be a great choice.

Why Choose a Zipless Suit Instead of a Back or Chest Zip Suit?
Zipless suits are naturally more flexible and lighter without a zipper fixture running through the back or chest of the suit. I think it’s also important to mention that zipless suits use larger panels of neoprene throughout the suit since they don’t have to divide the panels around a zipper. This creates even more flexibility throughout the suit, lightens the weight, and makes for a more comfortable fit.

Shop By Model

E-Bomb Pro 2mm Long Sleeve Zip Free Spring Wetsuit – $189.95

O’Neill O’Riginal

“Great Mid-Range Option”

For any surfer looking for the best value for the money on this list, the O’Riginal would be cash well spent. The O’Riginal uses O’Neill’s mid-level UltraFlex neoprene which is pretty darn flexible, noticeably more so than many of the spring suits around this price. There’s smooth skin on the chest panel for added warmth and an easy to use back-zip entry.

This isn’t the best suit on the list, but it is a good value. So if you want a quality spring suit for a trip or just a good back up suit, this would be a smart pick.

Shop By Model

O’Riginal 2mm Sleeveless Back Zip Spring Wetsuit – $84.95
O’Riginal 2mm Short Sleeve Back Zip Spring Wetsuit – $99.95
O’Riginal 2mm Long Sleeve Back Zip Spring Wetsuit – $109.95
O’Riginal 2mm Short Sleeve Back Zip Wetsuit – $144.95

Quiksilver Syncro

“Long-Time Affordable Favorite”

Quiksilver Syncro Spring SuitThe Syncro is another spring suit that has remained popular for years due to its excellent value and would make a great first spring suit with it’s easy to get into back zip entry. There aren’t any ultra technical features or gimmicks to this suit, just solid neoprene and construction.

One of the least expensive suits on this list, the Syncro is a practical choice for any surfer on a budget or in need of a spring suit for a trip.

Shop By Model

Syncro 2mm Short Sleeve Back Zip Spring Wetsuit – $94.95
Syncro 2mm Long Sleeve Back Zip Spring Wetsuit – $119.95
Syncro 2mm Short Sleeve Back Zip Wetsuit – $114.95

Syncro 2mm Short Sleeve Spring Wetsuit – $94.95
Syncro 2mm Long Sleeve Spring Wetsuit – $104.95

O’Neill Reactor II

“Budget Pick”

O'Neill Reactor II Spring Suit

Finally, we have the Reactor II. The Reactor series has long been O’Neill’s entry series of wetsuits and has remained popular for it’s simple but sturdy design. While this suit is not as flexible as others on this list, it’s perfectly functional as a spring suit and a good pick for anyone who wants to stay warm.

Featuring a smooth skin solar heat absorbing chest panel, a heavy-duty back zipper, and O’Neill’s 1-year warranty. For $89.95 you can’t really beat it as this suit gives you value for every dollar. The Reactor is an inexpensive option that’s actually solid and will hold up for years.

Shop By Model

Reactor II 2mm Short Sleeve Back Zip Spring Wetsuit – $89.95

Reactor II 2mm Short Sleeve Back Zip Spring Wetsuit – $89.95


There you have it, the six best spring suits at our shops.

To shop our full section of men’s and women’s springs suits here and here.

You may notice that not every size of wetsuit is offered in every model of spring suit. This is for a few reasons, but don’t worry, you may fit great in a size outside of what you normally wear. Sizing, especially with variances of the height measurement can be less critical with spring suits. For example; a surfer who wears LT suits might fit a Large or XL perfectly.

If you have any sizing questions, you can always call us at 1-888-546-6176 or send an email to

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4 thoughts on “The 6 Best Spring Suits for 2019 Reviewed

  1. Do u ship to Australia. Can not get E Bomb long arm spring suits. Always wear Rip Curl but the O’Neil Hyper Freak looks interesting

    • Hey Skip,

      Thanks for the writing in. We can ship most items internationally but unfortunately, can’t send Rip Curl wetsuits due to manufacturer restrictions.

      However, if you have an address in the US or a friend visiting over here, we could definitely ship to a domestic address, no problem.

      I apologize for the inconvenience but hope you understand Rip Curl’s position on this.


  2. Your reviews are great. Would like to purchase 2 O’Neill Reactor short sleeve suits but am stumped with size for one grandson. He is 6′ but 130 lbs and will use it for lake surfing and other stand-up lake sports in the spring. What size would you recommend or do we have to just wait until he gets older and bulks up? Thanks

    • Hey Nancy,

      That’s a good question. At 6’o” 130lbs he’s honestly going to have trouble finding a perfect fit currently in any wetsuit.

      However, as he grows some more, broadens out and gains weight it’ll be a lot easier to find something that fits well.

      I’d say if he’s wearing a short sleeve/short leg wetsuit, to go with something in size small. Spring suits are nice because sizing becomes less critical when you’re dealing with less material and not worrying as much about the length in the forearms or legs. Size small in any O’Neill suit would be a good pick.

      If he was looking for something with short arms and full legs, Hurley actually makes one of their models in size ST (Small Tall) that would be great for him.

      Hope this helps!

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