The 6 Best Mid Range Wetsuits for 2017 Reviewed

The 6 Best Mid Range Suits for 2017For the surfer looking to get the most bang for their buck, we’ve reviewed a wide range of suits and put together a list of the 6 best mid-range wetsuits available today. If you’re wondering what exactly constitutes a mid-range suit, we’re defining them as any suit between $225-400. These suits borrow features from many top tier suits out there like liquid fluid seam welds, ultra-flexible neoprene and internal taping without the big price tag. If you’re on a budget, need a backup suit or just want the best value in wetsuits, look no further than these six.

O’Neill Hyperfreak

“Most Flexible”

The O’Neill Hyperfreak is hands down the best value in mid-range suits and gives surfers many of O’Neill’s best features in a straight-to-the-point suit. By cutting some of the more specialized features of high-end suits, the Hyperfreak gives you everything you really want at an affordable price.

O'Neill Hyperfreak WetsuitThe most stand out feature of this wetsuit, is that for 2017, the Hyperfreak is constructed with O’Neill’s Techno Butter 2 neoprene. This is a pretty big deal because Techno Butter is the most flexible and lightest neoprene out there and standard on all of O’Neill’s top-of-the-line, most expensive suits. Techno Butter 2 is the latest improvement on the material and it’s now lighter and warmer than the original. If you’ve never owned a suit with Techno Butter before, it’s hard to over-exaggerate how comfortable and flexible it feels. Another thing that sets this suit apart is the absence of a smooth skin panel on the chest or the back. Smooth skin is popular for its ability to cut down wind chill, but the Hyperfreak is still plenty warm without it and allows for even more flexibility in the core.

Hyperfreak vs. Hyperfreak Comp

The Hyperfreak is also available as a zipless 3/2mm and 4/3mm known as the Hyperfreak Comp. The Hyperfreak Comp’s zipperless entry is just as easy to get into as it’s chest zip counterpart and the cool part about the Hyperfreak Comp is that all the seams are fully taped internally. The Hyperfreak Comp also uses O’Neill’s Techno Butter X which is prestretched for maximum performance and similar in qualities to the Techno Butter 2 neoprene found on the Hyperfreak.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with either version of the suit and will surely give you the most flexibility for the money.

Shop By Model

Hyperfreak 2mm Chest Zip – $239.95
Hyperfreak 3mm Chest Zip – $269.95
Hyperfreak Comp 3/2mm Zipperless – $269.95
Hyperfreak Comp 4/3mm Zipperless – $289.95

Rip Curl E-Bomb

“Rip Curl’s Best Value”

The little brother of Rip Curl’s famous Flash Bomb series of suits, the E-Bomb has been a favorite for years. While it’s generally about $100 less expensive than the Flash Bomb, the E-Bomb holds it’s own and gives surfers Rip Curl’s best features.

Rip Curl E-Bomb WetsuitThe E-Bomb uses the same stretchy E4 Neoprene found on the Flash Bomb and the same E4+ internal tape that many of the Flash Bomb suits still use. That E4+ tape runs through the entire suit along with external fluid seam welds to better retain warmth and make for a more durable suit. Another great feature handed down from the Flash Bomb is the mesh skin panel on the back. The mesh skin panel helps absorb heat and can really cut down on wind chill if the wind starts to pick up.

With so many shared features between the E-Bomb and the Flash Bomb, it’s hard not to draw comparisons between the two, but the most noticeable difference is the absence of the orange “Flash” Lining on the E-Bomb. However, for the money, I think this suit packs in all the most relevant features it can while still being affordable.

E-Bomb vs. E-Bomb Pro

The E-Bomb Pro is the zipperless version of the E-Bomb and is less expensive. The main differences are that the E-Bomb Pro is a bit more minimalistic and performance driven. You’ll find bigger panels, fewer seams, and no external aquaban seams. This maximizes stretch at the sacrifice of a little bit of durability. The standard E-Bomb matches the E-Bomb Pro in terms of internal E4 tape, but has a fully external aquaban seam as well for longer life of the suit.

Either way, the E-Bomb series is definitely one of the best values in wetsuits and comes in a huge range of thicknesses and styles.

Shop by Model

E-Bomb Pro 2/2mm Zip Free – $224.96
E-Bomb Pro 3/2mm Zip Free – $299.95
E-Bomb 3/2mm Chest Zip – $319.95
E-Bomb Pro 4/3mm Zip Free – $319.95
E-Bomb 4/3mm Chest Zip – $339.95
E-Bomb 4.5/3.5 Hooded  Chest Zip – $339.95
E-Bomb 5.5/4.5 Hooded Chest Zip – $349.95

Quiksilver Highline

“Back and Better”

New for 2017, the Highline is an impressive update of the AG-47 model from Quiksilver. For this year, Quiksilver has outfitted this suit with their top F’N Light neoprene. While it might not have the most serious name, F’N light is definitely the real deal and provides a considerable amount of flexibility and comfort.

Quiksilver Highline WetsuitAlso new for 2017, the zipper has been re-designed and improved on from the previous AG-47 zipper. Like most of the suits on this list, there’s an external fluid seam weld covering all of the glued and blindstitched seams.

Checking out the inside, Quiksilver has added a red thermal lining that they call “far infrared”. This lining helps with warmth and is really comfortable as well. We’ve found this suit to run toasty, making it perfect for early morning sessions or howling winds. For those looking for the ultimate in flexibility, Quiksilver offers the Highline in a zipperless version as well.

Shop by Model

Quiksilver Highline 2/2mm Zipperless Short Sleeve – $209.95
Quiksilver Highline 3/2mm Zipperless – $249.95
Quiksilver Highline 3/2mm Chest Zip – $314.95
Quiksilver Highline 4/3mm Zipperless – $259.95
Quiksilver Highline 4/3mm Chest Zip – $324.95
Quiksilver Highline 5/4/3 Hooded Chest Zip – $349.95
Quiksilver Highline 6/5/4 Hooded Chest Zip – $364.95

O’Neill Heat

“The Workhorse”

A long-time best-seller from O’Neill, the Heat has developed a cult following over the years and for good reason. At its core, the Heat is a simple, no-frills suit that is both dependable and practical.

O'Neill Heat WetsuitWith Ultraflex DS neoprene throughout the suit, and external fluid seam welds over the triple glued and blindstitched seams, the Heat is plenty flexible and ready to withstand countless sessions. The Heat is one of those suits that we very rarely ever see come back for warranty repairs and all of the features on this suit are rock solid. I especially like the zipper on this suit, it’s the “Red Zone” zipper found on O’Neill’s most expensive suits and it feels extremely sturdy and smooth. By using an offset teeth design on the zipper, it also creates a tighter seal and does a better job of keeping water from entering through the zipper.

For bigger guys, the Heat is the perfect choice as it’s available in rare sizes like 3XL and 4XL. The Heat is built as a back zip in the 3/2mm and 4/3mm versions and as a chest zip in the 6/5/4mm version for the chilliest waters.

Shop by Model

O’Neill Heat 3/2mm Back Zip – $279.95
O’Neill Heat 4/3mm Back Zip – $299.95
O’Neill Heat 6/5/4mm Hooded Chest Zip – $399.95

Hurley Fusion

“Impressive Debut from Hurley”

Hurley’s Fusion is another great option for the surfer looking to save some dough. This suit delivers on all fronts with ample flexibility, warmth, and durability.

Hurley Fusion WetsuitOn the inside, Hurley uses a lining material in the core area for an extra dose of warmth. Just like Rip Curl’s Flash Lining, Hurley’s lining makes for a more comfortable session as well.

The chest zip entry on this suit is smaller and a little different than most other chest entries today, but it’s still just as easy to get on and off.  For being one of Hurley’s first forays into thicker wetsuits, it seems like Hurley definitely studied up to make one of the best suits out there for the money.

Shop by Model

Hurley Fusion 3/2 Chest Zip  – $279.95
Hurley Fusion 4/3 Chest Zip – $309.95
Hurley Fusion 5/3 Hooded Chest Zip – $339.95

Billabong Furnace Carbon Comp

“Pure Performance”

Our final pick, the Furnace Carbon Comp is a no-brainer for any surfer looking for a lightweight performance suit. From the first time you pick this suit up, you’ll notice how light it feels and Billabong definitely trimmed some fat to make sure this is a lean performer. However, it’s not just a one trick pony and there are still plenty of practical features packed into this suit to make it a worthy daily driver.

Billabong Furnace Carbon Comp WetsuitOn the inside of the Furnace Carbon Comp, there’s a plush lining that runs through the core area down to the knees. This material noticeably adds warmth and dries incredibly quickly, perfect for multiple sessions in a day or rainy climates.  

The chest entry on this suit is easier than most to get on and off and fits really well. I like the zipper design Billabong has been using on this suit and other chest zips, and have found that it holds up really well. There’s an external fluid seam weld over only the most crucial areas, but that helps to keep this suit as light as possible. If you’re looking for a light, flexible and eye-catching (this suit is only available in orange or blue) wetsuit, then look no further than the Furnace Carbon Comp.

Shop by Model

Billabong Furnace Carbon Comp 3/2mm Chest Zip – $299.95
Billabong Furnace Carbon Comp 4/3mm Chest Zip – $309.95


There you have it, the best suits for your money out there. Hopefully, reading this list has helped you find a suit that will leave you with some extra burrito money.
Now all you need to do is go find some surf!

As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to write in!


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